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Mushroom type Patterns

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Flower Fairy & Mushroom Amigurumi (Free) Today is my birthday and as my birthday present to you, here is Flower Fairy.

Flower Fairy & Mushroom Amigurumi (Free)

I made the little basket with Easter in mind. I just love the look of the jelly beans. Yum! Of course, thank you Lotte for the idea! Difficulty: This is an intermediate pattern, but the hair is difficult. Also, like I have said before, if you are unfamiliar with the adjustable loop, it is also known as the Magic Ring. Materials:F hooksmall amounts of Cream, Hot Pink, Hot Blue, Hot Green, Hot Orange, and White worsted weight yarn (I use Sugar'n Cream)Stitch Markerstapestry needle2-6mm black amimal eyes. The Cheerful Mushroom Applique/Fridgie. Happy Little Mushroom Free Crochet Pattern - Inner Child Crochet.

Free Pattern for Lily/Mushroom Trinket Holder. Square BaseWith CA, ch 20Row 1: Beginning in 2nd ch from hook, sc across. (19 sts) Row 2: Ch 1 (counts as first sc), sc across). (19 sts) Row 3-18: Repeat Row 2. (19 sts) do not fasten off Make sides: Rnd 1: with CA still attached, sc in each st around the outside of the entire square, use 3 scs at each corner.

Free Pattern for Lily/Mushroom Trinket Holder

You will not join, the rest of the pattern will be worked in spirals. Rnd 2: Sc in the front loop only of each st around. Mini Mushroom Amigurumi Pattern! I made this little guy as a belated birthday gift for a friend, and I thought I should post the pattern!

Mini Mushroom Amigurumi Pattern!

It's a great beginning amigurumi pattern because if it comes out a little wonky it's fine, because it's a mushroom, and they're all a little wonky in real life, right? I think it would be super cute with white pins in the top too so it can me useful. I was also playing with the idea of doing a "How I Make Amigurumi" photo or video tutorial using this pattern, might be fun... Anywho, if anyone catches any errors in the pattern please let me know! Mushroom Applique. Mushroom Pincushion. Gauge: not needed for this pattern Need help understanding the abbreviations and symbols?

Mushroom Pincushion

80203AD. Shroom. Author by Rebecca Velasquez Introduction What is it that makes fungus so compelling?


Mushrooms. They're yummy, they're deadly, they're an adventure at every step on the wet ground. BROOM HANDLE DUSTER PATTERN. I don't know about your house but here, it is spider season.


The little devils are leaving their cobwebs around all over the place. I have an adversion to step stools, okay just call me Grace, so I whipped up this little goodie to reach all those pesky webs without my tooties ever leaving the security of the floor. Hugg'ems collectables- crochet designs - Crocheted Cactus, Cactus Doorstop, Cactus paperweight. Crocheted Lipstick Pattern (3 images) I posted a pic of this a long time ago, so I got my crochet lipstick down and decided to make another one and write down the pattern.

Crocheted Lipstick Pattern (3 images)

I just got done with it. Here it is: Crocheted Lipstick By champygirl April 27, 2008. Miniaturehatandmittens. Mushroom pattern. HomemadeZen: Little Santa Hats - Free Pattern. Christmas bell. Candy-cane-wreath-free-crochet-pattern. Free-crochet-pattern-fall-turkey-wreath. MATERIALS: 1 skein Homespun Yarn in Sunshine State (373) and Ranch (326), 2-3 oz of Covered Bridge Red (367), 3-4 oz Red Heart Super Saver Yarns in White (0311), Cornmeal (320) and Pumpkin (254), H crochet hook or hook needed to obtain gauge, needle to take yarn, small amounts of craft Fiberfil (stuffing), Florist U pins, Craft Glue, 12” Styrofoam wreath for ea wreath made, Fabric paint in the following colors: White, Red, Yellow and Black.


90435AD. L0259AD. 80769AD. Lariat. Download Free Pattern Details - Sugar'n Cream - Seasons Greetings Wreath (crochet) Christmascandle. Santa Hat Christmas Ornament Crochet Pattern. Crochet Christmas bells. International Yarns. Newsletter May 2011 - Bell necklace. Newsletter May 2011: Bell necklace News: First of all, a new and unique yarn in the shop: my bamboo laceweight.

Newsletter May 2011 - Bell necklace

This superb bamboo viscose is currently available in nine colours (a couple more are on their way). At 4.50€ for a 50 g ball, containing 300 m (330 yds) of yarn, it is very reasonably priced. The yarn is spun in France, and sold online only by me. Now is the time to try it out - I will be offering free shipping on all yarns during the entire month of June. On the pattern front, I'm happy to present my own new shawl design, Ecume. Evil Minions « gnat on the windshield. Hostile Bunni has been pretty quiet lately, so i decided to see what he’s been up to.

Evil Minions « gnat on the windshield

Remember that ‘duplicating’ machine in the movie Santa Clause 2? Well, looks like bunni had the same idea. Not only did he make larger, more ‘evil’ copies of himself, but i caught them in a top secret ‘evil’ meeting: It’s red cause it’s evil. The arrival of the new kitties fueled his desire for a hostile takeover~ bunni style. Coral Reef. Last time I was writing about my new project – the series of patterns under the name ‘Coral Reef’. Today is the official commencment! Click here to see polish version One of the things I love most in making coral reef is that you can do whatever you like. The pattern’ll be more like general guidelines, not a must-do. You can do bigger or smaller corals, with different colours and shapes, and – of course – you can put it all together in your unique way!

Okay. The rock is your base – you’ll ‘plant’ anything you’ll crochet on it. I decided to have small and flat rock. Whole rock will be covered with corals and stuff, so it don’t have to be perfect. Reindeer Ornament Crochet Pattern. REINDEER ORNAMENT (Cone shape holds Candy) This pattern courtesy of Crochet 'N' More Click below to learn more about CNM: Copyright, September 29, 2006 Tisa Enterprises, All Rights Reserved. Polka Dot Mushrooms Crochet Pattern. Sheep Dog's Fleece. Quick and Easy Xmas Tree Decoration Tutorial. This assortment is just to give you an idea of the different looks you can come up with. A closer view, silver pipe sticks and some glitter pom poms, were added for the finer touches. Gold bells were a nice addition here.

This is where you may find the plastic ring To begin, gather yarn in xmas colours and those handy little plastic rings from the tops of your juice or milk containers. Yarn thickness and hook size is up to you. Join yarn to ring, any way you like. Hdc around ring until it is covered, I completed about 30 or so. Hdc= yo hook, insert hook into ring, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), yo over hook and pull through all 3 loops. Once completly covered you will need to chain a little hanger. I chained 10 here. Slip stitch to join, fasten off leaving a tail to sew join together.

We are also hiding the the little tail here by sewing it in. New Pattern: Octopus Finger Puppet. MaterialsF hookworsted weight yarn (I used cotton)tapestry needle Stitches:Ch - ChainSl st - slip stitchSC - Single CrochetInc - Single crochet 2 stitches into oneSC 2tog - Single crochet two stitches together Round 1: SC 6 stitches into a magic ring. Pull tight (6)Round 2: *SC, Inc* repeat 3 times to complete round (9)Round 3: *SC, SC, Inc* repeat 3 times to complete round (12)Round 4 and 5: SC in each stitch around (12)Round 6: *SC, SC 2 tog* repeat 4 times to complete round (8)Round 7: *SC into next stitch, ch 8, SC into second stitch from the hook and the remaining 6 stitches* repeat this 8 times to make the legs.

Sl st into the first stitch of the first leg and fasten off.Weave in ends and sew two eyes. Monday Pattern Day: Christmas Tree Ornament! Easy Halloween Crochet Trio. There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service"). As used in this Agreement, "we" or "Prime Publishing" means Prime Publishing, LLC. and "you" means the individual or entity submitting materials to Prime Publishing. Any individual or entity that wants to use the Service must accept the terms of this Agreement without change.

Talking Crochet ...Boo Ghosts. Pot of Gold Purse Necklace. Mini Cupcake Necklace Pattern (3 images) Eek Free Pattern. Free Crochet Friendly Ghost Pattern. October 8th, 2008 · 7 Comments What would Halloween be without a little friendly ghost? Free Crochet Wreath Pattern. One Christmas when I was a kid my mom made a bunch of small fabric wreaths to hang in all of our windows. They looked so beautiful! Halloween RIP & Fence Free Pattern [FP308] - $0.00 : Maggie Weldon, Free Crochet Patterns. Easy Skill Size:Tombstone - About 1½" high, 3¾" wide. Picket Fence - About 5¼" wide, 3" high.