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Notch - The Real-time Graphics Workhorse. Go beyond - Green Hippo. VDMX5 · VIDVOX. Open source video mapping. OMNIDOME / FULLDOME MAPPING SOFTWARE. CoGe VJ - Modular VJ software for Mac OSX. CoGe VJ is a semi-modular VJ software, which means you can build the environment that suits you the best, and you won't be stuck with a pre-defined interface.

CoGe VJ - Modular VJ software for Mac OSX

You are only limited by the maximum performance of your computer's graphics card and, of course, your imagination. Mix and composite multiple sources, apply stackable effects, automate with sequencers and control surfaces! Audio Analysis in CoGe VJ allows you to modulate parameters using incoming sound. For example, you could change the amount two videos are mixed by binding the opacity of one source to the overall loudness of the sound or a frequency band in the room with just a few clicks.

CoGe also supports and plays Quicktime compatible movie loops with audio channels and allows the routing of a movie's sounds to different audio outputs. CoGe isn’t a picky VJ software. Legendary support We are always here to help if you need - we aim to get back to all messages within 24 hours but we're usually much faster! Modulo Kinetic. Modulo Kinetic is a complete solution for video with an easy to use workflow.

Modulo Kinetic

Modulo Kinetic Designer allows you to prepare and distribute media from a unique interface to all your Modulo VNode servers connected to the same network. Encode your show on Kinetic Designer: add media contents, 3D scenes, prepare your composition, add interactivity. You need after that to add VNodes in your show and you can control seamlessly all the VNodes connected. Modulo Kinetic Designer allows you to prepare your show offline without any VNode connected. You can easily prepare a 3D simulation to previsualize the result for your customers. We took a particular attention to the design of the graphical user interface. Encode your show smoothly thanks to the quick access of informations and monitor them during playback.

The 2D compositing engine takes the classic behaviour of non linear editing solutions to ensure a fast learning path for creative people. Master / Slave: Auto Backup Switch. The Video Mapping Software: Home. Smode Synth – SMODE. Smode Synth is a real-time 2D/3D generative content and multi-layer compositing application.

Smode Synth – SMODE

It can be thought as a real-time video synthesizer relying on the traditional tools of CG artists: layers, modifiers and masks. Smode Synth can work with audio and video inputs, control inputs (midi keyboards and control surfaces, OSC, audio) and it’s visual output is refreshed in real-time either on an external display or through SPOUT. The essence of Smode Synth is to bring the fluidity and instantaneity of an audio creation software to the generation of animated images.

MooNSTER/MoDEL HomePage. MadMapper ⎜ The video Mapping Software made by Artists for ArtistsMadMapper. Modulo Player. Modulo Player permet de diffuser avec fluidité des vidéos H.264 et MPEG2 jusqu’à 4K.

Modulo Player

Le logiciel de télécommande est facile à installer sur votre ordinateur portable (Mac / PC). L’interface est découpée en onglets listant les fonctionnalités de façon cohérente, vous permettant ainsi de gérer rapidement votre projet même si vous êtes un utilisateur occasionnel. Créez un nombre infini de Playlists. Créez des Cues, paramétrez chaque layer. Vous pouvez lancer vos Cues manuellement ou automatiquement. Simple à utiliser, l’application Modulo Player Remote vous permet de configurer les sorties de votre Serveur en un clic. Dans l’onglet Hardware de l’application de la Remote vous trouvez toutes les informations nécessaires concernant votre serveur, répertoires, vitesse du ventilateur, températures, utilisation des CPU et RAM ainsi que les versions du pilote de la carte graphique et du BIOS.

Vous pouvez directement modifier via la Remote l’adresse IP du Serveur. ArKaos GrandVJ. FLxER - PERFORMING VIDEO NETWORK AND SOFTWARE. Blendy Dome VJ – The Fulldome Mapping Software. HeavyM : Video mapping software. Visution - MAPIO 2. Visution Mapio is a powerful solution for creating projection shows.

Visution - MAPIO 2

Now you can work not only with the standard screen, but also with any inclines, including cylindrical and spherical and various shapes. Unlimited slices will allow you to separate videos to cover any space. You can use multiple projectors to organize panoramic and 3D scenes. Our main product Visution Mapio has already earned recognition from international performers and VJs.

Visution Mapio will help you move one step up in the digital art, mapping scene. Buy Millumin. Créer et jouer des spectacles Audiovisuels et Multimédias.

Buy Millumin

Create and perform audiovisual shows. Buy Modul8. Vvvv - a multipurpose toolkit. Resolume VJ Software & Media Server - Resolume VJ Software. GRoK. GRoK(日本語)...


Instruments for musicians, painting brushes for painters Agricultural implements for farmers, and softwares for VJs What’s your battle? Environment, time, your talent or creativity might be. The word of “Arm” sounds disquieting, that’s different from our meaning. We believe tools exist to open the future as “arms”. Software can stand hard use anytime. Evolution, the future ahead after using it up fully... Using up full potential of tool gives just a tool evolution into your arm, and competence at the maximum comes to fruition.

JaySon a.k.a. To honest VJs who have got tired with plethora of functions on a gorgeous VJ software, and are seeking a simple answer. If you say an exquisite VJ, in no time he would decide required things on performance of the stage, and have capability to send it onto a screen etc. without failure. If this Grok is nominated as adequate tool for you who will make your mark of VJ, we would be very glad. Coherent Final mixer. Bazik – Vj Software & Music Visualizer. Generative Art Live Application. Lumen - Analog-Style Video Synth for Mac. AVmixer Pro VJ Software Designed for DJs, Musicians and VJs for Live – Neuromixer. Mapstard. Mapstard is a timeline controlled, multi-input and multi-output, audio/video show and VJ software, available for Windows, Mac-OS and Linux.


Read more... With mapstard's video output features any type of video device can be controlled: projectors, HD-monitors, led- and video walls, DMX lighting equipment. Mapstard's advanced mapping function includes highly customizable soft-edge, which allows to draw seamless projection surfaces on architectural objects, using multiple projectors of different type. Multiple media types such as videos, audio files, images, custom text, camera input, 3D models can be loaded and playback simultaneously on multiple projection surfaces trough different video output devices.