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RO: Jysks barnreklam är könsdiskriminerande. Danska Jysks direktreklam befäster förlegade könsroller.

RO: Jysks barnreklam är könsdiskriminerande

Det anser RON – som fäller annonsen för könsdiskriminering. I annonsen skildras en leende pojke i femårsåldern som skruvar på en leksakssnickarbänk. Brevid leker en flicka i samma ålder med ett rosa leksakskök. Intill syns texten: "Köksset. Underhållande och läraktigt lekkök med ljus, musik och massor av spännande delar". Anmälaren menar att annonsen är oetisk och väldigt könsdiskriminerande på grund av att barn lär sig en snefördelning av sysslor i hemmet. I anmälan står: "Bilden utesluter att flickor kan bli snickare och att pojkar kan stå i kök och laga mat. Reklamombudsmannen har låtit opinionsnämnden, RON, som kallas in i vissa speciella äranden, bedömma annonsen.

RON håller med anmälaren och fäller Jysks egenproducerade reklam med motiveringen: RON anser även att en reklamfilm för allrengöringsmedlet Ajax är könsdiskriminerande. The Gender Ads Project. Eatwell Guide Videos. Food & nutrition - Healthy Kids. Food Groups and Balanaced Meal Learning Sheets. You may also be interested in our My Plate worksheets that promote all five food groups using the new My Plate!

Food Groups and Balanaced Meal Learning Sheets

Or the Food Pyramid printable worksheets that also promote each of the five food groups. We make it fun to learn about creating breakfast, lunch and dinner using foods from each of the food groups. Choose MyPlate. What is a balanced diet made up of? What nutrients are there in good food? Introduction to food nutrients Kids love candies, right?

What is a balanced diet made up of? What nutrients are there in good food?

It is a kind of food. So what about eating a bag of candies in the morning, another bag for lunch, and another for dinner — and eating that for a whole month. Surely, that is just trouble coming! Food is more than things we eat, far more than just what we love to eat. The Eatwell Guide. The Eatwell Guide shows how much of what we eat overall should come from each food group to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.

The Eatwell Guide

You don't need to achieve this balance with every meal but try to get the balance right over a day or even a week. Download the Eatwell Guide as a PDF (2.41Mb). Eat at least five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables a day Most of us still aren't eating enough fruit and vegetables. They should make up over a third of the food we eat each day. Stress - BrainPOP. What is depression, and is depression a common disease? Introduction to Depression.

What is depression, and is depression a common disease?

Many people use the word ‘depression’ when they find that people are sad, aggrieved or lonely. Feeling sad or lonely is not depression. What is obesity in kids. All about children and obesity.

What is obesity in kids

Have you heard of the term obesity or obese? Probably. Obesity (o-bee-see-tee) is the state of being seriously overweight (overweight is when you have too much body fat) - to a degree that affects your health. Obesity in childhood is linked to many health complications. Where do babies come from? Here is a cool guide for reproduction for young people. Introduction to sexual reproduction.

Where do babies come from? Here is a cool guide for reproduction for young people.

Almost every growing up person has wondered where babies come from. If you are learning with us today, then you are probably a grown up kid and hopefully you shall understand this bundle of excitement, and you shall learn to be more responsible in your boy-girl activities. Reproduction generally means the action or process of making a copy of something. Human reproduction, specifically, is a wonderful, natural instance of humans making new humans (offspring) or giving birth to new humans (babies). Reproduction is necessary for continuity of humans. There are two types of reproduction in living things involves two individuals of the same species, usually a male and female.

Drug abuse and teens. A preventive guide on drugs abuse, alcoholism and smoking for teenagers.. Drugs, Drinking & Smoking!

Drug abuse and teens. A preventive guide on drugs abuse, alcoholism and smoking for teenagers..

What's that all about? We are excited you are here, because no doubt, you shall take away some very important facts and tips that will help you to stay strong, safe and happy. Human Body Videos for Kids - Anatomy, Organs, Parts, Systems, Free Science Video Clips. Healthy Eating. Welcome to the Healthy eating module for children aged 5-8 years.

Healthy Eating

Information on bullying for children. What is obesity in kids. Human Anatomy: Learn All About the Human Body at Health Activities. Staying Healthy. Teachers and Governors - Health Education Link Service. How we teach lessons The HELS team are known for their interactive and fun lessons.

Teachers and Governors - Health Education Link Service

We always start lessons with ground rules which ensure pupils and staff feel safe and comfortable and understand the clear boundaries and levels of confidentiality. We plan our lessons to include work on knowledge, skills and attitudes and make sure that there are clear health related learning outcomes for each part. Stages of delivery: Needs assessment is carried out with children/young peopleLesson plans are developed in line with these needs and appropriate resources are developed or adaptedLesson deliveryEvaluation of lesson by teachers, pupils/students and health professionals (if present). As teachers, we understand the need for variety and pace within teaching styles, as well as the need to respond actively to pupils’ learning styles, interests and abilities in order to engage them in a meaningful and fruitful way. Supporting staff. BAM, Teacher's Corner.

Kids' Health.