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KOOWALL. Generador de actividades online. Operaciones Matemáticas. Herramientas 2.0. Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014. Completely revised and updated, the 2015 GUIDEBOOK will provide you with even more information about each of the tools on the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015 list – to help you make use of them for personal learning as well as for your professional practice.

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014

Each tool page includes basic information (website, cost, availability as well as their rankings on the list 2007-2015) – as displayed on the web pageskey features together with screenshot(s)links to useful free guides and resources Note, each tool could be a book in itself, but to ensure this is a manageable resource, it’s been kept as succinct as possible. Some tools are discussed on just on one page, whilst others take 3 or 4 pages. [Preview a couple of pages and tools in the Guidebook, by selecting preview underneath the book image.]

The Guidebook has been produced in US Letter format, but if you do want to print it out, it can also be printed on other paper sizes, e.g. To purchase a copy of the 2015 Guidebook Feedback. How Do Digital Portfolios Help Students Learn? Post adapted from Digital Student Portfolios: A Whole School Approach to Connected Learning and Continuous Assessment by Matt Renwick (Powerful Learning Press, 2014) How do digital portfolios help students learn?

How Do Digital Portfolios Help Students Learn?

Where is the evidence that this assessment strategy actually supports improved teacher practice and increased student achievement? Why should teachers “do” digital student portfolios in the first place, since they are not required? How do performance and progress portfolios “mesh”? I have been asked these questions multiple times in the past, and I am sure I will be asked again in the future. Digital portfolios for learners is a relatively new concept. What I have learned is that it is okay to admit not having all the answers. What I Know Right Now While I don’t want to pretend that I have all the answers, as the school leader I should be able to clearly describe the direction we are heading. The same concept can be applied to digital student portfolios. Herramientas básicas para la escuela 2.0.

Great Game-based Learning Tools and Apps for Teachers. May 9, 2014 Immersive environments can be good learning vehicles if constructed and used correctly.

Great Game-based Learning Tools and Apps for Teachers

Here are a set of virtual worlds that use the latest in game mechanics to deliver instruction in fun and interactive ways. Consider them as a supplement to a classroom or for use with students that respond well to such immersion. Dora's Great Big World This iOS app immerses preschoolers in learning games on topics like letter recognition, early reading, and early counting.

Create , play, and share games to support teaching and learning any subject, any level, any language, anywhere. Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. Game Maker. Htas para el profesor. Great Educational Web Tools for Paperless Classrooms. December 20, 2014 Few classrooms are entirely digital or paperless, though more and more are striving towards a middle-ground that can replace some of the workflow tedium with technology while remaining focused on their students.

Great Educational Web Tools for Paperless Classrooms

If that sounds like you, here are some digital classroom resources to consider. Engage your class using your tablet. Whiteboard, assessments, screen mirroring, collaboration, flipped classroom. Assign, collect, review, and annotate of all your students' iPad-based work with this app. Create and explore interactive web-based timelines that include text, images, video, audio, and quiz questions. Find CCSS-aligned research-based units, lessons, and leveled non-fiction & literary passages with this web tool.

Engage your students with this web-based series of short, problem-solving, animated science mysteries. Herramientas para realizar Stop Motion - Biblioteca Escolar Digital. Herramientas web 2.0. Herramientas 2015. Herramientas web 2.0 aplicadas a educación. Herramientas TIC. Herramientas. Herramientas y materiales. Existen herramientas y plataformas que permiten enseñar muchos de los contenidos propuestos.

Herramientas y materiales

Día a día se crean distintas plataformas que cumplen con estas características. En esta sección presentamos una selección de las mismas. Es importante no utilizar sólo una herramienta, sino muchas, para maximizar la compresión de los conceptos que se presenten en clase desde múltiples enfoques distintos. Edmodo. Herramientas. FORMACIÓN (TICs) Google. Fun websites to use with your class. Free Online Lesson Planbook Software for Teachers.

Guía práctica para introducir dispositivos móviles en el aula: la experiencia del Colexio Juventud. Con el objetivo de diseñar una nueva experiencia de aprendizaje gracias al Mobile Learning, el Colexio Juventud de Santiago de Compostela ha diseñado su propia guía y su propia mochila digital para introducir los dispositivos móviles en las aulas de todos sus alumnos de Educación Primaria, ¿te unes al reto?

Guía práctica para introducir dispositivos móviles en el aula: la experiencia del Colexio Juventud

Los dispositivos móviles forman parte de nuestra realidad actual y de la de nuestros alumnos. Cada vez son más los profesionales que están de acuerdo en introducirlos como herramienta escolar y son incuestionables las posibilidades educativas que nos ofrecen. En el Colexio Juventud ha diseñado una guía que tiene como principal objetivo introducir los dispositivos móviles en el día a día de sus aulas y dar respuesta a una necesidad generada de transformación y mejora en el centro. Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014. GeoGebra.