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Recette Cocktail Mojito Chaï. Chai Tea Alcohol Recipes. Spices, rum, vanilla soymilk and cold water B 4 ingredients eggnog, brown sugar, brandy, gingersnap, vanilla extract and chai tea B 20 mins, 6 ingredients vodka and chai tea B 5 mins, 2 ingredients vodka, caramels and chai tea B 25 mins, 3 ingredients butter, boiling water, brown sugar, brandy, fresh ginger and tea bags B 35 mins, 6 ingredients hot water, amaretto, lemon wedges, grand marnier, clove, bourbon, milk and chai tea.

Chai Tea Alcohol Recipes

Absinthe Frappé - Drink Recipe – How to Make the Perfect Absinthe Frappé. My Team Cocktail and Pineapple Mojito Addiction. This is a syndication of a guest blog I wrote for Team Cocktail.

My Team Cocktail and Pineapple Mojito Addiction

Original article can be found here. Lets get these 2 simple facts out of the way right up front. Fact 1: Team Cocktail is a bad influence and will drain your bank account. Fact 2: You will have no money in your bank account, but you will be rocking the most stylish fashion around, be surrounded by hoards of gorgeous supermodels as you wow them with your exotic drink recipes while relaxing on a white sand Caribbean beach. Or, at least that is how I envision it. But I am not here to talk about the white sand beaches, the gorgeous women or even the awesome Team Cocktail clothes and accessories.

It was not too long ago that I came to know Team Cocktail in all of their online awesomeness. Soon after came my demise. And then came the drinks. My absolute favorite so far (and my wife’s too) has got to be the Pineapple Mojito. Here is our journey, in photos, to the best cocktail we have had in quite some time: Store #1: RUM Into this: The 8 Best Hangover Cures Ever  Hangovers are proof that God has a sense of humor.

The 8 Best Hangover Cures Ever 

A very sick and twisted sense of humor. Hopefully on my judgment day when St. 10 drink recipes you can light on fire. Learn How to Make the ‘Russian Quaalude’ and 29 Other. Sweet (Literally) Party Watermelon Shooter Trick! - The Wall of Champions. A nice twist from the normal jello shooters.

Sweet (Literally) Party Watermelon Shooter Trick! - The Wall of Champions

The Right Way To Eat Sushi. Put the California roll you just ordered for lunch down immediately.

The Right Way To Eat Sushi

Your entire relationship with sushi has been a lie. Chances are you've been casually dousing your rolls in soy sauce and drinking cold water to stop the wasabi burn since you first started curbing your appetite with those preciously rolled fish and rice combos. It's okay, though. We're all guilty of it, and the folks over at I Love Coffee are here to help. They want you to be so informed that they've drafted up a clever infographic to enjoy as you grapple with your chopsticks. Photo: Courtesy of I Love Coffee. How to Make a Quick Cinnamon Ice Coffee. How to Make Cold Brewed Coffee. Shockingly Simple! A Delicious Limoncello Recipe. Are you a fan of limoncello?

Shockingly Simple! A Delicious Limoncello Recipe

The tart, sweet liqueur made from steeping lemon peels in a base spirit, like vodka or Everclear, is a staple in Italy and is becoming more and more popular here in the U.S. So of course, we decided it was time to learn how to make it ourselves! The dirty little secret about limoncello? It’s so easy to make. Yes, there’s a bit of waiting time—approximately a week, but in this case it really is true that good things come to those who wait. Limoncello Makes approximately 1 1/2 quarts.

Les « Jelly cocktails » - publié sur Curry de légumes au lait de coco - Recettes de cuisine Thaïlandaise. My Wok Life: Hokkien Mee (Singapore-style) Recipe. “Express meal with my homecooked Hokkien Mee!” Stir-fried Hokkien noodles dish is cooked and presented differently in Singapore and Malaysia. Even choice of noodle used in the dish is different. For instances, Singapore uses flat strands and cooked with more watery and the gravy is less dark in colour, while Malaysia uses thick round strand resembling udon and usually cooked with loads of super dark colour thick soy sauce.

I loved both styles, and am going to share the Singapore-style Hokkien Mee where you may easily have it in many “Zhi-Char store 煮炒摊” (food store selling Chinese cuisine in coffee shop/ hawker centre). I cooked this as my express dinner during weekday which took me less than 30 minute to serve. Noodle used in this Hokkien Mee is not the same as the strands used in cooking Stir-Fried Ee Fu Noodle dish as Hokkien noodle is slightly wider and lighter in colour. 1 clove of garlic, minced 1 tablespoon of cooking oil Optional:1 leaf of lettuce as base, for decoration purpose.

Prawn Noodles Recipe - - 368001. Lava Lamps Recipe. Delicious Tasty Singapore Foods. Cocktails - Drink Recipes, Vodka, and Cocktail Recipes. Bailey's Maison : Recette de Bailey's Maison. Cocktail - Blue Hawaiian. Citron kaffir : Tous les messages sur citron kaffir - Riri cuisine.