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John Oliver: Donald Trump lies so much he’s become a ‘walking logical paradox’ John Oliver: Everything Trump Said Re Paris Accord Was False. <a class="icopyright-article-tools-noscript" href=" target="_blank" title="Main menu of all reuse options"><img height="25" width="27" border="0" align="bottom" alt="[Reuse options]" src=" Click here for reuse options!

John Oliver: Everything Trump Said Re Paris Accord Was False

</a> John Oliver Slams London Bridge Attack Coverage by U.S. Media. The American media's default reaction to this past weekend's terror attack in London was to assume the British people were "reeling.

John Oliver Slams London Bridge Attack Coverage by U.S. Media

" The word, which means "to lose one's balance and stagger or lurch violently," implies the country had lost its way and was staggering around in the dark, consumed by shock and fear. However, as John Oliver, a Briton himself, explained last night, the Brits found this characterization flatly insulting. He derided the notion that Britain "was somehow weak enough to be brought to its knees by three monumental assholes. " John Oliver looks back at the week that ‘broke Anderson Cooper’ and made him say THAT to Jeffrey Lord. John Oliver Calls on Congress to Rebuke Trump for Comey Firing: ‘It’s on You’ John Oliver crashes the FCC comment site, again, to save net neutrality. He shouldn't have had to do this again.

John Oliver crashes the FCC comment site, again, to save net neutrality

Three years ago, John Oliver's epic net neutrality campaign helped convince the FCC that, yeah, the people really care about this. A lot. Millions of them. That helped give us strong Title II open internet rules to keep the flow of information and entertainment free and open. With popular vote loser Donald Trump and his lackey Ajit Pai (former Verizon lawyer) at the head of the Federal Communications Commission, we have to fucking do it all over again. The "Last Week Tonight" host ripped the chairman's proposals and then directed viewers to visit a website with the name Daily Kos, along with our intrepid allies in keeping the internet free and open, have created a petition site where we'll collect all of your comments to submit to the FCC, so that you don't have to fight with their constantly crashing website. Sign here, and add your comments, to keep a free an open internet under strong Title II rules.

John Oliver shreds Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner: All they’re good at is not being Steve Bannon. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are now officially in the White House with offices and titled.

John Oliver shreds Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner: All they’re good at is not being Steve Bannon

However, John Oliver called out all three “Trumps” for the pre-inauguration claim by Ms. Trump that her role would be as “a daughter.” The First Daughter is now assistant to the president and her husband is tasked with achieving Middle East peace, fixing the criminal justice system, serving as an informal chief of staff when the president is annoyed with Reince Priebus, stopping the opioid epidemic and fixing the Veterans Administration, to name a few. “Is Ivanka really the moderating influence that people claim? And what in Jared’s background justifies such a gigantic White House portfolio?” Somehow Ms. Fox’s Geraldo Rivera lashes out at John Oliver for mocking his MOAB war-gasm.

John Oliver tries to buy ads during The O'Reilly Factor to run sexual harassment PSA aimed at Trump. John Oliver is trying to help out The O’Reilly Factor after a mass exodus of sponsors on the news after it was revealed Bill O’Reilly and Fox News have settled five different sexual harassment complaints from female co-workers.

John Oliver tries to buy ads during The O'Reilly Factor to run sexual harassment PSA aimed at Trump

Those settlements cost the network at least $13 million. The HBO comedian announced he is trying to kill two creepy birds with one stone by buying ad time on Bill O’Reilly’s show and he has one specific audience member in mind. From Last Week Tonight’s Sunday show: “We have produced an ad to educate Donald Trump to air during The O’Reilly Factor in New York and D.C. We submitted it to stations on Friday, but weirdly, we haven’t heard back from them since—which is a little surprising, because we are one of the only advertisers offering to buy time on his show at the moment.” Oliver released the ad just in case Fox News declines to take them up on their ad buy. WATCH: John Oliver doesn’t understand Trump’s budget proposal because he doesn’t speak “fluent toddler psychopath” President Donald Trump’s federal budget proposal was just the latest trial balloon released by this administration that critics like HBO’s John Oliver promptly shot down in disgust and loathing.

WATCH: John Oliver doesn’t understand Trump’s budget proposal because he doesn’t speak “fluent toddler psychopath”

On Sunday night’s “Last Week Tonight” Oliver broke down the budget proposal by first highlighting the origin of the policy decisions. He showed a recent clip from “CBS This Morning” in which the director of Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney, explained how he and the Trump administration arrived at the budget. “Wrote the budget by going through the president’s speeches, going through the interviews he had given and talking to him directly and finding out what his priorities were,” Mulvaney said. “We took those words, those policies, and turned them into numbers.” John Oliver Goes Off on Sean Spicer: You Will Receive an ‘Inevitable Firing’ Soon. The ‘Last Week Tonight’ host aimed his ire at the press secretary famously parodied by Melissa McCarthy.

John Oliver Goes Off on Sean Spicer: You Will Receive an ‘Inevitable Firing’ Soon

On Sunday evening, John Oliver opened the latest edition of his Emmy-winning Last Week Tonight by following in the footsteps of his network-mate Bill Maher: by tackling President Trump’s ongoing campaign to alienate each and every one of our allies in accusing the British government of wiretapping him on behalf of former President Obama, and his Curb Your Enthusiasm-level-awkward meeting with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. Making things more awkward was the fact that on the campaign trail, candidate Trump accused Merkel of “ruining Germany” and repeatedly criticized her immigration policies.

John Oliver Delivers Obama's State Of The Union As Half-Time Pep Talk On Fallon. Uk.businessinsider. In true Donald Trump fashion, he wasn't going to let John Oliver's insults go unanswered.


Last week, Oliver said he would never have the Republican presidential candidate on his show, "Last Week Tonight. " "I really don't have anything to say to him," the 38-year-old comedian said Friday on "CBS This Morning. " Obamacare: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) John Oliver slams Trump’s trans order: If we want to protect women from predators, ‘ban the president’ See John Oliver's Warning to Trump About Vladimir Putin - Rolling Stone. John Oliver explained why it wouldn't be so "nice if we actually got along with Russia," as Donald Trump often says, in a Last Week Tonight exposé that examines Vladimir Putin's misdeeds and the president's obsession with the Russian autocrat.

See John Oliver's Warning to Trump About Vladimir Putin - Rolling Stone

"It's a bit weird that you've been objectively nicer to Vladimir Putin than you have to Meryl Streep," Oliver said of Trump. "I know that over here, we think of Putin like a cartoon character that stages photo ops where he's shirtless on a horse or swimming like a dolphin or emerging from the sea like a Bond villain," Oliver said. Sweden has no idea why Donald Trump is talking about the country. During a Saturday campaign rally in Sarasota, Florida, President Donald Trump alluded to some sort of terror attack in Sweden — an ally of the U.S.

Sweden has no idea why Donald Trump is talking about the country

“You look at what’s happening in Germany. You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden! Who would believe this? John Oliver vs. the Trump Era: The Rolling Stone Interview - Rolling Stone. TV's sharpest political satirist on crafting comedy in dark times, that 'Drumpf' gag and where we go from here in our candid cover story On the wall facing John Oliver's desk, on the eighth floor of an office building so far on the West Side of Manhattan it's practically floating in the Hudson River, are 30 blue index cards. Each represents an episode of the 2017 season of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.

And each and every one of them is blank. That's one reason Oliver is already arriving at the office before 8:30 a.m. each day, though he has weeks until the February 12th kickoff of the show's fourth season. But he and his staff also have a near-impossible task ahead of them: planning a season's worth of television's smartest, sanest show in the dumbest and craziest of times. In the face of a fact-challenged presidency, the work of the most thoroughly fact-checked comedy show in the history of television seems sorely needed. John Oliver On Sarah Palin's Return To Fox News: 'We Can Just F*cking Ignore Her' John Oliver on San Diego Mayor Bob Filner: F*ck this guy! By Eric W. DolanFriday, August 16, 2013 3:00 EDT Thursday night on The Daily Show, John Oliver “tidied things up” for Jon Stewart by following up on some of the previous stories he had covered.

One such story was the continuing sexual harassment scandal involving San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. Oliver joked that Filner looked like “the Joker” from Batman. Six Times John Oliver Made Us All Smarter This Year. John Oliver.Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” blew the lid off of many problems scratching at the American public in 2016. Oliver nails Trump’s scandal deluge: ‘He’s one Teen People interview away from being on a sex registry’ Watch John Oliver Blast Trump's Lewd Remarks, GOP's Reaction - Rolling Stone. John Oliver spent the first portion of Last Week Tonight, which taped prior to Sunday's off-the-rails presidential debate, slamming both Donald Trump for his vulgar comments about women in a leaked 2005 video as well as the GOP for their continued support of Trump despite his consistently vile rhetoric.

"Yes, that is audio of Donald Trump in 2005 telling a giggling Billy Bush that one of the perks of fame is that he can grab women's genitalia without permission," Oliver said after playing the now-infamous Access Hollywood tape. Jimmy Kimmel Doesn't Think John Oliver Is Very Sincere. John Oliver ridicules Trump over ‘John Miller’ alter-ego — then invites ‘Miller’ to come on the show. HBO’s John Oliver was back in his groove Sunday night after Donald Trump provided him with a wealth of material following a bizarre week that saw Trump denying impersonating his own fake publicist — after previously admitting that it was him.

The Last Week Tonight host began by calling out the Republican Party — focusing on House Speaker Paul Ryan — for their awkward at-a-distance relationship with the new face of the party. Oliver compared the GOP leaders and Trump to a “teenage Christian couple who have made an abstinence pledge. They’re going to have sex, and it’s just a matter of time — but they still need to make a big show of resisting in case anyone might be paying attention.”

The host then turned to Trump’s adamant refusal to admit that he was publicist “John Miller,” heard on a 25-year-old audio tape bragging about his client and claiming that pop singer Madonna was badgering Trump for a date. Untitled. Photo Credit: LastWeekTonight/YouTube Voting is the cornerstone of American democracy. And recently, three states have made voting easier. John Oliver explains refugee vetting process. Last Week Tonight. John Oliver rips Huckabee over refugee fear-mongering: ‘More men named Mike have killed people’ On the season finale of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver ripped into GOP fear-mongering over Syrian refugees — but saved most of his ire for former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, slamming him for his over the top attacks on people trying to escape persecution.

Oliver began by noting there was previously only one time in American history “when the fear of refugees wiping everyone out did come true — and we’ll be celebrating that this Thursday.” He went on to explain the extensive vetting process the U.S. government makes every refugee goes through which can take up to 18 months before they are admitted to the country. “It is absolutely fair to be concerned about safety in the wake of these attacks, and it’s fair to wonder who we’re letting in and what sort of screening system is in place. 7 Times John Oliver Perfectly Captured What's Wrong With America — and Triggered Reform. Photo Credit: via YouTube. John Oliver Doesn't Want Donald Trump On His Show Ever. ‘It’s ‘f*cking horrifying': John Oliver rips North Dakota officials for letting the oil industry destroy their state.

On HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” host John Oliver took a look at North Dakota — referring to it as “South DaCanada”– and the oil shale boom that has simultaneously enriched and degraded the state. John Oliver mockingly asks why Toyota is making ‘instruments of death’ for terrorists. John Oliver on Donald Trump: 'I Couldn't Give Less of a S. Federal judge cites John Oliver in her ruling against Guam in tax refund case.

Huffingtonpost. John Oliver Takes On The Republican Debate Circus. Huffingtonpost. John Oliver - The Mittens Of Disapproval Are On. Jack Warner Responds To John Oliver, Gets Upstaged By His Own Music. A memo to Trinidad and Tobago's Network Television 6: Cancel any daytime TV dramas you had planned. Jack Warner has you covered. John Oliver has the ‘Kid Rock driving a monster truck through a Dairy Queen’ graphic you’ve been looking for. John Oliver Goes Off On An Epic, Fact-Checked, Mic-Dropping Rant For 13 Minutes That You Need To See. What Does It Say About The US Press That The Toughest Interview Keith Alexander Has Is From A Comedian? Watch John Oliver Get Ruthlessly Mocked by Stephen Hawking on 'Last Week Tonight'

John Oliver & Martin Sheen Present The Ultimate Doomsday Video. John Oliver explains the surprising reason why daylight saving time exists. John Oliver explains the ‘shameful’ lack of rights for millions of Americans where voting is illegal. John Oliver Explains How America's Neglected Infrastructure Is Like A Lego Set. John Oliver Lights Up The Tobacco Industry And Their International Legal Shenanigans. Watch John Oliver Shoot Salmon Out Of A Cannon At Celebrities. John Oliver: Americans foolishly ‘spend more on the lottery than they do on America’ John Oliver Learns That State Legislatures Are The Shadow Governments You've Always Feared. John Oliver wants you celebrate Halloween by trolling Big Sugar with #ShowUsYourPeanuts. John Oliver Playing Supreme Court Audio Over Footage Of Dogs Is The Justice America Needs. John Oliver Destroys Pumpkin Spice Lattes, The 'Coffee That Tastes Like A Candle' John Oliver Explains The Insanity Of Civil Forfeiture, Introduces New 'Law & Order' Spinoff.

John Oliver Explains Everything That's Wrong With The Miss America Pageant.