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HOUSE OF EUROPEAN HISTORY. Don’t Panic — End Poverty. Hans Rosling asks: Has the UN gone mad?

Don’t Panic — End Poverty

The United Nations just announced their boldest goal ever: To eradicate extreme poverty for all people everywhere, already by 2030. Looking at the realities of extremely poor people the goal seems impossible. The rains didn’t fall in Malawi this year. The poor farmers Dunstar & Jenet, gather a tiny maize harvest in a small pile on the ground outside their mud hut. But Dunstar & Jenet know exactly what they need to break the vicious circle of poverty. Up-to-date statistics show that recent global progress is ‘the greatest story of our time – possibly the greatest story in all of human history. About the film The visualizations are based on original graphics and stories by Gapminder. The Dollar Street project, featured in this film, will launch later this year. Europe's refugee crisis – a visual guide. The World Factbook. ISIS make millions out of misery of migrants in Libya desperate to get to Europe - and hide their own agents amid the human tide 

Terror group are taxing gangs who smuggle people out of North AfricaAlso said that would-be jihadis are joining migrants on the risky crossingsExperts fear militants could reach Europe and the UK without detection By Jennifer Newton for MailOnline Published: 14:43 GMT, 17 May 2015 | Updated: 17:30 GMT, 17 May 2015 The Islamic State are making millions out of taxing gangs who are smuggling people out of Libya and across the Mediterranean into Europe, an investigation has found.

ISIS make millions out of misery of migrants in Libya desperate to get to Europe - and hide their own agents amid the human tide 

The terror group are said to be demanding they take half of the share of the profit from vessels making the dangerous crossing, commanding up to £60,000 per boat, which is then used to fund their activities. Understanding ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) from Sunni Perspective - Dr. Shabir Ally. What is Isis and what are its aims? – video. What is Isis and what are its aims? – video. 10 Years in Jail & 1,000 Lashes: In Conversation with Ensaf Haidar. ABC of the EU institutions. Enciclopedia de la Política. The EU in slides. This page contains visual material –slide presentations - illustrating various aspects of the EU.

The EU in slides

These slides may be a useful tool for teachers, speakers on EU issues, students and anyone interested in giving a presentation about the EU. They offer clear explanations on what the European Union is, what it does and how it works. You may use the slides with no fees or copyright restrictions, and modify them at your own responsibility. The basis for a Union The European Union: 500 million people – 28 countries Downloads Enlargement: from six to 28 countries The big enlargement: uniting east and west Candidate countries and potential candidates The treaties – basis for democratic cooperation built on law.

Cocoa-nomics: Watch the documentary in full. Critical Thinking, Geography and Division. Welcome to SIPRI — Understanding Ukraine: The Problems Today and Some Historical Context. 21 Things You Need To Know About Vladimir Putin. Understanding Ukraine: The Problems Today and Some Historical Context. Walls of Shame - US/Mexico - 05 Nov 07 - Ep 1 - Part 1. Ukraine and russia. Ukraine in pictures: Threat of war between Ukraine and Russia. Russia and ukraine. Economic integration: benefits and unintended consequences / APEC 2012 / PWC.

Interactive currency-comparison tool: The Big Mac index. Inicio - Organización Internacional para las Migraciones. 19 de agosto de 2014 Día Mundial de la Asistencia Humanitaria Hoy, honramos la memoria de todos los trabajadores humanitarios que han perdido la vida, y el trabajo de los que siguen poniendo sus vidas en riesgo todos los días con el fin de proporcionar ayuda a las personas necesitadas. La OIM, dedica este día especial a la memoria de nuestra colega Bárbara De Anna, que murió el año pasado a la edad de 38 como consecuencia de las heridas sufridas durante el a las instalaciones de la OIM en Afganistán.

Leer más Historia Ver foto. Plaid Avenger. Crazy Facts About Walmart. Create your own country. In pictures: Faces from Gaza. 4 August 2014Last updated at 16:57 ET Images taken by the BBC's Jon Donnison in Gaza reveal the experiences of ordinary people amid the Israeli military operation to destroy tunnels and rockets used by militants.

In pictures: Faces from Gaza

To see more of Jon's pictures, follow him on Twitter @jondonnison. A young girl and her mother shelter in a UN school in Rafah. The girl's brother is in hospital after an Israeli bombing. Young boys give the victory salute as they take shelter in a UN school in Rafah. Three-year-old Aya was injured in Rafah when the family house was bombed as she slept. Ahmed, left, is being treated for severe burns in hospital in Khan Yunis, watched over by his brother Mahmoud. Ali, 11, was injured as he played outside his home in Rafah when an Israeli bomb hit his neighbour's house. This young girl picks up fruit juice in Jabalia during one of the humanitarian ceasefires. A man in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza, enjoys some grapes from his vines while sitting on top of his bombed-out family house. Cosas que inspiran, cosas que intrigan, y las cosas que deberían ser vistas.