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5 Productivity Skills Every Educator Must Have. Smart Classroom Technologies Page 3 of 3 5 Productivity Skills Every Educator Must Have 5) Managing Learning and Students The learning management system has been around for a very long time in higher ed, but it's finally gaining a foothold in K-12.

5 Productivity Skills Every Educator Must Have

For example, Johnson said that River Parishes, which runs an early college program on campus, uses its LMS as a central spot for posting course materials, announcements, reminders, supplemental materials, links to library and Web resources, events and expectations. Whether the software is Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, Edmodo or something else, the advantages of the LMS don't stop there. Richland's Teuber found that using an LMS “allows students the opportunity to have anytime-anywhere access to digital resources.” Frank Kohler, student technology assistant for the division of student affairs at Bowling Green State University (OH), agreed. 4 Tech Skills Educators Don’t Need Anymore 1) Printing documents or worrying about disk space. About the Author. Take a Risk and Find Your Voice as a Teacher. Last year, I boldly introduced Twitter to my class of Pre-Service Teachers.

Take a Risk and Find Your Voice as a Teacher

Twitter Chats have been transformative to me, giving me access to expertise across a range of topics, as well as supporting, fuelling and inspiring me. Flame – PublicDomainPictures (Pixabay) So I was passionate in my desire to get my students all aboard the Twitter Express. To say they were surprised with my Twitter emphasis is an understatement. Only a couple were familiar with, and knowledgable about, the social media tool.

Initially we used twitter to summarise our discussions, to highlight key questions, and to capture interesting insights that emerged. Negative Positive – Geralt (Pixabay) I was struck though – by their nervousness, their reluctance and resistance – as a whole. What I have got to offer? These moments came flooding back when I chatted to Ashley Gravelle in my Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran Podcast. Ashley, an early career teacher, talks about finding her way and her place in teaching. Take-Aways. Getting Started: The Most Useful Resources For New Teachers. First-day jitters are not the exclusive domain of students.

Getting Started: The Most Useful Resources For New Teachers

Teachers also worry about what to wear, how to act, how to make a good first impression, and how the school year will turn out. If you are a fresh face on the teaching scene — or even if you’re just looking for new ways to hone your teaching skills — the following resources will help you get going. Building Relationships With Students, Parents, and Others Building solid relationships with your students and their parents can help you adjust your teaching methods so that learning can be more personalized for your pupils.

These resources will give you tips and ideas on how to forge those important bonds. Back in August 2014, Edudemic published an article that served up five essential back-to-school relationship building tips for new teachers. Managing Your Classroom. Eat. Write. Teach.: My Top 5 Tricks for Successful Classroom Management. We all manage our classrooms differently because we are all different.

Eat. Write. Teach.: My Top 5 Tricks for Successful Classroom Management

Even all of the teachers in my English department (and there are only 6 of us!) Manage our classes very differently. There's nothing wrong with that, unless your solution is to ignore the problem until it gets right in your face. That might be a classroom management issue. In college we had to create these extensive classroom management plans. 5. If the behavior is really only impacting that particular student (they forget their materials, they stare at the ceiling instead of participating, they fall asleep...) then I reprimand them in class (I will talk about how I do this later in the post) and we move on with life.

Conclusion: Figure out where different types of behavior lie. 3. 2. 1. Don't forget that you have until midnight TONIGHT to sign-up for my blog giveaway! 9 Ways to Beat the Clock & Get More Done in Your Class - Teach 4 the Heart. Teachers are always racing against the clock.

9 Ways to Beat the Clock & Get More Done in Your Class - Teach 4 the Heart

And the race is never more fierce than when we’re trying to pack a year’s worth of lessons into not enough way-too-short class periods. Throw in snow days, field trips, and school production rehearsals, and all of a sudden the challenge starts to feel impossible. How to Identify and Keep Exceptional Young Teachers.