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Free energy, clean water, and safe food are the tri-fecta of the future that most are ignoring. Solutions are available but errant governments continue to subsidize corrupt legacy systems in these fields. ~ Phi Beta Iota Meanwhile, All races us to the future.

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World News Aggregates. Polymath Renaissance. Populating Reality. 40 maps that explain the world. By Max Fisher By Max Fisher August 12, 2013 Maps can be a remarkably powerful tool for understanding the world and how it works, but they show only what you ask them to.

So when we saw a post sweeping the Web titled "40 maps they didn't teach you in school," one of which happens to be a WorldViews original, I thought we might be able to contribute our own collection. Some of these are pretty nerdy, but I think they're no less fascinating and easily understandable. A majority are original to this blog, with others from a variety of sources. [Additional read: How Ukraine became Ukraine and 40 more maps that explain the world] Click to enlarge. Mapping Global Human Activity. Air traffic routes between North America and Europe It is absolutely astonishing that our world has reached a population exceeding 7 billion, as of this past Sunday. With so many people occupying our world over many centuries, and with the number steadily growing, we're all bound to have had a significant impact on the planet.

Luckily, Canadian scientist Felix Pharand-Deschenes has created visuals of our planet equipped with statistical graphics to represent various human influences on this home we call Earth. Pharand-Deschenes' Anthropocene Mapping project marks the paths of human activity including roadways, railways, airway traffic, internet cables, electricity transmission lines, and underwater data cables. He acquired all his factual information from various US government agencies. The visually stunning maps are now a piece of history. Air traffic routes over Eurasia Air traffic routes around North and South America Human technology presence over North America.

World Map - StumbleUpon. World Map - Political - Physical. Global Lightning Strike Frequency. USA Map and United States Satellite Image. Weather patterns over Southern Hemisphere have a regular pulse. Variations in rainfall and storm intensity over a broad swath of the Southern Hemisphere follow a pattern that repeats every 20 to 30 days. The pattern is the first regular atmospheric oscillation found outside the tropics and could help scientists forecast weather and climate changes in the region.

Weather is notoriously chaotic; even the best forecasts are rarely accurate more than a week or two out. In the last century, however, long-term climate patterns have emerged from seemingly disordered data. Most famously, El Niño is a cycle of atmospheric energy over the tropical Pacific Ocean that repeats every two to seven years; the pattern, known since the early 1900s, can cause floods and droughts around the world. More recently, in 1994, researchers found the Madden-Julian Oscillation, which sends storms churning eastward across the tropics on a 30- to 60-day cycle.

Until now scientists had not found similar atmospheric oscillations in higher latitudes. Earth Observations. Geo Maps & Stats. Photos - Découvrez les superbes vues de la Terre capturées depuis la Station spatiale internationale. Avez-vous déjà partagé cet article? Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Twitter Chris Hadfield, astronaute canadien, et actuel commandant de l’équipage de la Station spatiale internationale (ISS), a récemment partagé sur Twitter de magnifiques clichés de la Terre vue de l’espace.

Depuis quelques jours, des images de la Terre vue de l’espace envahissent Twitter, pour le plus grand plaisir des amateurs d’astronomie. Les clichés en question, ont été réalisés depuis la Station spatiale internationale, à près de 330 kilomètres au-dessus de la surface de la planète. Leur auteur, Chris Hadfield, est un astronaute canadien et l'actuel commandant de l’équipage de l'ISS. Arrivé à bord le 21 décembre, Chris Hadfield, a capturé au cours de la semaine dernière un grand nombre de vues imprenables pour satisfaire la curiosité des quelques 160.000 internautes qui le suivent à travers les réseaux sociaux.

Photos of the World. World Wonders Project. Top 10 World's Strangest Natural Wonders | Travel Review. It’s a far cry from the stereotypical landscapes of clear blue lakes, rolling green hills, and white-sand beaches that inspire most travelers—and that’s part of what makes strange natural wonders like Spotted Lake so thrilling. A recently discovered cave that grows crystals the size of four-story buildings or a lake the color of a strawberry milkshake remind us that there’s plenty of mystery left to explore. These are the top 10 world’s strangest natural wonders. Marble Caves, Chile Lake Retba, Senegal Spotted Lake, British Columbia Travertine Pools at Pamukkale, Turkey Sailing Stones, Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, Calif. White Desert (Sahara el Beyda), Egypt Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand The Eye of the Sahara, Mauritania Caño Cristales River, Colombia Asbyrgi Canyon, Iceland.

BigPictureSmallWorld: Home. Touching Earth. Shambhala's Working Group on the Environment Our mission is that Shambhala become a powerful force for societal transformation in accordance with the principles and practices of both warriorship and sustainability. Contact the Touching the Earth group at Working Group Members: Joel Schecter, Chair Elizabeth Kanard Jessyca Goldstein Marty Janowitz Leila Bruno David Wimberly Herrie Haverkamp Jeff Chamberlain Sherry Ellms In the winter of 2008, Buddhadharma magazine published an appeal for an international Buddhist conference in response to the growing risks of climate change.

Following this appeal, a document was drafted with the input of over 20 Buddhist teachers, culminating in the Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change, whose first signer was His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In July 2009, The Sakyong Miphame Rinpoche encouraged the greater Shambhala sangha to support the declaration with the following statement: Touching the Earth Documents & Reports : Helpful Links. Les lauréats du concours "Sony World Photography Awards" Stellarium. If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel - A tediously accurate map of the solar system. Mercury Venus Earth You Are Here Moon Mars Jupiter Io Europa Ganymede Callisto Saturn Titan Uranus Neptune Pluto(we still love you) That was about 10 million km (6,213,710 mi) just now. Pretty empty out here. Here comes our first planet...

As it turns out, things are pretty far apart. We’ll be coming up on a new planet soon. Most of space is just space. Halfway home. Destination: Mars! It would take about seven months to travel this distance in a spaceship. Sit back and relax. When are we gonna be there? Seriously. This is where we might at least see some asteroids to wake us up. I spy, with my little eye... something black. If you were on a road trip, driving at 75mi/hr, it would have taken you over 500 years to get here from earth. All these distances are just averages, mind you. If you plan it right, you can actually move relatively quickly between planets. Pretty close to Jupiter now. Sorry. Lots of time to think out here... Pop the champagne! We're always trying to come up with metaphors for big numbers. EarthGame 1. PYRAMID GRID. The European Pyramid grid an unsuspected synchronicity Ever since my discovery of the fact that there are indeed ancient pyramids in Europe – long known ones as well as recently discovered ones – I tried to find a pattern or template for their positions within the so-called world energy grids.

Neither one of those energy grids seemed to fit for all of the European pyramids. Some pyramid locations would fit into the Hartmann and Curry grids, others into the Flower of Life template and none of them of course into the so called “pyramid belt" of the 23rd latitude. After I checked all the above mentioned theories, I stumbled over a rather strange map of energy lines: the “Synchronic Lines" discovered by the Damanhur society of Valchiusella in Italy.

This spiritual community claims to have found the “Dragon Lines“ of the Earth, which are invisible energy lines running roughly north/south and east/west, sometimes underground and sometimes in the air. “The Synchronic Lines" Map. Ethnobotany. Biodiversity. Tending Produce. Ushahidi :: Home.

Survival International Tribal Latest news. The Subway in Zion National Park | Explore Dream Vacations. Zion National Park is situated in the South western part of the US in Utah near Springdale. A notable characteristic of the 229 sq. mile park is definitely Zion Canyon that is Fifteen miles in length and up to half a mile in depth, slice from the crimson and brownish Navajo Sandstone from the Northern Fork of the Virgin River. The Subway is next preferred back country hiking place, following the Narrows, for valid reason. In a park of outstanding splendour, The Subway is among the most different and stunning canyons — Never to be skipped.

Several quick rappels plus a few short, obligatory swims add spice to the experience. The slender Subway portion of this hiking causes hikers through the distinctive tunnel shaped by the Left Fork. Eventually, the offer of sunshine cravings an escape towards the heat of the sunlight holding out right out of the Subway. Thunder storms could create waterfalls in addition to flash flooding.. Glowing Cave in New Zealand. Crikey, nature keeps on surprising me lately! How would you fancy a once in a lifetime experience of taking a boat ride down the Waitomo Glowworm Grotto in ? When you arrive to that special part of the famous cave you get totally gobsmacked by the view. According to the article, the closest way to describe it is by imagining that it looks like the sky filled with millions of little tiny stars that feel very close and are very bright, but in essence it's millions of little glow-worms lighting the way. One person said that it was the most romantic place she has ever been to.

P.S. (Photos via Waitomo, Christina Schoon and Pinterest) INCREDIBLE PLACES. Emerging Earth Community. GLOBAL DIALOG. Think Global. The World That Can Be/New Future. Meio Ambiente. Cooperative communities. New Dream Community Action Kit. It's one of the first things we learn as kids: How to share. But this practice usually fades as we become adults.

Our houses become filled with our own “stuff.” Garages, attics, basements, and closets transform into cluttered warehouses. When we need something, whether it’s a chainsaw or a roasting rack, our first thought is to go out and buy it. But why get it new when our neighbor down the street has one we can borrow? The first guide in the New Dream Community Action Kit is all about sharing: everything from starting a tool library to organizing a solar cooperative, from holding a clothing swap to launching a time bank. With how-to tips, fun videos, and useful resources, the Guide to Sharing provides the inspiration and practical tools you need to get started on these projects in your community – right away! The guide is produced in collaboration with Shareable and explores four Action Ideas to help communities share more: Would your friends be interested in the Guide to Sharing?

Learn More. In August 2012 the Center for a New American Dream presented a free webinar about how to start up a new tool library in your community. Topics included obtaining funding, finding a location, tracking tools, navigating through legal issues, and more. The webinar featured speakers from successful tool libraries around the country. Guest speakers: Mike Froehlich - Founder, West Philly Tool Library (Philadelphia, PA)Jason Hatch - Founder, North Portland Tool Library (Portland, OR)Pete McElligott - Founder, Berkeley Tool Lending Library (Berkeley, CA)Ty Yurgelevic - Founder, Temescal Tool Lending Library (Oakland, CA) Click play on the video below to watch a recording of the webinar. Hear Froehlich, Hatch, McElligott, and Yurgelevic share wisdom and stories about how they got their tool libraries off the ground, and answer questions about how you can launch one in your own town!

Additional resources for starting tool libraries: Video length: Approx. 1 hour. Alt.Living. Alternative Societies. Emerging Trends. Climate Change. Energy. Collapsnickity. Life sublime. Discover the Awesomness of Life. REALLY GOOD STUFF. Memento.