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Astrological Chart - Patterns

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Akustik clock – planetenmusik generator. 1 year = ca. 365 sec.1 day = ca. 1 sec.Tempo: 27vol: 50 000° 000° 000° 000° 000° 000° 000° 000° 000° 000° x audiotag Akustik Clock ist eine Umsetzung der Bewegungen von Sonne, Mond und Planeten in Klang und Bild.

akustik clock – planetenmusik generator

Akustik Clock Akustik Clock verwandelt astronomische Daten von Planeten-Konstellationen in Klang und Bild. Das Start- und Enddatum bestimmt die Länge einer KompositionDie von der Erde aus gesehenen Winkelabständen zwischen den Himmelskörpern werden in ein musikalisches Intervall übersetzt.Die verwendeten Intervalle entsprechen ganzzahligen Verhältnissen, zum Beispiel die Oktave (2:1) entspricht der Opposition, also der Teilung des (Tier-)Kreises in die Hälfte des Umfangs bzw. der gedachten Saite. Astrology Education. Planetary geometry is when three or more planets are arranged, or synchronised, in such a way that they form meaningful patterns.

Astrology Education

Aspect Patterns Configurations - A useful guide to the gestalt of a chart. When interpreting the aspects formed between two planets in a chart we must make sure to take into account not only the individual aspects in terms of their cyclic representation, but also the interrelationship with all other aspects in the chart.

Aspect Patterns Configurations - A useful guide to the gestalt of a chart

Each aspect has the power to modify another by its mere presence. It would be extremely rare for an aspect to form in a chart in and of itself. Aspect Shapes in the Astrology Birth Chart. You have chart aspect shapes in your chart.

Aspect Shapes in the Astrology Birth Chart

Chart aspect shapes are a powerful guide to our deepest psychological motivations. They identify what parts of our personality work easily together, and which parts are so different that it is hard to reconcile one with the other. In other words, they chart and define our egoic psychology. In particular, chart aspect shapes analysis is excellent for identifying which parts of us are split off: what parts act as ‘unaspected sub-personalities. The need is to know even the split-off parts of ourselves, so that we will not be driven by unconscious denied parts, so that we will not swing wildly from one persona to another, bewildering ourselves and those around us.

This processes of unifying our Self is called ‘individuation’ the principle method used in achieving individuation is called ‘psychosynthesis’. Nothing Is Simple! Figures and Composed Aspects. The 15 major and minor figures with composed aspects This article completes the Figures and Planetary Patterns article which gives an overview of natal charts graphic configurations.

Nothing Is Simple! Figures and Composed Aspects.

Indeed, besides the general figures formed by all the planets of the natal chart, and in addition to the natural aspects explained nearly everywhere (conjunctions, oppositions, trines, sextiles, squares, quincunxes, sesqui-squares, semi-squares, quintiles, semi-quintiles, and bi-quintiles, for the 11 most commonly used aspects, which are reviewed in our Couple's Compatibility Programme), a few groups of isolated planets sometimes form special figures. They are called Composed Aspects.

Planetary patterns, planets and structure of the natal chart. Astrologers have started to pay attention to the structure of the natal chart, strictly from the perspective of the distribution of planets around the Zodiac for over thirty years, which means quite recently as compared to the history of astrology.

planetary patterns, planets and structure of the natal chart

Indeed, astrologers noticed that the charts with a high concentration of planets, and thus of energy, did not translate into the same types of personalities as the charts having a balanced distribution of planets, or those displaying other distinctive distributions. Don't forget to take a look at the article Astrology: Nothing is Simple!

Which completes this page. Sophie Marceau: some charts are immediately eye-catching! Planetary patterns of astrology. When an astrologer looks at your horoscope chart, he or she first sees if there are planets conjunct your "angles" (the ascendant or midheaven, or their opposite points, the descendant and nadir), as well as the chart’s overall pattern.

planetary patterns of astrology

The planetary patterns on the previous two pages (pages are ten forms astrological charts may take, if they take any form at all. Chart Patterns. There’s one last important consideration when looking at the impact of planetary order in a chart, and that’s the shape of the chart itself.

Chart Patterns

The overall pattern of the chart — often referred to as “Jones patterns,” after astrologer Marc Edmund Jones who first named a variety of them — will add emphasis to certain planets because of their unique positions in the overall marching order of the chart. Chart patterns are in part significant because of the way planetary order highlights or isolates certain planets and their impact, giving some more power than others around them. By definition, chart patterns become patterns (as opposed to random distribution) because they feature one or more distinct clusterings of planets. That means that when it comes to progressions and transits, those clusters get hit like they are islands in the sky.

The seven patterns described by Marc Edmund Jones are idealized, don't quite match every reality. Windward and Leeward. Mixing and Matching. Find your Life Purpose - Uncovering Geometric Planetary Configurations. Yod Aspect Pattern – Astrology King. The Yod Book: Including a Complete Discussion of Unaspected Planets - Karen Hamaker-Zondag. A yod is formed when two planets that are sextile also form an inconjunct to another planet.

The Yod Book: Including a Complete Discussion of Unaspected Planets - Karen Hamaker-Zondag

These planets are in different signs and modes and are deeply significant, for they usually symbolize patterns in families that have lasted for generations. This is what Hamaker-Zondag discovered when she started to research the inconjunct aspect as it related to a yod. The Yod: Its Esoteric Meaning - Joan Kellogg. THE POWER OF THE YOD. The Inconjunct Aspect and the YOD. The Inconjunct Aspect and the YOD by Eileen Nauman, DHM, medical astrologer A Yod is a celestial signature involving three planets.

The Inconjunct Aspect and the YOD

In my case, I have Mars 9 Leo inconjunct Moon 10 Pisces, Jupiter 18 Libra inconjunct Moon 10 Pisces. Mars is sextile to Jupiter. This is the first YOD in my natal chart. I have Pluto 9 Leo inconjunct Moon 10 Pisces, Neptune 5 Libra inconjunct Moon 10 Pisces. Most neophyte medical astrologers would look at this and jump to some dramatic conclusions: “OMG! Or something like that….. First, let’s disassemble this aspect. When you see someone repeating a pattern over and over again or drawing the same type of man (or woman) into their lives, you can bet they’ve got a few inconjuncts in their chart or perhaps, a Yod.

I’ve referred to the inconjunct as “being trapped between a rock and a hard place.” Let me say it another way: You WILL be put into situations, events and experiences where the only thing you can do is be there and become a party to it.