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Freemanpedia. Adrian Zumbrunnen - UX / UI / WEB DESIGN. Handwritten Tutorials. Susannaheinze. 30+ Must Have Pinterest-Like WordPress Themes. Pinterest is crazy popular, and growing fast.

30+ Must Have Pinterest-Like WordPress Themes

With so many users pinning their daily activities, likes and dislikes, and useful information all over the web it’s no wonder a bunch of great Pinterest inspired themes have been created for WordPress. Pinterest-like themes capture the essence of Pinterest – a masonry style grid portfolio or blog where posts include a thumbnail of the featured image and a short blurb from the article. 20 Masonry Grid Style WordPress Themes 2015. Whether you want to sell your artwork or product, attract a potential client or simply want to show off your work to the world, you need to build a strong online presence to get the attention of your target audience and beat your competitors.

20 Masonry Grid Style WordPress Themes 2015

We know that one of the effective ways of getting ahead of the competition these days is having a unique website. Using jQuery Masonry or the grid style website template gives your website an extra oomph that sets your website apart from those typical portfolio sites on the web. Essentially, masonry is a revolutionary grid layout plugin for jQuery. To have a clearer view of how masonry layout works, consider it as the flip-side of CSS floats. While CSS floats push theme elements to the left or right, masonry moves elements vertically. Big Picture. DoodleScience. Bootstrap · The world's most popular mobile-first and responsive front-end framework. Me against Da Vinci? What’s the best way to draw? « Portrait Artist from Westchester, NY – Anne Bobroff-Hajal. If you’ve ever taken art classes, you may wonder why I didn’t include information about the structure of the human body in my two life drawing lessons.

Me against Da Vinci? What’s the best way to draw? « Portrait Artist from Westchester, NY – Anne Bobroff-Hajal

Aren’t figure-drawing teachers supposed to start by describing the internal skeleton, segments and joints of the body, standard proportions of head, legs, eyes, arms, mouth? For example, Rebecca Alzofon began her online figure drawing lessons with wonderful animations of a skeleton, followed by the three ovals of “Head, Ribcage, Pelvis,” the “Pivot points” inside joints, “Long bones,” and so on. Drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci The early, great champion of the anatomical approach to life drawing was of course Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci, one of the greatest artists who ever lived, did minutely detailed dissections of human corpses along with eyewitness drawings of human anatomy. But the Angle-Abstraction Game I described in my life drawing lessons, on the other hand, is all about angles and shapes.

There are different ways to approach drawing. Ron Gaines, Lab. 1-D Kinematics. The Biology Homepage : With links to the IB Biology Web, Topic Chapters, Facts and Figures, Laboratory Work, Questions and Quizzes, Plays. The Easiest Way to Create a Forum - Website Toolbox. TeachMeAnatomy - Making Anatomy Simple. Kenhub - learning human anatomy made simple. Clinical Anatomy Made Ridiculously Simple: 9780940780972: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Human Anatomy: Learn All About the Human Body at About — Freemanpedia. Web Design Tools: Best 10 for Creating Responsive Websites. There has been a complete shift in the way websites and web apps are created these days and the new age web design tools are playing a key role in this.

Web Design Tools: Best 10 for Creating Responsive Websites

The need is to create designs that are interactive, engaging and serve devices of all sizes with seamless user experience. Creating responsive websites is now the prerequisite for web design, and modern web design tools create responsive websites out of the box without the designers even have to think about it. These tools give a clear answer to the question of the past decade, which is, "Whether web designers should learn coding to be independent? " Not Really, Anymore!! Individual web designers no longer have to learn coding or depend on web developers since modern website builders generate W3C standards compliant code with clean and semantic markup. Web design tools are mushrooming everywhere now a days.

WebFlow Weblfow generates W3C compliant HTML5 and CSS3 and provides a very clean markup, based on Bootstrap from Twitter developers. Professional Code-Free Websites to Service your Clients. Best fit for designers who create multiple websites.

Professional Code-Free Websites to Service your Clients

A tailor-made solution for large scale companies. An ideal solution for mid-size companies and studios. 250 Projects 10 Team Members. Pricing — Froont. Top 4 Presentation Tools for Teachers. June 9, 2015 Fed up with the traditional way of presenting through Keynote or Google Slides?

Top 4 Presentation Tools for Teachers

The four tools below are definitely great alternatives to use to create engaging presentations to share with students. We particularly divided the tools into two main categories: tools for creating slideshow presentations and tools for creating document/poster based presentations. I- Tools for creating slideshow-style presentations: 1-Prezi Prezi is a powerful web tool that allows you to create visually appealing presentations. 2- Haiku Deck Haiku Deck is another wonderful presentation tool for teachers.

3 common UX mistakes killing good design. As a digital designer, it’s not always possible to be everything to everyone and wear all of the hats at the same time.

3 common UX mistakes killing good design

Clients and stakeholders sometimes misunderstand the design process. They perhaps don’t always know that backend development and UX design are different disciplines to web design itself and so expect you, the designer, to be the all-knowing, all-fixing genius. Photo credit: “brain picture”. Allan Ajifo. Creative Commons. How Big Data Is Changing Healthcare. Kevin Patton. An incomplete profile Kevin Patton Teaching Appointments Professor of Life Science St.

Kevin Patton

Charles Community College (Cottleville, Missouri) Human Anatomy & Physiology courses, study tour courses Founding faculty member Professor of Anatomy & Physiology Instruction New York Chiropractic College (Seneca Falls, New York) Master of Science in Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction Graduate program training A&P professors Founding faculty member, adjunct appointment Faculty Human Anatomy and Physiology Society Institute (HAPS-I) Graduate courses for A&P professors Founding director and founding faculty member Degrees. A&P. Amazon. DrBruce Forciea. Etexthumananatrevmay12. Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)