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Zuo Dun Dao tea restaurant by C/AA, Yunnan – China. Starbucks Coffee, Portland. A.R.E.

Starbucks Coffee, Portland

Awards – Specialty Food Retailer – Outstanding Merit This is the first company-branded store in Oregon to serve beer and wine alongside Starbucks’ coffee and tea beverages and to offer customers an elevated evening food program. For a new, unique look while maintaining the iconic Starbucks brand, designers developed an Artisan Concept echoing the industrial past of urban markets. Bebek Tepi Sawah restaurant by AINT Studio, Jakarta – Indonesia.

Bebek Tepi Sawah restaurant is originated from Ubud, Bali.

Bebek Tepi Sawah restaurant by AINT Studio, Jakarta – Indonesia

There is no other place like Bali. The Island of the Gods offers great beaches, countless waves for surfing and wonderful natural sites to visit and explore, colorful ceremonies, and gifted artists. Ubud is a town on the island of Bali in Ubud District, located amongst rice paddies and steep ravines in the central foothills of the Gianyar regency. The concept of the design at Bebek Tepi Sawah in Pondok Indah is inspired by the Ubud forest, where customers can dine in the enchanted nature of forest atmosphere. Customers are welcomed with traditional Balinese decorations unlike anywhere else. Concrete bar & restaurant by Yunakov Studio, Kiev – Ukraine. Interesting design, original lighting solutions, fashionable music, delicious cuisine and excellent service make the restaurant “CONCRETE” one of the most trendy places of Kiev.

Concrete bar & restaurant by Yunakov Studio, Kiev – Ukraine

Designed by Yunakov, the bar represents a mix of different textures, shapes and materials that were used to highlight the delimitation of the interior spaces. When I first saw the pictures, I thought the designer used ‘concrete’ as a general theme, as a background that has to support all the elements added later.

Its grey neutral color make it easier to change the pieces of furniture, to eliminate what feels unnecessary and to provoke the space with new interpretations when the public gets bored. If you are a fan of the industrial style, keep in mind: it can be a mixture of factory pieces, farm pieces, even school-style pieces. Gaga restaurant by COORDINATON ASIA, Shanghai. With a growing number of young socialites and creative professionals in China, coffee culture is growing in popularity and café chains are popping up on every corner.

Gaga restaurant by COORDINATON ASIA, Shanghai

Within this highly competitive industry, Gaga is a young, fresh, modern and fashion forward brand that distinguishes itself with a great eye for detail. In creating a new design for the deli and eatery in Shenzhen, COORDINATION ASIA took the essence of what has made Gaga a success, and created a one-of-a-kind space that blurs the boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor. Doutor Coffee Shop by Ichiro Nishiwaki Design Office, Tokyo – Japan. In Akasaka area, Tokyo, this DOUTOR COFFEE SHOP is located next to well known global hotel, ANA Inter Continental Hotel Tokyo.

Doutor Coffee Shop by Ichiro Nishiwaki Design Office, Tokyo – Japan

Owing to that specific location, a lot of foreign customers and business people visit the coffee shop everyday. As this is located just in front of the doorway to subway station, and there are many event facilities, the shop needs to stand out from distance. The facade was all white and the large sign of “DOUTOR” came to the most conspicuous place regarding the stream of people around it. The gate for entrance, consisted of black, one of the CI color of Doutor Coffee shop, enhanced dignity and symbolism. Inside of the cafe, along with its high ceiling, the effect of light was one of the important factor for design.

Sony Music Offices by AECOM, Madrid – Spain. AECOM has designed Sony Music’s new offices in Madrid, Spain.

Sony Music Offices by AECOM, Madrid – Spain

When Sony Music was looking to fit out its new offices in Madrid it called on AECOM’s Strategy Plus team. Our design approach won out for two clear reasons: 1. The methodology we proposed in the initial stages of the project to understand Sony’s real needs and how to use their new space to suit those needs. 2. Our previous experience in creating innovative spaces that increase productivity and foster collaboration. Sony Music’s previous Madrid head office was located in a dated 1980s building in a residential neighborhood on the outskirts of the city.

Kinoya japanese bistro by Jean de Lessard, Montreal. Apple store by Foster + Partners, Istanbul – Turkey. Foster + Partners has completed Apple‘s first store in Istanbul, a compact two-level outlet located within the main plaza at the city’s Zorlu Center.

Apple store by Foster + Partners, Istanbul – Turkey

The design appears as a rectangular lantern that glows above ground, while the store itself is located at the subterranean level, sharing a direct connection with the shopping mall. Photography by Gary Allen & Robert S. Donovan. Breadlicious Bakery & Café by Rptecture Architects, Melbourne, Australia. ‘Breadlicious‘ has embodied the co-existence between two dissimilar concepts.

Breadlicious Bakery & Café by Rptecture Architects, Melbourne, Australia

Industrialism has been altered with the pairing of European undertones to create a visually diverse and intriguing space. The atmosphere was to exude an inviting bakery with a warehouse impression. The majority of materials used are commonly seen throughout construction sites and are associated with rustic and rural concepts. Timber, glass, aluminium, tiles and corrugated panels are heavily employed as the basis to satisfy the brief. Traditional methods of treating materials have been forgone, and innovative ways have been explored to elicit the charm that is synonymous with European bake houses. Monokrom Café & Bar by VIBE Design Studio, Bali – Indonesia. You will find Monokrom in the heart of Legian – Kuta,Bali.

Monokrom Café & Bar by VIBE Design Studio, Bali – Indonesia

Complete with a hostel on the second floor called Monostel. This Spacious semi al fresco food joint was design by Singapore based Indonesian architect, Benny Hasyim. It has a vintage industrial yet tropical atmosphere, in sync with the island’s ambience and more commonly found in the Seminyak or Petitenget Areas and you will see a lot of recycled materials. Mr.Lee Noodle house by Golucci International Design, Beijing – China. Mr.

Mr.Lee Noodle house by Golucci International Design, Beijing – China

Lee Noodle House has 500 restaurants almost largest noodle house brand in China. This is a new concept style of the old brand. The project is located in Beijing Chongwenmen, designer try to through this new store to tell a story of Mr Lee Noodle House 60 year ago from China to Taiwan, and go the United States, the world goes around and finally back to China. FRANKY WOO bar & restaurant by LEFT, Krasnoyarsk – Russia. Our project is: bar-restaurant of chineese and american cuisine FRANKY WOO. The restaurant is situated on the upper (15th) floor of the office building in the Krasnoyarsk RUSSIA. It offers it’s guests spectacular views of the city equally good for business lunch or romantic date.

The idea of the restaurant is based on legend – romantic meeting and reunion of two cultures, Asian and American. Play Scape café by maum studio, Seoul – South Korea. Maum studio designed a new kids cafe which is located in a shopping mall in Seoul. The designer took ‘sports day’ as a design concept to promote space where kids can play free wit vivid energy. To overcome the environmental limit of the site caused by diagonal cut plane, large column in the middle of the space and small space area, the hall in the center is designed to occupy a large portion of the area. Sweetgreen eco-eateriy by Core Architecture, Bethesda – Maryland. Always committed to the environment, both CORE and Greens Restaurant Group, looked for ways to reuse materials, reduce chemicals, and reduce electricity use.

Maintaining the same clean palette and simple lines of the original location, the new locations use salvaged hickory for the walls and millwork reclaimed from local barns. Wood recycled from old bowling alleys is used for the tables and chairs. The new eco-eateries are substantially larger than the original Georgetown store, known for its 500 sf footprint. Cheering Restaurant by H&P Architects, Hanoi – Vietnam. Located at the center of Hanoi, Cheering Restaurant is renovated from a long-closed project which still remains steel frame structure and reusable covering materials such as: glass, steel, bar steel, sheet-metal roof. The life on sidewalk, where many daily activities of Hanoi people, especially cuisine happen from daytime to nighttime, inspired the designers to create a space that recalls ancient trees – a familiar image in streets of this thousand-year-old city.

The solution proposed welding the entire existing steels to create a new system that can bring technical pipes inside and be covered by low quality wood bars (9,2 cm x 120 cm x 1,5 cm) forming timbers of 40cm x 40cm section. Covering wood is selected to resist the tropical climate. On the three-dimensional network divided by 4, the “timbers” stacked perpendicularly to each other and gradually spreading upwards in order to create “tree roots” for separating spaces and make children playground. Hot & Shape CALDO Mizonokuchi by DOYLE COLLECTION, Kawasaki – Japan. CALDO is a national chain fitness facility where customers casually enjoy Hot Yoga, Fitness, Pilates and Pressurizing Training. There are mixtures of “stillness” and “motion” in the programs.

One of our challenges was how to design the individual space with the surrounding relations. Macaroni bar by Atelier Moderno, Montreal – Canada. Richmond Centre Dining Terrace by GH+A, Richmond, Canada. Tokyo curry Japanese restaurant by Friend’s Design, Seoul – South Korea. Sweetgreen eco-eateriy by Core Architecture, Bethesda – Maryland. Sansibar by Breuninger restaurant by DITTEL. MAISQUEPAN bakery by NAN Architects, Carballiño – Spain. Bartkowscy bakery by mode:lina, Toruń – Poland. The Room Sofiensäle by Söhne & Partner Architekten, Vienna – Austria.

Kukumuku restaurant–theatre by Plazma Architecture Studio, Vilnius – Lithuania. Burger King Garden Grill by Out of Stock, Singapore. Jessica House restaurant by designground55, Osaka – Japan. Jones the Grocer flagship store, restaurant by Landini Associates, Sydney. FerahFeza restaurant & bar by ‘i-am’ associates, Istanbul – Turkey. Kukumuku restaurant–theatre by Plazma Architecture Studio, Vilnius – Lithuania.

One sushi bar by Dana Shaked, Ashdod – Israel. Gyu Kaku Japanese Yakinku Restaurant by MAS STUDIO, Hong Kong. MY STOP motorway restaurant by Barmade Interior Design, Switzerland. Gamma Hotel by Studio Idascco Brioschi, Milan – Italy. Wagaya Japanese Restaurant by Vie Studio, Melbourne – Australia. Umo Japanese restaurant at Hotel Catalonia by Estudi Josep Cortina, Barcelona – Spain. Doutor Coffee Shop by Ichiro Nishiwaki Design Office, Tokyo – Japan. Dolceamore Ice cream shop by Polipodesign, Ascoli Piceno – Italy. Umo Japanese restaurant at Hotel Catalonia by Estudi Josep Cortina, Barcelona – Spain.

Commune Bistro by Pencil Office, Singapore. Yoshinoya Japanese fast food restaurant by AS Design, Hong Kong. KFC restaurant by CBTE MIMARLIK, Turkey. Cafe Verve by Pooja Soparkar, Mumbai – India. Obed Bufet fast-food restaurant by G-Sign, St. Petersburg – Russia. Smart Pub by Yellow Office architecture, Craiova – Romania. Turkcell Maltepe Plaza by mimaristudio, Istanbul. Sushi Azuma restaurant by Stile, Osaka – Japan. Nick’s Pizza by Loko Design, Rio Claro – Brazil. FOOD COURTS! Galleria Burgas shopping centre by Lighting Design, Bulgaria. Vivace bar and restaurant by BCPT, Perugia – Italy. BOB & MARY – Burger & Salad restaurant by MEA Studio, Düsseldorf – Germany.

Motel One Dresden am Zwinger, Dresden – Germany. IZB Residence Campus at Home hotel by Stark Architekten, Munich – Germany. Giovane Café + Bakery + Deli by office of mcfarlane biggar, Vancouver – Canada. The Room Sofiensäle by Söhne & Partner Architekten, Vienna – Austria. Pollos Planes store by BAREA + PARTNERS, Badalona – Spain. À la folie patisserie by Atelier Moderno, Montreal – Canada. Divan Turkish restaurant by Corvin Cristian & Matei Niculescu, Bucharest – Romania. La Brochetería tapas bar by c2interioristas, Malaga – Spain. Carton rouge restaurant by Studio JANREJI, Paris – France.

LAVAROCK Grill and bar restaurant by HaKo Design, Tokyo – Japan. DOB3 Beer and whisky bar by Miklós Kiss & 81Font, Budapest – Hungary.