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Feelincrafty.wordpress. Log Cabin variations - Blogs - Quilting Board. Scrappy log Scrappy log cabin "storm at sea" layout on pg.4 - wow pattern guides on pg. 6 If anyone is interested, these are the blocks I used in this quilt:standard 9 log cabin block 16 blocks put together 7x7 arrangement showing more patterns Attached Images [/INDENT][/CENTER] [/INDENT][/CENTER] Scrappy log cabin w/scrappy Floral log Seminole-style border (tute for border saved in Tutorials)

Log Cabin variations - Blogs - Quilting Board

Arts and Crafts Quilt - Ludlow Quilt and Sew. Arts and crafts quilt This is a Fabric Freedom quilt pattern designed to showcase another beautiful fabric range.

Arts and Crafts Quilt - Ludlow Quilt and Sew

It looks complex, but as so often it can be broken down into small steps which are not nearly as difficult as they look. Milky way quilt pattern. Wandering Foot Quilt & the Westward Rush for Gold & Land. "But wanderlust, the craving for change … rose among the men and boys of America to the pitch of emotional disease.

Wandering Foot Quilt & the Westward Rush for Gold & Land

" Ruth Finley 19291 A Superstition About this Pattern The story goes that the name of this quilt pattern was changed from Wandering Foot to Turkey Tracks because women believed if a boy slept under this quilt he would someday wander westward and be lost to his dear mother.In addition no bride would bring such a quilt to her marriage for fear her husband would leave her and go looking for gold or land. Apparently by changing the name of the pattern the curse of the wandering foot was banished. We have to take this with a huge grain of salt as it's not known if this superstition was ever really connected to this pattern in pioneer days.

Quite Another View of Wandering Foot Quilts In her book, "The Oregon Trail", Mary Bywater Cross 2 discusses the relationship of this pattern name to the westward movement. . © 2007 Judy Anne Breneman (For your personal use only. Questions? Bird of Paradise Quilt Block - Ludlow Quilt and Sew. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the block is called Belle and that’s the name of the main character in Beauty and the Beast because this block was a beast for me to make.

Over the course of the next year I’m going to be making a number of the blocks for various exciting reasons so I know Belle and I will get to dance again. Which is great because I’m not happy with either of the blocks I’ve made. Throughout the sew-along we’re going to show you a number of ways to make the blocks and today, because this is the first block that involves a Y Seam, I’m showing you how to made a “cheat” version of the block using From Marti Michell Patchwork Templates Set A. (I’ve also included some measurements that are not in the book so you can make it if you don’t have the templates. You’ll still need the measurements in the book so you can’t make this book without them.) Nifty Fifty Quilters of America's Arkansas State Quilt Blocks. Lots and Lots of Bow-tie Blocks. County Fair. Wichita Planes Quilt Block Pattern. City Blocks Series Wichita is the largest city in the Midwestern state of Kansas.

Wichita Planes Quilt Block Pattern

Known as the "Air Capital of the World," many large airplane manufacturers set up shop in Wichita in the 1920's and 1930's. Originally a trading spot for Native Americans because if its location on the Arkansas River, Wichita later became known because it was a convenient stop on the Chishom trail for cattle traders driving their herd north to market. An intriguing original sawtooth star design was inspired by a spinning airplane propeller. Jack in the Box Quilt Block: Illustrated Step-by-Step Instructins in 3 Sizes. Skill Level: Beginner Grid: 5x5 The Jack in the Box quilt block is simple to make using either the Connector Corners technique or paper piecing for perfect pointy points.

Jack in the Box Quilt Block: Illustrated Step-by-Step Instructins in 3 Sizes

You'll find both techniques available on this page in three different sizes. As always, if you choose to paper piece, the pattern downloads are free and located on this page, too! This block is also called Wheel of Fortune and Whirligig. Let's get started! Construction Instructions. House on hill road: Traincar Quilt Top. One of the quilt kits that I have been working on is Traincar by Alexia Abegg.

house on hill road: Traincar Quilt Top

I was immediately drawn to the graphic nature of this design. The block is unique - simple and complicated at the same time - and definitely not something I have seen before. Also, who's kidding? I am a little bit in love with Alexia's Hatbox fabric that the quilt is made from. I love these Cotton and Steel prints in navy, coral, aqua and green - my kind of colors! It's a very straightforward pattern starting with some easy strip piecing that is cut apart and sewn back together to make each individual block. The kit instructions say that it will yield a 60" x 76" quilt and that math is off.


HEXIES & La Pas. HST. Kantha & Ralli. Molas & Tifaifai. Trees. Free Antique Geometric Quilt Designs, Patchwork Blocks, Background Tiles. Quilt Blocks Galore! The Online Quilt Block Pattern Library. Generations Quilt Block Patterns. Why you find so much free stuff on this site...Some of the links on this page are affiliate links.

Generations Quilt Block Patterns

If you buy something thru them, I receive a small commission—at no extra cost to you. This helps me provide all the free information found on this site. To learn more, read my full Disclosure Policy. * * * New pattern added January 17, 2016 * * * In our free Quilt Block Patterns library (click to skip straight to the blocks) you'll find illustrated directions for cutting and piecing your favorite patchwork block...and not just images, but pictures of the actual block during construction! For the beginning quilter, there are loads of pictures each step of the way and helpful tips for making more accurate blocks.

If you've been quilting awhile, the cutting instructions, technique advice and any downloads may be all you need. These patterns are for your personal use only. Keep it Simple You SHOULDN'T HAVE TO buy a specialty ruler or tool to make a single block. That said... Tips and techniques... The Quilt Index. Free Quilt Block Links starting with the letter C. Tribal Block Club - 13 Spools. In an exciting extension of my tribal collection of quilts, I have compiled a number of the patterns into a block club.

Tribal Block Club - 13 Spools

You guys. I. am. PUMPED. (Even if you aren’t, I am. Ha!) Here’s the deal. Free Quilting Patterns. Ozark Stained Glass: Free Quilt Patterns. Quilt Blocks of the States - Arkansas Crossroads - Quilting. Guest Author - Kim Noblin 12:00AM Arkansas Crossroads - 12" Quilt Block The next block in our Quilt Blocks of the States series is a simple four-patch pattern.

Quilt Blocks of the States - Arkansas Crossroads - Quilting

Sewing Instructions: Step 1: With a pencil (or your favorite marking method), draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of each green 3-1/2" square. Step 2: With right sides together, layer a green 3-1/2" square on a cream 6-1/2" square at the upper left corner. Step 3: With right sides together, layer a green 3-1/2" square on the lower right corner. Step 4: Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 for a total of two cream/green diagonal stripe units. Connect: GXQ's Quilt Block Library: 120+ Links to Free Tutorials. Quilt Patterns. FREE Library of Quilt Block Patterns from McCall's Quilting.