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EduScapes: A Site for Life-long Learners

EduScapes: A Site for Life-long Learners

Flightplans for Learning: Differentiation & Deep Thinking with Technology Elements of a Flight Plan Consider each of the following elements of an effective flight plan. Destination Departure & Arrival Times Estimated Times Alternative Airports Instrument or Visual Guidance Flight Rules Airway Route Fuel Passenger Experiment! Like the FAA's required plan (on the right), you probably have a standard format for lesson plans. Garbology Featured Activity: Waste-Less Lunch Lead your students in learning about natural resources used in common packaging materials. Challenge your students to conserve natural resources through their lunch choices. Check out this and other Garbology lessons for the classroom » Featured Activity: Conduct a Waste Assessment Do you know how much waste your school puts in landfills each week? Learn how and check out other Garbology activities » Featured Activity: Composting With the FBI The FBI turn waste into healthy soil. Bring Garbology home »

Best Free Podcasts Wonderopolis | Where the Wonders of Learning Never Cease | Wonderopolis Free Technology for Teachers Project Gutenberg - free ebooks Teaching and Learning: Using iPads in the Classroom Updated 01/2014 If I had thirty iPads in my class, what would I do with them? How would I use them to help my students learn better and help me teach better? Perhaps a better question is what would I do with them that I could not do with other tools that are available and cheaper? Certainly iPads are cheaper than computers, desktop or laptop, and they are more mobile. Speaking of computers, they were supposed to be the transformation of teaching and learning as we know it. Kinesthetic Learners The iPad has a number of unique features that provide for interesting possibilities in teaching and learning. As a completely portable learning tool, the iPad camera allows documentation to be taken to a whole different level. Students can also attach videos, and voice recordings to their field notes. In math class the GPS of the iPad establishes locale in ways that are profound. Connecting Beyond the Classroom How do you use iPads in the classroom to help teaching and learning?

New Research Helps Make Case for Rigorous PBL Editor's note: Today is the fifth in a series of posts from PBL World, a global gathering of educators interested in project-based learning. Join the conversation on Twitter by following the hashtag #pblworld. Teachers and other "education change agents" who are advocates of project-based learning often find that they have to make the case for PBL to their communities. "They need backup," acknowledged Cindy Johanson, executive director of the George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) and Edutopia. When PBL is used to teach Advanced Placement courses, diverse students show impressive academic gains along with increased engagement, compared to students in more traditional AP classes. The key findings are: A 30% higher pass rate for high-achieving students compared to peers in traditional AP classes in comparison schools in the same district A 10% higher pass rate for high-poverty students in PBL classes compared to peers in traditional AP classes PBL World Goes Deeper Parents as Partners