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What makes chickens happy? Nobody is quite sure | The Wichita Eagle. How do you measure a chicken’s happiness? Is it in the way it runs for food? How much time it spends preening? To size up what might make chickens happy in their brief lives, researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, are putting 16 breeds through physical fitness and behavioral tests. They’re watching how well birds scramble over a barrier for food, how skittish they seem and whether they play with a fake worm. Chickens can’t say how they feel, but playing with a fake worm may be a sign of happiness. “We have to infer when an animal is happy or content or experiencing pleasure based on their behavior,” said Stephanie Torrey, one of the researchers. In recent years, the animal welfare world has moved beyond looking at how to minimize suffering to exploring whether animals can also enjoy their lives, Torrey said.

Animal welfare advocates say cruelty begins with birds that have been bred to have breasts so big they can barely walk. John Glisson of the U.S. Getting Started with fMRI. Index Interested in fMRI but not Associated with an fMRI Lab? Using the CNL Website Overview of the fMRI experiment Safety Training Interested in fMRI but not Associated with an fMRI Lab? If you are a graduate student or faculty member and you think you'd be interested in running your own fMRI experiment, you need to be willing to make a huge time and energy commitment. 1) Review the work of the following principal investigators: Web pages: Lee Ryan, Pelagie Beeson, Elena Plante, and Ted Trouard Emails: Lee Ryan, Pelagie Beeson, Elena Plante, and Ted Trouard. From the information you glean there, decide who you want to approach about a project. If you are a graduate student, and just want to learn what is involved running an fMRI project consider approaching one of the four researchers above about volunteering to help in their lab working on an MRI or fMRI project.

Using the CNL Website Glossary: The most important page on the CNL website is the glossary. Overview of the fMRI experiment. The Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data - STS282.pdf. George E. Vaillant's: Aging Well: Surprising Guideposts to a Happier Life from the Landmark Harvard Study of Adult Development. George E. Vaillant's "We all need models for how to live from retirement to past 80--with joy," writes George Vaillant, M.D., director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development. This groundbreaking book pulls together data from three separate longevity studies that, beginning in their teens, followed 824 individuals for more than 50 years. The subjects were male Harvard graduates; inner-city, disadvantaged males; and intellectually gifted women.

"Here you have these wonderful files, and you seem little interested in how we cope with increasing age ... our adaptability, our zest for life," one of these subjects wrote to Vaillant, a researcher, psychiatrist, and Harvard Medical School professor, about how he was using this information. Vaillant took this advice to heart. In Aging Well, he presents personal narratives about people from these studies whom he interviewed personally in their 70s and 80s. We also learn what makes old age vital and interesting. Other reviews. !5.PDF - LDH-Post-Inequality. Human Body Statistics.

Experts Decisive Against Multivitamins: 'Stop Wasting Money' - James Hamblin. A panel of physicians wrote today in a major medical journal about which vitamin and mineral supplements are bad and which are null, and how we keep buying them. "We believe that the case is closed— supplementing the diet of well-nourished adults with (most) mineral or vitamin supplements has no clear benefit and might even be harmful. These vitamins should not be used for chronic disease prevention. Enough is enough. " So reads an authoritative editorial today in one of the widest-read U.S. medical journals, Annals of Internal Medicine.

The authors are five physicians from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and Warwick Medical School in the U.K., including one of the journal's senior editors. "Beta-carotene, vitamin E, and possibly high doses of vitamin A supplements are harmful," they specify. The editorial is part of the burgeoning consensus that most people do not benefit from vitamin supplements, and that a balanced diet is the best approach, in an ideal world. This Is Your Brain on Gluten - James Hamblin. A No. 1 bestseller by a respected physician argues that gluten and carbohydrates are at the root of Alzheimer's disease, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. What to make of the controversial theory? “If you could make just three simple changes in your life to prevent, or even reverse, memory loss and other brain disorders, wouldn’t you?” So asks Dr. David Perlmutter, in promotion of his PBS special Brain Change, coming soon to your regional affiliate. Three changes.

The 90-minute special is a companion to Perlmutter’s blockbuster book on how gluten and carbs are destroying our brains. “Is it still number one?” “As of next week it’s number six ... darn.” The book is Grain Brain: The surprising truth about wheat, carbs, and sugar; your brain's silent killers. Why wouldn’t you make three simple changes? “The question is, how far will you take the Paleo diet?” He holds up a large frog. “How far will you go?” That is Perlmutter’s kind of joke. David Perlmutter practices in Naples, Florida. When Dr. Personality. Pufferfish Make Seafloor Circles to Attract Mates | Video. Peters Map. What the Cults believe. Contents Back to Table of Contents Let me begin with a quote from 1.Timothy 4:1-2 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.

The bible explicitly warns us that in our time there will be an increase of false religions which depart from the true faith and try to seduce believers and nonbelievers into following false doctrines that have nothing to do with the God that we know from the bible. ``Cult'' or ``Sect'' is a modern name for these false religions. What is a cult? Let us begin by trying to define what cult is. So, what do you think is a cult? A cult is a system of religious beliefs and rituals that is regarded as unorthodox or spurious, with a great devotion to a person, idea, or thing.

All cults have in common that they deny the fact that salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ alone. How do we know? Gut microbiota composition correlates with diet and h... [Nature. 2012. Research Publications - APC Management Structure - About Us - Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre | University College Cork | A galaxy within us: Our gut microbiota and how it can be programmed by food. Who would have thought that the human body contains over 10 times the amount of bacterial cells as human cells?

These bacteria -- now collectively called the gut microbiota -- number in their trillions and are made up of more than a 1,000 different species most of which are beneficial in some way. "Research is starting to show that the food we eat has a huge bearing on the composition of this collective and also that the profile of the collection of bacteria can be associated with a person's health status," explains Dr Paul Ross, Head of the Teagasc Food Research Programme and Principal Investigator at the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, Teagasc, Food Research Centre, Moorepark.

Although the composition of the microbiota is highly stable during adulthood, there are times when it can be highly dynamic -- such as at the extremes of life, e.g., following birth, during inflammatory bowel conditions, gastrointestinal infection and in the elderly. Yet More Proof That Violent Videogames Don't Cause Aggression. Psych Central, depression, bipolar, ADHD and psychology information . Video Games 2001-Aggression Scale.pdf. Violent Video Games. Americans Are Way Behind in Math, Vocabulary, and Technology - Roberto A. Ferdman.

The US boasts the world’s largest GDP and the planet’s most influential government, but its citizens aren’t all that intellectually exceptional. Americans have trouble with words… The report defines literacy as the “ability to understand, evaluate, use and engage with written texts to participate in society, to achieve one’s goals, and to develop one’s knowledge and potential” (p. 63). Only 78.3% of American adults reached a Level 2 (out of 5) in literacy, less than all other OECD members save Spain and Italy (p. 69). The average level of literacy in the US is on par with that of Cyprus, Poland and Austria (p. 65). …and numbers… When it comes to math, American adults aren’t any better. In fact, they’re far worse.

Less than 34% of adults in the US managed to score at a Level 3 (out of 5) or higher, while comparable numbers for countries like Japan, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands were all well above 50% (p.80). …and even computers. Siblings Share Genes, But Rarely Personalities. Hide captionBrothers Eric (from left) and Tom Hoebbel have the same genes, but they couldn't be more different. Courtesy of Tom Hoebbel The fight happened a long time ago when they were still in school. But for both Tom and Eric Hoebbel, the fight was a defining event — the kind of family story that gets trotted out for new acquaintances because it seems to convey something important. Tom, as the story goes, was just back from college, and the two brothers were together in the kitchen late at night. Tom's position was that money was inconsequential. But Tom persisted, and to demonstrate his seriousness, he removed a dollar from his pocket and literally set it on fire.

At which point, by all accounts, Eric completely and utterly freaked out. "I was probably being held back," Eric says. There they were: Two brothers of roughly the same height and weight, with the same hair color and the same last name. Breakthrough In Sibling Research Separating Genes From Environment Theory One: Divergence. Foot Cream Kills HIV by Tricking Cells to Commit Suicide. A drug commonly prescribed to treat nail fungus appears to come with a not-so-tiny side effect: killing HIV in cell cultures. In a study performed at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, not only does the drug Ciclopirox rid infectious HIV from cell cultures, but the virus also doesn't bounce back when the drug is withheld.

The same group of researchers had previously shown that Ciclopirox -- approved by the FDA and Europe's EMA as safe for human use to treat foot fungus -- inhibits the expression of HIV genes in culture. Now they have found that it also blocks the essential function of the mitochondria, which results in the reactivation of the cell's suicide pathway, all while sparing the healthy cells. The researchers said that one aspect of HIV that makes it particularly persistent, even in the face of strong antiviral treatments, is its ability to disable a cell's altruistic suicide pathway -- which is typically activated when a cell is damaged or infected. Unfortunately, says Dr. Are Private Schools Worth It? A new book argues that public schools are actually academically superior. Sarah Theule Lubienski didn’t set out to compare public schools and private schools. A professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, she was studying math instructional techniques when she discovered something surprising: Private schools—long assumed to be educationally superior—were underperforming public schools.

She called her husband, Christopher A. Lubienski, also a professor at the university. “I said, ‘This is a really weird thing,’ and I checked it and double checked it,” she remembers. Studying the National Assessment of Educational Progress and the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, they have found that, when controlling for demographic factors, public schools are doing a better job academically than private schools. Summarize what you discovered in your research.

CAL: We already know that scores for students in private schools tend to be higher. STL: The biggest reason is religion.


Harrah's Casino Study. Harrah's. The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, May 4, 2000 Lucky Numbers Casino Chain Mines Data on Its Gamblers, And Strikes Pay Dirt 'Secret Recipe' Lets Harrah's Target Its Low-Rollers At the Individual Level A Free-Meal 'Intervention' By CHRISTINA BINKLEY, Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL TUNICA, Miss. - She doesn't know it, but Linda Maranees is the subject of a behavioral experiment that could change the odds of the gambling business. The Memphis, Tenn., retiree, her blouse bedecked with sequined cards and dice, has just received invitations to two nearby slot tournaments, along with vouchers for $200, all courtesy of Harrah's Entertainment Inc.

"Harrah's is savvy," says Ms. Maranees, who admits that once in the casino door, she is bound to spend much more than what Harrah's has given her. That is exactly what the Las Vegas-based company is banking on. The results are impressive enough that other casino companies are copying some of Harrah's more discernible methods. Mr. Mr. Ms.