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Amateur Radio V

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Dave Richards AA7EE. The BIG List of RTL-SDR Supported Software. There are now dozens of software defined radio packages that support the ultra cheap RTL-SDR.

The BIG List of RTL-SDR Supported Software

On this page we will attempt to list, categorize and provide a brief overview of each software program. We categorize the programs into general purpose software, single purpose software, research software and software compatible with audio piping. If you know of a program that is missing please leave a comment in the comments section at the bottom of the page. General Purpose RTL-SDR Software We define general purpose SDR software as programs that allow the RTL-SDR to work like a normal wideband radio receiver. BM800 Microphone Mods -       Welcome to Dual Band SDR Receiver -       Welcome to

Remote Balanced Aerial Matching Unit -       Welcome to Indoor Mag Loop for HF -       Welcome to Astron Power Supply Meter Modification. w4zt astron power supply meter modification. Adding Digital Metering to Astron 14V Linear Power Supplies. There are already articles on the web and repeater-builder about replacing the analog meters with digital meters, or just adding digital meters to those supplies that never had any.

Adding Digital Metering to Astron 14V Linear Power Supplies

This article presents some things to think about when selecting a digital panel meter for use in an Astron linear power supply, and things you need to be aware of when actually hooking them up. It's a long article and I wrote it to actually teach you something (what a terrific concept). If you don't want to learn, you might as well stop reading it right here. Due to the variety of current ratings (3-70 amps) and zero, one, or two meters, it is not possible to present one single good solution. I do, however, give you enough theoretical and practical information to make informed decisions and do the job yourself. This article is primarily concerned with Astron's 14V linear power supplies. Click on any of the images below for a larger view. all new! 1.8M EME Dish Project This is all there is to the dish and just some 12.5mm wire mesh for the reflector. all new!

The Ribs are 15mm square tube. I made a template up in wood first then formed them to shape by hand. I used a large mallet, holding the rib between two large wooden blocks and slowly formed the required shape. Surely someone else can come up with an easier method! Centre Ribs. My CB Installation (in detail) Stunning Ultra-HD View; Sun Timelapse 2015 (NASA/SDO) This video is ten minutes of coolness.

Stunning Ultra-HD View; Sun Timelapse 2015 (NASA/SDO)

This cool time-lapse video shows the Sun (in ultra-high definition 3840×2160 – 4k on YouTube) during the entire year, 2015. The video captures the Sun in the 171-angstrom wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light. Our naked, unaided eyes cannot see this, but this movie uses false-colorization (yellow/gold) so that we can watch in high definition. The movie covers a time period of January 2, 2015 to January 28, 2016 at a cadence of one frame every hour, or 24 frames per day. VU2ESE's radio experiments: Specan - A reboot of the W7ZOI/K7TAU spectrum analyzer. An easy to build spectrum analyzer for the homebrewers.

VU2ESE's radio experiments: Specan - A reboot of the W7ZOI/K7TAU spectrum analyzer

The KA7OEI FT-817 page. The KA7OEI FT-817 pages The Yaesu FT-817 is an extremely portable HF through UHF all-mode transceiver, capable of operation on all amateur bands from 160 meters through 70 cm (excluding, unfortunately, 222 MHz.)

The KA7OEI FT-817 page

It is also considered to be a QRP transceiver - being capable of only 5 watts output maximum. In addition to transceive operation on these amateur bands, it also is a capable general-coverage receiver providing continuous coverage on all modes from 100 KHz through 56 MHz, 108 through 154 MHz, and 420 through 470 MHz.

It also provides "Wide FM" receive coverage from 76 through 108 MHz. Update your FT-817, FT-857, or FT-897 with the new 60 meter channel. In the US starting in 2003, amateurs have had a secondary allocation of five specific channels in the 60 meter band.

Update your FT-817, FT-857, or FT-897 with the new 60 meter channel

Unlike most other allocations, these are restricted to phone emissions in upper sideband, with a maximum of 50 watts PEP. Recent HF rigs have enabled use of these channels by taking steps to ensure than an unsuspecting operator does not accidentally transmit elsewhere in the band, or with anything other than upper sideband. Yaesu did this in their FT-8x7ND rigs by pre-programming special channels into the memory and restricting transmission on 60 meters except while on one of those memories. Recently, the FCC changed the grant to loosen the restrictions a bit and replaced one of the channels with a different one to avoid interference. These new rules become effective in March 2012, but they leave existing (unmodified) radios with an outdated channel set.

f1ehn. Digital Audio Filter Modules - SOTABEAMS. ***Don't forget your optional Filter Integration Kit*** Our new range of ready-made LASERBEAM digital audio filter modules are the perfect addition to your project or even to your existing radio.

Digital Audio Filter Modules - SOTABEAMS

Unlike analogue filters, digital filters provide near-perfect characteristics. Because of the way that they are implemented, they are better than analogue filters in almost every way! Vk3ye. The Chart of the Electromagnetic Spectrum - Quad Questions. Open gigapan by clicking the Play icon (opens in light box) A Gigapan is the only way to properly display this beauty!

The Chart of the Electromagnetic Spectrum - Quad Questions

<div class="pp-error-msg"><strong>Error</strong><br />Javascript not activated</div> I found this on the web and just thought that it is the most beautiful representation of the electromagnetic spectrum that I have ever seen. After digging around and finding out more about the poster, I found an article that talks about how it was made and the man who created it. The driving force behind its creation in the late 1930s was Dwight Barr, a consultant for the W.