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How important is Twitter in your Personal Learning Network? Twitter and the Personal Learning Network (PLN).

How important is Twitter in your Personal Learning Network?

If you are a connected educator, chances are that you have often seen these two terms used together and, perhaps like me, you have wondered what's the connection? This question formed the basis of my 2011 Masters thesis and while my research showed that you can have a PLN without Twitter (and, indeed, those non-Twitter spaces are important for a well developed PLN), Twitter does play a unique role within a PLN, which makes it a powerful platform for networked learning and professional development [1]. Literature Review Twitter is a free service that is part microblogging platform and part social network, which allows users to send and receive short, 140 character messages [2]. A PLN is an informal learning network of people you connect with for the specific purpose of learning, based on reciprocity and a level of trust that each party is actively seeking value added information for the other [10, 11].

Methodology Results Conclusion References. @Ideas_Factory The blog of Julian S. Wood: Using Twitter & the PLN in Education. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

@Ideas_Factory The blog of Julian S. Wood: Using Twitter & the PLN in Education

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How To Get More Out Of Your PLN Using Twitter. So, you’ve made a Twitter account and are completely hooked.

How To Get More Out Of Your PLN Using Twitter

You’re following a bunch of people, companies, institutions… and if you walk away from Twitter for more than an hour, it seems like you can’t possibly keep up. While the constant stream of information is incredible, it is also overwhelming. Too much to sift through? Doubting all the hype? Step 2: Using Twitter to Build Your PLN. Welcome to the second step in our free professional learning series on building your PLN.

Step 2: Using Twitter to Build Your PLN

The aim of this step is to: Brad Ovenell-Carter's Page. 10 popular MOOC instructors with brilliant Twitter accounts. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) may be a controversial topic in education right now, but everyone loves a good MOOC instructor.

10 popular MOOC instructors with brilliant Twitter accounts

The rise of the MOOC has given fresh audiences to a new wave of education thought leaders and scholars who previously might not have received so much recognition. Naturally, many of those teaching massive open online courses also maintain active Twitter accounts, which provide yet another platform to share their thoughts, research and news in their field, as well as interact with students taking their courses. We've compiled a list, in no particular order, of 10 of the most prolific tweeters behind some of the most popular MOOCs. Each has a different approach to the platform that is sure to be informative, and might even liven up your feed. An Educators Guide To Twitter.

50 Terrific Twitter Tutorials for Teachers. Using Twitter in education has been all the buzz recently.

50 Terrific Twitter Tutorials for Teachers

Building your PLN. Skip to content Building your PLN Know it or not, you already have some sort of Personal Learning Network or PLN!

Building your PLN

It could be your colleagues, family, students, friends – whoever! But with the power of the web and online collaboration – a PLN could really grow! Eight Videos to Help Teachers Get Started Using Twitter. The Teacher's Guide To Twitter. Twitter has proven itself to be an indispensable tool for educators around the globe.

The Teacher's Guide To Twitter

Whatever skill level you may be, Twitter is downright fun and worth your time. So here’s a useful guide that we curated from Edudemic’s archives in an effort to put something together that was a bit easier to read than random blog posts. We hope you enjoy and will be regularly adding to this guide so feel free to leave your ideas down in the comments or by, what else, tweeting us @edudemic anytime! Our Biggest Twitter Tips For Teachers For many teachers making a foray into the edtech world, Twitter is an excellent tool for consuming and learning.

Many are also harnessing Twitter as a part of their PLN (personal learning network) to connect, share, and network. Check out our biggest Twitter tips for teachers below! Create, Don’t Just Consume. Helping Educators Get Started With Twitter.