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Search Products - Fashion Fabrics Club. Katchu/graphics/patterns/hitatare.PDF. Japanese Garb. 3.Take the 14” piece and cut it in half the long way so you have two 7” wide strips, one containing the selvage.

Japanese Garb

Take the selvage piece and cut in half the short way so you have two 7” wide pieces, each half the length of the body piece. These panels will be sewn onto the body piece in a few steps. Momoyama Patchwork Kosode (examples) Theater in Japan was a major cultural element - displayed sometimes on the battle field, to most commonly outside shrines daily to teach the common man morals and gain patrons.

Momoyama Patchwork Kosode (examples)

Due to the illiteracy of much of the Japanese population, theater was how many religions conveyed tales, gain patrons, and display their own wealth. Think about it. Kosode - ImmortalGeisha. PETALS FROM THE FLOATING WORLD: The Floating World is that world of pleasure and leisure pursuits that is separate from the mundane world of the Japanese.


It is in the Emperors Court and this world of the Geisha and Noh and Kabuki Theater that the height of textile arts flourished. The two items of Japanese costume that most lend themselves as the medium for dyeing, weaving, and embroidery are the robes collectively called KIMONO (which means "thing to wear" and individually they are named by the sleeve size kosode [small sleeve], osode [large sleeve], furisode [hanging sleeve]) and the sash or OBI. Kimonos are cut from one bolt of cloth and assembled into a garment made up of rectangles.