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Unity C#

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Защита игр и мобильных приложений от взлома для чайников (Unity, C#, Mono) Всем снова здравствуйте!

Защита игр и мобильных приложений от взлома для чайников (Unity, C#, Mono)

Дошли руки написать крутую статью на весьма важную тему для разработчиков игр. Итак, поговорим о защите ваших драгоценных игр и приложений, которые вы пилите на Unity в надежде заработать на буханку хлеба, от взлома злобными школьниками. Почему школьниками? Потому что надежной на 100% защиты априори быть не может. И кто захочет, все равно взломает. Итак, в статье я постараюсь максимально доступно рассказать о 3 аспектах (и конечно, предложу реализацию): защита данных приложения (сейвов)защита памяти приложениязащита внутриигровых покупок (Google Play) 1. Для начала нужно научиться преобразовывать игровые данные (типы, классы) в строки. Var profile = "name=player;money=999;level=80";

LitJSON. LitJSON is a small and fast library for handling data in the JSON format.


It is written in C# and is compatible with all .Net languages. License This library and its documentation are dedicated to the public domain. It may be used by anyone, for any purpose, without restrictions. LitJSON 0.9.0 2014-09-08 · source changes A number of bugs still have to be squashed, and a few core features still have to be added to the library, but the road to v1.0 is now open. File releases Latest release: v0.9.0 · source code · dllOlder releases available at GitHub.Some releases (v0.5 and older) can still be found at the old SourceForge project page.

Git repository All development of this library occurs now on GitHub. You may download a zip file built from the most recent sources at any given time here: litjson-master. LitJSON Quick Start Guide. Все для Unity3d - Главная страница. What's the best way to reduce draw calls? Draw calls, broadly speaking, are similar to when a painter has to un-load their brush with one colour of paint, and load it up with another, before continuing to draw.

what's the best way to reduce draw calls?

In GPU terms though, the different "paint colours" equates to different materials in your scene, and different models which can move independently. Therefore, you can reduce these number of draw calls by designing the objects in your scene so that as much as possible can be drawn with each single "call". Combining Meshes of the same material & texture.

If you have a number of scattered scenery objects in your scene which all use the same texture and material - for example, many buildings, rocks, fences, etc - which do not need to move independently, you can combine these objects together into a single large mesh which shares one single material even though the parts may be physically separate in space. This way, you incur one draw call for the whole set, rather than one per object. Windows 8 Decompressing Sample in C# for Visual Studio 2013. How to dispatch events in C# Windows Phone 8 - Developer Phone Registration Tool. Кто-нибудь как посчитать интерполяцию???? How to enable System.Windows.Forms for drag and drop functionality with outside applications. Hello, I have a need to extend unity to allow drag and dropping of files from the OS (preferably both OSX and Windows) into my unity application.

how to enable System.Windows.Forms for drag and drop functionality with outside applications

To enable this, I decided to use System.Windows.Forms approach rather than GTK or other interfaces. With this library, My strategy is this: Copy the System.Windows.Forms.dll from C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor\Data\Mono\lib\mono\2.0 into my Plugins folder (Unity Pro) Create code to find the application window that I want to allow drag and drop on (this works) Create an invisible form over the top of the application window (Current error) On drag and drop events on the invisible form, send file information to my application for processing My current struggle with this code is the instantiation of the Form class I created that is a subclass of the System.Windows.Forms.Form.

The error I receive is: NotImplementedException: The requested feature is not implemented.


Serialization. FACBOOK SDK. Dictionaries. Static Maps API V2 Developer Guide - Google Maps Image APIs. The Google Static Maps API lets you embed a Google Maps image on your web page without requiring JavaScript or any dynamic page loading.

Static Maps API V2 Developer Guide - Google Maps Image APIs

The Google Static Map service creates your map based on URL parameters sent through a standard HTTP request and returns the map as an image you can display on your web page. New! The Google Static Maps API Usage Limits have changed. Creating an API key and including it in your request allows you to track usage in the APIs Console, and to purchase additional quota if required. This document details the Static Maps API v2.


Android Debug. Android Publishing Settings. Блог DEVBY.RU. AdMob_Info. Unity Editor. C# Coding. Plugins. UI. 3D Art & Level Design. Asset Server. Прописать системную переменную JAVA_HOME.