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Butterfly type patterns

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Papillon. Crochet Pin Free Pattern for Kids & Women. Home » Patterns » 2010, Creations, Free patterns, Patterns » Papillon.

Papillon. Crochet Pin Free Pattern for Kids & Women

Crochet Pin Free Pattern for Kids & Women This miniature crocheted butterfly not only announce the sunny days ahead, but such wonderful accent for a hat, sweater, halter, bag or scarf… well, you name it! For fun fashion hair accents, attach clips or barrettes to the back instead of pin or brooch back. This beautiful Butterfly pin work up quickly and make great gifts too.

Can be made in any colors combination with any yarn you would decide. This eBook is available for download for FREE. NOTE: to download pattern, click on papillon_pin_v1.pdf (not PDF Adobe Icon) to open a pdf and then save or print the pattern. Skill level: beginner. 70439A. Dragonfly Applique Free Crochet Pattern. Black Butterfly Laces. There is a whole spread of beautiful crochet butterflies in Duplet 127.

Black Butterfly Laces

The idea was to connect small butterfly lace motifs to make a larger butterfly. There are also some examples of using the motifs to make a doily. I tried making one of the smaller butterfly laces and here is what I came up with – three butterfly motifs joined together to make a simple choker. Seaside Butterfly. Seaside Butterfly by Fatima Lasay Skill Level: Intermediate Finished Measurements: Butterfly motif measures approximately 4” wide x 2” high Yarn: Multi-color crochet cotton thread size 8 Hook: Steel crochet hook size Japan 3 or US 10 Steel (1.3mm) Gauge: Exact gauge is not crucial for this pattern.

Seaside Butterfly

Notions: Needle and matching-color thread Dark purple cotton woven or synthetic leather string Lobster claw clasp set Silver craft wire2 medium size crimpers 4 pearl beads (2.5mm) 5 pearl beads (5mm) Instructions: Special Stitches: 3-Treble Bobble: (3-tr Bobble): In same base st, [yo twice and draw up a loop 3 times, yo and draw through all loops on hook. » Butterfly Shade Pulls Crochet Pattern » Free Crochet Patterns at MATERIALS- J.

» Butterfly Shade Pulls Crochet Pattern » Free Crochet Patterns at

& P. Coats Tatting-Crochet, Size 70, 1 ball each of No. 32 Purple, No. 76 China Blue and No. 4 Pink … Milwards Steel Crochet Hook No. 13 . . . A bone ring, 1/2 inch in diameter. LARGE WING (Make 2) … Starting at center with Purple, ch 24. 1st row: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, half dc in next ch, dc in next ch, tr in next ch, d tr in next 15 ch, tr in next ch, dc in next ch, half dc in next ch, sc in next ch. Rainbow Butterfly Mobile. Crocheted Butterfly Pattern - Crochet a Pretty Butterfly. By Gloria Deeser The scrap crochet pattern for this pretty butterfly is a lovely way to use up scrap yarn - add a magnet to use as a fridgie or a straight stick to use as a butterfly plant poke.

Crocheted Butterfly Pattern - Crochet a Pretty Butterfly

What you will need: Papillon_pin_v1. Free Crochet - Learn How to Do This Free Crochet Craft at! Project excerpted from Super-Super Cute Crochet: Discover 35 Fun and Fluffy Friends to Crochet A lepidopterist is somebody who studies butterflies, and anybody who saw this beautiful example would no doubt have to take some time to admire the wings that are bursting with pretty colors.

Free Crochet - Learn How to Do This Free Crochet Craft at!

You don’t have to use the yarns we’ve suggested; choose your own color schemes to give your butterfly a unique appearance. View Single Post - Another Butterfly Bookmark. Please send me a pm if you find any errors.

View Single Post - Another Butterfly Bookmark

. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Quick and Easy Butterfly Pattern... This is the first original pattern that I've written up.

Quick and Easy Butterfly Pattern...

It's really quick and easy and I intend to use some of these butterflies on a scrapbook layout and on the front of some cards as they are only 4 inches wide using mercerised cotton thread (5 count) and a 2mm hook. Hopefully you folks will like it There are detailed close-up photos posted on my blog (click the links).I have used US stitch names. Fancy Crocheted Thread Butterfly - Cheri's Crochet.

Butterfly on left is made out of size 80 thread using size 12 or 13 hook.

Fancy Crocheted Thread Butterfly - Cheri's Crochet

Butterfly on right is made out of size 10 thread using size 7 or 8 hook. Please do not post my patterns or my photos anywhere on the web. These free patterns were shared with you so you could make items for yourself, or to give as gifts. Butterfly Pattern. Crochet Butterfly. I use these crochet butterflies on many different items in my shop, and are my favorite little applique to add some whimsy and fun to just about anything.

Crochet Butterfly

Whether a nursery crochet rug, baby blanket, winter hat, or wall art, you can alter the size and texture with various yarns and colors to match your decor. I wanted to share how i make them, so we can all decorate and make our lives just a little bit prettier. For this tutorial, I use Stitch Nation Peruvian Wool in the Ivory Color and a size J crochet hook. The only other tools you will need are a tapestry needle and scissors. Flutterby. Flutterby Sarah Cooper 2009Materials ~ Any of the Following #10 thread & #7 hook#3 thread & E hookSport weight yarn & F hookWW yarn & G hook*Pattern worked in #3 thread and size E hook Begin ~ Ch4, tr in 4th ch from hook, ch4, slst into the 1st ch, where the tr was made. Butterfly. Beginner’s Butterfly. By Erin Burger – 19 Comments These beginner’s butterflies would be great used as an applique on pretty much anything! Blankets, scarfs, beanies, you name it and you could stick one of these simple butterflies on it.

Butterfly of Yarn Bookmark. Hi. I figure I would try to come up with another bookmark pattern for those who either cant work with thread or don't like to. This is what a came up with. Butterfly Friends Bookmark and Roaming Butterfly Bookmark. Butterfly bookmarks. Once upon a time... I found a pattern for a 3D butterfly in a Polish magazine "Diana Robótki Extra" 2/2006, BPV Polska Sp. z o.o., After making hundreds of them I started to think how to make the flat one. 3-D Butterfly. Materials: (US) size 7 steel hook, size 10 cotton thread for main color, 6 inch piece of contrasting color size 10 cotton thread for body (or use main color), 2 stitch markers, fabric stiffener (optional) Finished Size: 2.5 inches x 1.5 inches at widest points Special Stitches: Picot: ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook Double Treble (dtr): yo 3 times, insert hook in designated st, yo, draw up loop, (yo, draw through 2 loops on hook) 4 times ch 5, join with sl st in 5th ch from hook to form loop.

Free Spring Butterflies Crochet Pattern. Simple Butterfly Motif. Hello again! So I know I said I'd come up with some earring patterns for you all, but I've been playing around the last few days, and it just wasn't coming. What DID come, however, was this cute little butterfly. ;) I know there's gobs of butterfly applique patterns out there already, but I thought it was pretty cute, and I need practice writing patterns anyway, so I figured why not. This little guy CAN be made into earrings as well, which I plan on doing in the near future. I'm also going to be putting this up as a free PDF download on Ravelry if you want to skip the whole copy/paste nonsense. As always, comments/critiques/questions are appreciated. In other news, another pattern is in the works...and you may recognize it from an earlier post. ;) Simple Butterfly Motif by Kaity Harding This quick three round motif is a great addition to any piece of crochet apparel, such as purses, hats, or scarves.

Crochet Nature Motif: Clouded Yellow Butterfly : Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) about Knitting and Crochet. Click to zoom.