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Simple patterns for pants

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Easy Breezy Wrap Pants Tutorial. In my last post, I showed off some photos of the wrap pants I made.

Easy Breezy Wrap Pants Tutorial

Today I’m going to show you how to make your own! Note: Please don’t use this tutorial for commercial purposes. I made the decision to post this tutorial despite the fact that I’m currently offering these pants for sale in my Etsy shop, because I love to share. If you like this tutorial, please take a moment to stop by my shop and have a look. Thanks! These pants are the perfect solution for hot summer days. Click more to read the entire post… There are just a few supplies that you’ll need to make these pants: Fabric: I used two yards for this tutorial. Ribbon or Ties: Good quality grosgrain ribbon makes excellant ties and are a quick and easy way to do it.

Sewing supplies: Thread, Scissors, Sewing machine or needle, Iron Step 1 You’ll want two rectangles of fabric. Step 2 Cut out the crotch area. When you unfold the rectangles you’ll see your U: Make a curved seam along this U. Step 3 Now you’ve got a giant pair of pants! Easy Breezy Wrap Pants Tutorial. Arunachala. Here is a pattern for Wrap-Around Pants: Wrap Pants 2 1/2 yards and 2 hours - with one crotch seam and finished edges Use Cotton or cotton blend fabricMeasure from your waist to the floor (times 2) and add 12 inches = Length and the amount of material to buy or use.Example: if length is 40.5 inches then the measurement would be 93 inches.You would use 88 inches of material or 2 5/8 yards.Cut 4 inches from each of the two ends.


These will be used for ties for the waistband. Put aside.Fold the material in half crosswise so the length of the material is from top to bottom and the width of the material is from side to side (usually 36 or 45” wide material. Cut it in half.You should have 2 pieces 36 by whatever length. Now, take a pair of your favorite slacks or pants and turn them inside out. Cut along the traced curves leaving a 5/8 “ seam allowance . Remember the top of the pants is up where you cut and sewed the crotch seam. Now you have a weird looking pair of pants. Arunachala. Pants Patterns It’s nearly impossible to find free sewing patterns on the ‘Net, so here are the patterns and how-to instructions for two styles of unisex casual pants I made yesterday.

Now you can make your own. Thai Fisherman’s Pants These are one-size fits-all pants that wrap around and tie with a sash. Very comfy and stylish, too. You can use almost any weight fabric—from silk to lightweight denim. You’ll need 2 meters fabric matching thread About an hour. Cutting: top panel (2): 25 cm x 75 cm legs (2): 75 cm x 85 cm, with a curved 50 x 10 strip cut away on each side tie (1): 6 cm x 140 cm I measured and cut directly on the fabric without a paper pattern. If you’re using fabric with a directional pattern, cut the cloth in half widthwise and turn the fabric so that the pattern runs the same direction on both legs.

Construction: Sew the short ends of the top panel to form a large hoop. Points: French seam the top panel sides so there are no raw edges. Hips ________ cm Front Leg: How to sew summer-wrap-around-pants. Simplicity 5508 - Wrap-around Pants.