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Beggars Block Quilt Pattern - Fun Quilt Patterns - Wool + Linen Patchwork Quilt. Our Wool + Linen Patchwork Quilt pairs Purl Soho’s pure and sturdy Warsa Linen with Lanecardate’s soft and elegant Lana Cotta Canberra wool.

Wool + Linen Patchwork Quilt

These two may seem like unlikely bedfellows, but the luminous clarity of the linen together with the rich depth of the wool create a bold mosaic, unexpected and totally beautiful! With such surprising materials it’s only fitting that the pattern should also be something a little out of the ordinary, something involving trapezoid shaped blocks, an off kilter composition, and an unusual color combination. But while the concept may be unconventional, the crafting is straightforward and the resulting quilt is right at home! -Molly Materials To make one quilt you’ll need… Size Finished dimensions: 50 inches wide X 55 inches long Notes All seam allowances are ¼ inch unless otherwise noted. The wool fabric (Fabric 1) is the only fabric in this project that has a right and wrong side, but it can be a bit hard to tell which is which. Pine Hollow Patchwork Forest Quilt.

Welcome back to Week 3 of the Pine Hollow Patchwork Forest Quilt Along!

Pine Hollow Patchwork Forest Quilt

If you’re new and wondering what is going on – check out all of the information in these previous posts: Week 1 – Introduction and tips for choosing fabric Week 2 – Video demonstration of how to make the Improv Patchwork Tree Quilt Block + make 28 small trees Here are all 28 of my small trees. I’m having a great time playing with the low-volume red and white color palette. I’ve had fun incorporating fabrics from my three fabric collections (Gingham Girls, Sunnyside Ave, and Gretel) in so far. Sugar POP Quilt Pattern. The Sugar POP quilt pattern is now available!

Sugar POP Quilt Pattern

Join in on the crazy quilt pattern sale that is sweeping SQ Nation!! Currently quilt patterns are 30% off and Sugar POP will slide in at 20% off. Galloping pony studio. ReannaLily Designs Sewing and Pattern Company. I really like the math behind visual illusion quilts.

ReannaLily Designs Sewing and Pattern Company

I like that quilts look 3D or “hard to figure out”. For that reason, I really enjoy the Ricky Tims’ Convergence quilts. I bought the book made a couple squares/blocks in 2009, which, evidently I made into a bag. Well, since then, I’ve seen a few convergence quilts made with triangles. Check out some of the cool ones by Caryl Bryer Fallert. I set forth to finally give it a try. Video tutorial: Buzz saw patchwork block. Kitchen Table Quilting: striped chevrons quilt top (and tutorial) If you would like to make a larger version of this quilt, or if you are looking for more detailed instructions that include fabric requirements, the pattern is now available on Craftsy and Etsy.

Kitchen Table Quilting: striped chevrons quilt top (and tutorial)

Sew Scatterbrained: Solstice Medallion Quilt Pattern. Two weeks ago, I found myself aimlessly rummaging through my basket of super-special-awesome fabric scraps.

Sew Scatterbrained: Solstice Medallion Quilt Pattern

I keep most of my scraps organized into plastic containers by color, but the SSA basket is reserved for pieces that need special attention. I've been on Heather Ross and Munki Munki kick, scouring Etsy and Instagram for those hard-to-find pieces for sale in a manner not unlike...a junkie really. So that's the main contents of the basket at the moment. I've been a HR fan as long as I've been quilting, but reading How to Catch a Frog really put me into overdrive. Mustlovequilts. MSQC Tutorial - Cutting Corners.

Modèle de courtepointe de Camelot par broderie. Tiki Beads Quilt. Even though my last post promised more details on the Super Scrap Project, I needed to clear my design wall before proceeding.

Tiki Beads Quilt

This is a simple little project, and perfect to pack for a weekend trip. EQ7 and I are still working on our relationship. I have made a commitment to learn, but it is slow going past the basics. One morning some weeks back, I drew up a very basic sketch using a black and white graphic print represented by the fabric choices in the basic program. I used more solid colors to start filling in the background, but ran out of time. Such gorgeous colors and textures! That afternoon we found ourselves in a different part of the state after attending a SAQA meeting. Later that same week... Washed, dried, and ironed fabric was quickly cut into the pieces I needed, and I started testing the pattern. On the design wall, in its entirety, it was better. Friendship Star Sashing Quilt.

Utility Quilts

Magic Squares – Aloha Ripple Quilt Along. Quilting Quickly: Tossed Squares - Easy Quilt Pattern. Feelincrafty.wordpress. Log Cabin variations - Blogs - Quilting Board. Milky way quilt pattern. Bird of Paradise Quilt Block - Ludlow Quilt and Sew. Bird of paradise quilt block Strelitzia bird of paradise flowers at Katen’s wedding The Bird of Paradise quilt block is usually shown in blues, pinks and purples, but I have chosen to make it in the brown and yellow of the flower called Bird of Paradise, strelitzia.

Bird of Paradise Quilt Block - Ludlow Quilt and Sew

This was the flower that my niece used as a focus of her wedding decorations last year. Lots and Lots of Bow-tie Blocks. County Fair. Jack in the Box Quilt Block: Illustrated Step-by-Step Instructins in 3 Sizes. Skill Level: Beginner Grid: 5x5 The Jack in the Box quilt block is simple to make using either the Connector Corners technique or paper piecing for perfect pointy points.

Jack in the Box Quilt Block: Illustrated Step-by-Step Instructins in 3 Sizes

You'll find both techniques available on this page in three different sizes. As always, if you choose to paper piece, the pattern downloads are free and located on this page, too! This block is also called Wheel of Fortune and Whirligig. House on hill road: Traincar Quilt Top. One of the quilt kits that I have been working on is Traincar by Alexia Abegg.

house on hill road: Traincar Quilt Top

I was immediately drawn to the graphic nature of this design. The block is unique - simple and complicated at the same time - and definitely not something I have seen before. Also, who's kidding? I am a little bit in love with Alexia's Hatbox fabric that the quilt is made from. I love these Cotton and Steel prints in navy, coral, aqua and green - my kind of colors! It's a very straightforward pattern starting with some easy strip piecing that is cut apart and sewn back together to make each individual block.

Carpenter Star. Click here to download Carpenter Star Instruction Sheet (PDF file) Please do not ask me to resize the quilts here on my site. I don’t have time! I only offer free instructions for the quilts I make or plan to make. If you have problems opening the above link, right click on it and save it to your computer and then open it. Email me with any questions or problems at Please note: These instructions were UPDATED on Feb 19, 2011 and if you downloaded them prior to that, a clear explanation for cutting the border half rectangle blocks was not included as you need both regular and reversed triangles when working with rectangles. Carpenter's Star Quilt Block Pattern. The Carpenter's Star quilt block pattern can be configured in several ways.

A combination of diamond shapes and squares are traditionally used to assemble this popular patchwork design, but my easy version explains how to sew the block using easier methods. Carpenter's Star quilt blocks are sometimes known by other names -- the most common is Carpenter's Wheel. The differences in quilt block name variations are often due to the placement of color and contrast. Carpenter's Star...MORE quilt blocks can be sewn in an orderly arrangement of fabrics, like mine, or with randomly chosen fabrics to create scrap quilts. Carpenter's Star finishes at 16" x 16", a good size for wall hangings, bed quilts, or even a throw pillow cover. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the block is called Belle and that’s the name of the main character in Beauty and the Beast because this block was a beast for me to make.

Over the course of the next year I’m going to be making a number of the blocks for various exciting reasons so I know Belle and I will get to dance again. Which is great because I’m not happy with either of the blocks I’ve made. Throughout the sew-along we’re going to show you a number of ways to make the blocks and today, because this is the first block that involves a Y Seam, I’m showing you how to made a “cheat” version of the block using From Marti Michell Patchwork Templates Set A.

(I’ve also included some measurements that are not in the book so you can make it if you don’t have the templates. You’ll still need the measurements in the book so you can’t make this book without them.) I call it a “cheat” because it won’t follow the same seam lines as the block in the book, but it will look like the block. 1. Nifty Fifty Quilters of America's Arkansas State Quilt Blocks.


HEXIES & La Pas. Kantha & Ralli. Molas & Tifaifai. Free Antique Geometric Quilt Designs, Patchwork Blocks, Background Tiles. Quilt Blocks Galore! The Online Quilt Block Pattern Library. Generations Quilt Block Patterns. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. If you buy thru them, I receive a small commission—at no extra cost to you. This helps me provide all the free information on this site. To learn more, read my full Disclosure Policy. Updated August 29, 2017 80K+Save In our free Quilt Block Patterns library (click to skip straight to the blocks) you'll find illustrated directions for cutting and piecing your favorite patchwork block.

Not just images, but pictures of the actual block during construction! For the beginning quilter, there are loads of pictures each step of the way and helpful tips for making more accurate blocks. If you've been quilting awhile, the cutting instructions, technique advice and any downloads may be all you need. The Quilt Index. Free Quilt Block Links starting with the letter C. Tribal Block Club - 13 Spools. In an exciting extension of my tribal collection of quilts, I have compiled a number of the patterns into a block club.

You guys. I. am. Free Quilting Patterns. Ozark Stained Glass: Free Quilt Patterns. Quilt Blocks of the States - Arkansas Crossroads - Quilting. Connect: GXQ's Quilt Block Library: 120+ Links to Free Tutorials. Quilt Patterns. FREE Library of Quilt Block Patterns from McCall's Quilting.