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Lemony Summer Squash Orecchiette Recipe. You still have tons of zucchini right?

Lemony Summer Squash Orecchiette Recipe

Ok, I thought so, just checking. If you don’t (hi, Australia!) Pasta, no pomodoro. At the risk of sounding as though we’re carb-loading over here—which, actually, now that I’ve typed that, sounds like a pretty tasty thing to do—I present you with my second pasta dish in as many posts.

Pasta, no pomodoro

I’m having a hot summer fling with Italy, but luckily, Brandon doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think he’s happy about it. Butternut squash walnut & sage pasta. Happy Saturday!

butternut squash walnut & sage pasta

Jack and I are in Nashville this weekend for the wedding of one of my best college friends. It’s been fun getting out of town for a few days to spend time catching up with old friends. But the thing Jack and I really love about weddings is attending them when they’re not our own. Last month, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and although we had an amazing wedding day – the stress of planning it all is still part of the memory as well. (Note to self, next time: elope in Italy). But what’s not stressful is this pasta. I threw some chickpeas in here because I had some that I needed to use up. Either way, this a great dish to stay in and cozy up with someone you love. butternut squash walnut & sage pasta Ingredients Instructions Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Notes - vegan option: omit cheese - I used Jovial's brown rice pasta - Instead of roasting the squash in the oven, you could cook it in the pan. Lemony summer squash orecchiette. You still have tons of zucchini right?

lemony summer squash orecchiette

Ok, I thought so, just checking. If you don’t (hi, Australia!) , you can use this recipe as a template for whatever vegetable you do have (ie. broccoli would be delicious here). It’s a straight-forward simple pasta recipe – perfect for highlighting a special seasonal ingredient. My zucchini and yellow squash were on the small side, so I sliced them into thin little coins and paired them with orecchiette pasta.

Rosemary isn’t super summery, but it’s what I had (my basil didn’t last through the heat). Just a few minutes in the pan and you’re done. Lemony summer squash orecchiette Ingredients 3 small summer squash (or 2 medium) 8 oz. dry orecchiette pasta 1-2 tablespoons olive oil 1 clove garlic, minced 1 teaspoon finely chopped rosemary big handful of chopped spinach or other leafy green big squeeze of lemon 1/3 cup feta cheese 2 tablespoons capers a few pinches red pepper flakes optional: grated parmesan cheese plenty of salt & pepper Instructions Notes.

Easy, Vegan Pasta Primavera. Nutritional information Serves 4 30 minutes or fewer.

Easy, Vegan Pasta Primavera

Spaghetti with chickpeas. Anyone running the marathon this weekend?

spaghetti with chickpeas

I have a hunch that the overlap between people who, say, read a home cooking blog that unapologetically embraces butter and people who, say, run 26.2 miles in their spare time as an personal challenge, is slim-to-none. And yet, I know a handful of people running this weekend that love good cooking as I do, despite the fact that we obviously have nothing else in common. Seeing as they run when not chased, I bet they also do dishes for pleasure and go to bed advisably early for a less cranky tomorrow. Weirdos. But we can meet at a middle ground affectionately called “carbo-loading”. I found this recipe from New York chef and owner of three great Italian restaurants in the city, Michael White, in an article that recommended it for, fittingly, carbo-loading. Spaghetti with Chickpeas [Spaghetti con Ceci] From Michael White, via New York Magazine Serves 4 as a main, 8 as a first course or “2 to 3 marathoners”, says NYM Set 1/3 cup of chickpeas aside.

Roasted Vegetable Lasagna Recipe. Linguine with tomato-almond pesto. We are dragging this summer out.

linguine with tomato-almond pesto

Maybe it’s because as far as I am concerned, it didn’t really start until August, when the bulk of the heat wave was behind us and we willingly ventured outside of our air-conditioned caves again, and when we finally took a little family vacation. Maybe it’s because if it is still summer, the baby is still a baby and not a one year-old toddler as he will be after this weekend. But it is most likely because we headed down the Garden State Parkway to Exit 0 last weekend for a belated 5 year anniversary mini-vacation without said baby and somehow, well into September, still got sun, sand and freckles. Summer in September?