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'I'm extremely controversial': the psychologist rethinking human emotion. In early March, as the world began to realise that coronavirus wasn’t going to go quietly, psychology professor Lisa Feldman Barrett was thousands of miles away from home.

'I'm extremely controversial': the psychologist rethinking human emotion

“I went to New Zealand because I was getting an honorary degree,” she tells me over the phone from lockdown in Newton, a leafy suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, where she runs a lab devoted to the study of emotions. She had arranged the trip to coincide with spring break so her college-age daughter could join her and see the sights. But as countries around the world began to impose restrictions, she started having second thoughts. Generalise, don't specialise: why focusing too narrowly is bad for us. Let’s start with a couple of stories from the world of sports.

Generalise, don't specialise: why focusing too narrowly is bad for us

This first one, you probably know … The boy’s father could tell something was different. At seven months, he gave his son a putter to fool around with, and the boy dragged it everywhere he went in his little circular baby walker. At 10 months, he climbed down from his high chair, trundled over to a golf club that had been cut down to size for him, and imitated the swing he had been watching in the garage. Because the father couldn’t yet talk with his son, he drew pictures to show the boy how to place his hands on the club. At two, he went on US television and used a club that was tall enough to reach his shoulder to drive a ball past an admiring Bob Hope. When the boy was four, his father could drop him off at a golf course at nine in the morning and pick him up eight hours later, sometimes with the money he had won from those foolish enough to doubt him. At eight, the son beat his father for the first time. The Goodness Paradox - Why humans are so good and so bad.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Interview with Steven Hayes. A history of happiness explains why capitalism makes us feel empty inside. What is happiness?

A history of happiness explains why capitalism makes us feel empty inside

It’s a very old question. And no one really knows the answer, although theories abound. Aristotle was one of the first to offer what you might call a philosophy of happiness. For him, happiness consisted of being a good person, of living virtuously and not being a slave to one’s lowest impulses. Happiness was a goal, something at which humans constantly aim but never quite reach.


Beyond environment: falling back in love with Mother Earth. Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh has been practising meditation and mindfulness for 70 years and radiates an extraordinary sense of calm and peace.

Beyond environment: falling back in love with Mother Earth

This is a man who on a fundamental level walks his talk, and whom Buddhists revere as a Bodhisattva; seeking the highest level of being in order to help others. Ever since being caught up in the horrors of the Vietnam war, the 86-year-old monk has committed his life to reconciling conflict and in 1967 Martin Luther King nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize, saying "his ideas for peace, if applied, would build a monument to ecumenism, to world brotherhood, to humanity. " So it seems only natural that in recent years he has turned his attention towards not only addressing peoples' disharmonious relationships with each other, but also with the planet on which all our lives depend. Move beyond concept of the "environment" The Meaning of Life - Jordan Peterson. In Defense of Being Average. There’s this guy. World-renowned billionaire. Tech genius. Inventor and entrepreneur. Athletic and talented and handsome with a jaw so chiseled it looks like Zeus came down from Olympus and carved the fucker himself.

4 Things You Can Do to Cheer Up, According to Neuroscience. For everyone, there are times when a dark cloud just seems to be following you around.

4 Things You Can Do to Cheer Up, According to Neuroscience

How to be perfectly unhappy. Lidia Yuknavitch: The beauty of being a misfit. The McMindfulness Craze: The Shadow Side of the Mindfulness Revolution. (Image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout)

The McMindfulness Craze: The Shadow Side of the Mindfulness Revolution

A Non-Conformist's Guide to Success in a Conformist World, Bryan Caplan. I've been a non-conformist for as long as I can remember.

A Non-Conformist's Guide to Success in a Conformist World, Bryan Caplan

"All the other kids love sports" never seemed like a good reason why I should feel - or pretend to feel - the same way. "None of the other adults are wearing shorts and flip-flops" never seemed like a good reason why I should make myself uncomfortable. It wasn't mere elitism on my part. "All the other Princeton economists take general equilibrium models seriously" was no more compelling to me than "All the other teens want their own car.

" Non-conformism at my intensity rarely allows real-world success. 10 Signs Your Energy Field & Chakras are Out of Whack. Psych Pedia: The Science of Happiness: Why complaining is literally killing you. By Steven Parton, From

Psych Pedia: The Science of Happiness: Why complaining is literally killing you.

How to Make Anxiety Work for You, Not Against You. “Growth begins when we start to accept our own weakness.”

How to Make Anxiety Work for You, Not Against You

~Jean Vanier I got fired from my job, my boyfriend left me, and my father died in one day. In reality, my career was going super well, I didn’t have a boyfriend, and my father was amazingly healthy, but what I did have was something I call an ultra amazing imagination, where I would make up fascinating stories about things that could happen and worry about them. (Or as other people call it, general anxiety disorder.) Screw Finding Your Passion. Remember back when you were a kid?

Screw Finding Your Passion

You would just do things. You never thought to yourself, “What are the relative merits of learning baseball versus football?” Everything Doesn't Happen For A Reason — Tim Lawrence. I emerge from this conversation dumbfounded. I've seen this a million times before, but it still gets me every time. I’m listening to a man tell a story. 10 Signs You May Be Involved With a Sex Addict, By a Sex Addict  By Brian Whitney You've been hanging out with this guy for a while and everything is great. That's what you tell people. The truth is, everything is not so great. Sanism: Dr. Jennifer Poole at TEDxRyersonU. Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong. 5 Tips For Empaths To Prevent Anxiety And Depression. By Amateo Ra| Empaths have now been scientifically proven to be more prone to anxiety, especially social anxiety, as well as depression. To be an Empath means you have the intuitive ability to interpret other’s emotions.

However, while interpreting these others emotions, it’s very easy to take them on and let them affect you negatively. Soon, anxiety and depression set in, and life gets way harder than it needs to be. This Stunning Photo Series Nails What It Feels Like To Have An Anxiety Disorder. It can be difficult to verbalize what it's like to experience mental illness, so photographer Katie Crawford decided to show people instead of tell them. In a stunning self-portrait series titled "My Anxious Heart," Crawford captures how it feels to suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and depression -- two conditions she has personally dealt with since she was a child.

"I created the project as a way for me to personally express what I feel like in my experience. I know it may not be specific to each person, but I hope that it creates the opportunity to open a dialogue between those who suffer from it and those who have never understood it," Crawford told The Huffington Post in an email.

Myers Briggs: Cat Edition.

Mental Health News

What it means to "hold space" for people, plus eight tips on how to do it well - Heather Plett. My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward. 7 Signs Your Havingness Level is Dangerously Low » BAD WITCHES. What a Shaman Sees in A Mental Hospital. In the shamanic view, mental illness signals “the birth of a healer,” explains Malidoma Patrice Somé. Thus, mental disorders are spiritual emergencies, spiritual crises, and need to be regarded as such to aid the healer in being born. Bipolar Advantage. What if the Central Premise of Bipolar Disorder Is Wrong? Seventhvoice. I’ve just read yet another post stating that women with Autism have it easier than men with Autism because they are better at ‘masking’ their behaviors.

12 Toxic Behaviors that Push People Away From You. Neurodiversity Rewires Conventional Thinking About Brains. Illustration: Mark Weaver In the late 1990s, a sociologist named Judy Singer—who is on the autism spectrum herself—invented a new word to describe conditions like autism, dyslexia, and ADHD: neurodiversity. In a radical stroke, she hoped to shift the focus of discourse about atypical ways of thinking and learning away from the usual litany of deficits, disorders, and impairments. Echoing positive terms like biodiversity and cultural diversity, her neologism called attention to the fact that many atypical forms of brain wiring also convey unusual skills and aptitudes.

Autistic people, for instance, have prodigious memories for facts, are often highly intelligent in ways that don’t register on verbal IQ tests, and are capable of focusing for long periods on tasks that take advantage of their natural gift for detecting flaws in visual patterns. Sick of this market-driven world? You should be. Why Do People Persist in Believing Things That Just Aren't True? Mother's Day: The Good Child. Daniel Leiberman on Human Evolution. Meditation for the damned - Notes & Errata by Mark Morford. The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People. Brené Brown: Listening to shame.

How being called smart can actually make you stupid. Activism, optimism, compassion, occupy love, zainab amadahy, Why indigenous and racialized struggles will always be appendixed by the left. Did the Dalai Lama Just Call for an End to Religion?


There's More to Life Than Being Happy - Frankl. RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilisation. Online disinhibition effect. Picasso, Kepler, and the Benefits of Being an Expert Generalist.