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Barbie Knitted Dress Patterns

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Barbie's Basic Tube Dress - Knitting Pattern. This is a great pattern to teach a new knitter how to work with double-pointed needles: it's quickly done, and you have something useful when you're finished!

Barbie's Basic Tube Dress - Knitting Pattern

Select a pretty yarn, sparkly is nice. Worsted weight will work, but finer yarn would be better. Use double-pointed needles in the size indicated on the label, or maybe a size smaller. Photos show a dress knitted from Jamie yarn on size 4 needles, at a gauge of 6.5 stitches per inch.It is knitted on 32 stitches. Knit a swatch 20 stitches or more wide, in plain stockinette. Skirt: Cast on the number of stitches you figured out. Ribbing (this will actually start at the widest part of the hips): Work in k1 p1 rib for one inch. Bodice (click photo for bodice detail): if you don't want to do shaping, just work in stockinette for another inch and bind off fairly tightly (there should be enough stretch to get it past Barbie's hips, but no flaring). Copyright ©Judy Gibson, 1997. Go to my Home Page Or back to Barbie's Wardrobe.

Knitting: Bow-trimmed Sundress For Barbie Or Skipper. Here's the latest edition of the Knitting News Newsletteryou requested from Knitting NewsMayIn this issue: Craft & Knitting Websites Trends and Fashions Pattern Requests Knitting Tips - ideas for doll clothes Beanie Baby Updates: It's Summertime (it is?)

Knitting: Bow-trimmed Sundress For Barbie Or Skipper

Patterns PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR by visiting their Web Page andpurchasing patterns, books, or other products. Their helpis what makes this newsletter possible: -------------------------------------------------------- New At As you're aware, our new sponsor is, a supplier of craft-related patterns, books and information on the net. is expanding: We've discovered that most knitters are also talented at many other crafts.

Also, we are looking for individuals who have the ability to "teach" a craft on paper (actually, email and the Web). Trends and Fashions April flowers bring May showers - I know, I know it's supposed to be the other way around. JUST FOR FUN!!!!!! Barbie's Lacy Pink Party Dress - Knitting Pattern. Using the same waist and bodice shaping as for the Basic Tube Dress, I wanted to make a fuller lacy skirt.

Barbie's Lacy Pink Party Dress - Knitting Pattern

I used pink sport weight acrylic left over from a pair of Girly Girl socks. I got 6 sts/in in this yarn. The dress comes out about ankle length. General scheme: choose a lace pattern that will give a scalloped lower edge, cast on a multiple that makes about 10 inches. Knit the skirt up to about mid-thigh (since Barbie apparently doesn't wear underwear) and change to stockinette. I chose Barbara Walker's Vine Lace, and cast on 54 stitches for 6 repeats. Round 1: knit. Knit in pattern for 4 1/2 inches and change to stockinette. Decrease six stitches every other round five times (24 stitches remain). Do 4 rounds in k3 p1 rib. Change to k1 p1 rib for 3/4 inch for the waist. Bodice: on the first two rounds do p1, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1 at the center front. And...I think this lacy pink dress needs a lacy stole or mantilla, don't you? Copyright ©Judy Gibson, 1997. Barbie's Rainbow Ball Gown - Free Knitting Pattern.

This strapless dress is knitted from the bottom up.

Barbie's Rainbow Ball Gown - Free Knitting Pattern

Its broad skirt has a knitted-in hem, and is decorated with a column of bows over a purl background running up the front. The waist is shaped by ribbing, and another bow graces the front of the bodice. [Note: another view of this dress is on the Barbie's Wardrobe page.] Materials: Double-pointed needles, US size 1. One ball fingering weight (baby or sock) yarn. Hem: Cast on 80 stitches and join into a circle without twisting the stitches. Make a bow: Round 1: Knit until you reach the purl stitches. Decrease round: Decrease by knitting 2 sts together in 8 places spaced evenly around the skirt.

Repeat the "make a bow" and "decrease round" instructions three more times. Waistline: *p1, k 2 tog* around. Barbie Doll Halloween Witch Knitting Pattern.