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Development. Unity - Scripting API: Unity - Scripting API:

Unity audio

Unity color. Unity tutorial. Unity selecteur. Unity audio clip. Unity detection touche clavier. Unity animation. UNITY ENGINE_Tutorials. 50 Tips for Working with Unity (Best Practices) About these tips (Edit: August 2016.

50 Tips for Working with Unity (Best Practices)

I have revised these tips. You can find the new list here.) These tips are not all applicable to every project. They are based on my experience with projects with small teams from 3 to 20 people.There’s is a price for structure, re-usability, clarity, and so on — team size and project size determine whether that price should be paid.Many tips are a matter of taste (there may be rivalling but equally good techniques for any tip listed here).Some tips may fly in the face of conventional Unity development.

Process 1. 2. 3. 4. It makes it unnecessary to re-setup each scene.It makes loading much faster (if most objects are shared between scenes).It makes it easier to merge scenes (even with Unity’s new text-based scenes there is so much data in there that merging is often impractical in any case).It makes it easier to keep track of data across levels. You can still use Unity as a level editor (although you need not). 5. Scene Organisation 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Art. Human Verification. Unity. Unity - Développer votre premier jeu avec Unity et C# Comme architecte logiciel, j'ai écrit de nombreux systèmes, inverse -­engineered malware de code natif et généralement pourrait comprendre les choses sur le côté du code.

Unity - Développer votre premier jeu avec Unity et C#

Quand il s'agissait de faire des jeux, cependant, j'ai été un peu perdu pour savoir où commencer. J'avais fait une programmation de graphiques de code natif dans les premiers jours de Windows, et il n'a pas été une bonne expérience. Ensuite, j'ai commencé le développement de DirectX mais s'est rendu compte que, bien qu'il soit extrêmement puissant, il semblait être trop de code pour ce que je voulais faire. Unity - Tuts+ Game Development Category.

There are plenty of uses for lightning effects in games, from background ambiance during a storm to the devastating lightning attacks of a sorcerer.

Unity - Tuts+ Game Development Category

Build Arkanoid With Unity: Block Mechanics, Prefabs, and Level Design. In this tutorial series, we'll show you how to recreate the classic Arkanoid (or Breakout) game in Unity, using Unity's native 2D tools.

Build Arkanoid With Unity: Block Mechanics, Prefabs, and Level Design

In each post, we'll focus on a specific part of the game; in this post, we'll handle the block mechanics and the creation of Prefabs. In the previous tutorials, you set up the project and coded the behaviors of the paddle and ball. If you haven't completed the previous tutorials yet, we strongly recommend you do so before continuing. Take a look at this demo to see what we're aiming for across the whole series: Unity 3D – France. Unity Patterns. Notes — Détection des clics sur les objets dans Unity. Pour chaque jeu où le joueur interagit avec les l’environnement en cliquant, il faut bien évidemment récupérer les informations du clic.

Notes — Détection des clics sur les objets dans Unity

Dans un monde en trois dimensions il ne suffit pas juste de récupérer les coordonnés X et Y de la souris. Unity possède de très puissants algorithmes physiques de “lancés de rayons”, RayCast, qui sont utilisés dans ces exemples. Utiliser le script. Unity - Scripting API: This section of the documentation contains details of the scripting API that Unity provides.

Unity - Scripting API:

To use this information, you should be familiar with the basic theory and practice of scripting in Unity which is explained in the Scripting section of our manual. The scripting reference is organised according to the classes available to scripts which are described along with their methods, properties and any other information relevant to their use. Unity. Created by Michael Frei, Mario von Rickenbachthe and the Zurich based Etter Studio, Plug & Play for iOS invites you to explore the feelings of anthropoid creatures that go beyond sexuality and reproduction: love.


Created by Alex Myers, Nothing of This is Ours is game of infinite, surrealistic worlds with creatures, alchemistic symbols, buddhas and other worldly cultural heritages. RIOT by Leonard Mechiari is a game designed as a riot simulator to tell the story of conflict and social unrest, soon available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and OUYA. Oculus Rift experiment by David OReilly allowing you to see your reflection as a virtual character from his multi-award winning short, The External World Created as a collaboration between between Radiohead, Nigel Godrich, Stanley Donwood and Universal Everything, Polyfauna is a living, breathing, growing touchscreen environment, born from abstraction of the studio sessions from King of Limbs and the organic drawings of Stanley Donwood.

Unity3D Doc Français. Unity 3d. Unity. Réalisez votre premier jeu vidéo avec Unity. Third Cog Software - Cfxr. Cfxr is a Mac port of DrPetter's sfxr.

Third Cog Software - Cfxr

In his own words: Its original purpose was to provide a simple means of getting basic sound effects into a game for those people who were working hard to get their entries done within the 48 hours and didn't have time to spend looking for suitable ways of doing this. There already was a Mac port, but I felt a sudden urge to make one with a native Mac UI, add some proper save/load, and learn Core Data and Bindings while at it. My version's called cfxr (as in "Cocoa sfxr"). Note that I'm not the author of sfxr, I've just ported it. Cfxr 0.1.5: Screencast Torley on youtube made a screencast of cfxr! Mono (logiciel) Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Mono (logiciel)

Pour les articles homonymes, voir Mono. Mono est une mise en œuvre open source (sous licence GNU GPL, GNU LGPL ou X11 selon les éléments) de la plateforme de développement Microsoft .NET basée sur la CLI. Mono a été initié par Miguel de Icaza au sein de sa société Ximian qui a été rachetée par Novell en 2003.