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Amateur Radio VI

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Your LF Station's Best Friend - The Scopematch PT.II. As mentioned in Part I, my construction of the MØBMU-designed Scopematch has proven to be the most valuable piece of test gear in my LF station.

Your LF Station's Best Friend - The Scopematch PT.II

If you plan to become active on our new 630m band, it is well worth taking a few hours to build as it will make antenna tuning much, much easier than trying to get your antenna tweaked using other methods. After building and installing the new Scopematch, a quick check of what I thought had been a properly-tuned system, surprisingly revealed that my 2200m antenna was neither matched correctly nor tuned to resonance! In spite of my poor-tuning (using the system shown in my last post), I had still received a number of encouraging reception reports from VE6, Washington and Oregon, giving me false and undeserved confidence in my earlier tuning attempts. The Scopematch soon changed all that.

The condition shown below indicates resonance but with 'V' being greater than 'I', the resistive component of the load measures about 80 ohms. 600W Solid State Amplifier. Amplifiers are a favourite homebrew project.

600W Solid State Amplifier

Years back I had helped build a couple of valve (tube in the US) amplifiers using a single 4CX250B on 2 meters. This produces a 250 Watt amplifier and has a strip line inductor to match the output. They never worked that well, but they were a lot of fun to build. I wanted more power on HF so that I could make faster progress towards my homebrew DXCC. I wanted to try something different and modern so I setout to build a solid state linear based on the popular EB104 Motorola Engineering Bulletin by Helge Granberg.

In addition to these notes, you may want to read my blog posts which talk about the design and some of the difficulties getting this working: FT-817 Speaker Mic Plug by DH1ND. The following instruction is only useful for electrically talented people.

FT-817 Speaker Mic Plug by DH1ND

No liability is assumed for damages resulting from this! Right from the backpack I would like to operate my radio. Magnetic loop stepper motor controller yagi ham radio PAØKV Power supply EP-925. My "Magnetic Loop" project.

magnetic loop stepper motor controller yagi ham radio PAØKV Power supply EP-925

DIAGRAMAS DE ANTENAS. Enviar esto por correo electrónicoBlogThis!


Compartir en TwitterCompartir en FacebookCompartir en Pinterest. The Wave Missle HF Antenna Project by VE1COR AND KB1RSE. This project should be considered experimental!

The Wave Missle HF Antenna Project by VE1COR AND KB1RSE

Lots of photos...dialup users allow time to download. The "Wave-Missile" HF Antenna Projectby Andrew Cornwall, VE1COR and KB1RSE. OH7SV Matti Hohtola Ham Projects. Matti Hohtola OH7SV Amateur Radio Project OH7SV Door-frame loops for 20m, 15 and 10m 2019 (PDF file) SRAL Summer Camp 2019 in Petäys (PPS presentation in Finnish) OH7AA Summer day 2019 in Rautalampi (PPS presentation in Finnish) Practical Ferrite Guide for HF 2018 Ionosonde links near Finland 2018 Circular polarization presentation SRAL Äänekoski 2018 (Video in Finnish)

OH7SV Matti Hohtola Ham Projects

Using a Wouxun/Kenwood USB cable as a Yaesu FT817/857/897 CAT connection – IZ2UUF.NET. I was looking on the internet for a cable to connect my Yaesu FT857 to my PC.Aside of the expensive official cable, there were the usual RS-232 circuits plus several cheap Chinese USB adapters on ebay.Looking at them, I realized that most of the RS-232 conversion cables for any electronic equipment are simply 5v to 12v level conversion circuits.Given that, every USB-to-5v_SERIAL adapter should work as well.

Using a Wouxun/Kenwood USB cable as a Yaesu FT817/857/897 CAT connection – IZ2UUF.NET

For example, I got an USB programming cable for my Wouxun KG-UVD1P handheld, which have the same pinout of Kenwood radios. So, why not giving a try to it? I did not have handy a 8-pin miniDIN for the rear CAT port, but I knew I could use the front MIC port as well. That port has a RJ-45 LAN-like connector. I cut a piece of LAN cable and with three crocodile clips i conneceted it to the Wouxun adapter.

Eventually I got the right connectors and it works on the rear CAT port too. – Radio amateur technical blog. Vertical hf antenna diy crafts. Blog. Reviewed by Bob Allison, WB1GCM Assistant Laboratory Manager The time had come to replace my three-element Yagi antenna for 6 meters.


It was a homebrew affair, built during the remarkable solar peak of the late 1950s. The Alliance U-100 rotator that turned it was nearly asold and erratic. A new antenna was in order if we wanted to continue to enjoy 6 meters, which has many different propagation opportunities. According to some antenna experts, using two loops, stacked, might give e close to the same gain as what my old Yagi offered — about 6 dBd (6 dB better than a dipole) — but on all points of the compass.

Raspberry Pi 3 SETUP RASPBIAN, FLDIGI, WSJT-X - It’s an older article.


Building and Running Fldigi for Raspberry Pi. Published: 2017-07-10 Updated: 2018-10-27 Recent versions of the Raspberry Pi single-board computers feature enough CPU power to run the Fldigi digital mode software. In particular, the RasPi 3 features a powerful quad-core ARM CPU. This is an important step forward, because it allows a low-power computer to do everything needed to add HF digial mode support to an HF radio, without the need for a notebook or desktop computer. The RasPi computers are small, and can be easily mated with a touch screen and just about any kind of keyboard, making a very compact, portable or mobile terminal for digital modes.

One challenge with Fldigi, however, is that the packages traditionally included in the Raspbian repositories are quite old, while the Fldigi package changes regularly. These steps should work with little or no modification on other RasPi distributions. The Basics Getting the Source The Fldigi website has links to download the various source packages.

Antenna tuners/couplers. <p class="error-message"> My website uses JavaScript for menus etc. It is currently disabled in your browser! Please (re-)enable it for full functionality. </p> Last page update: 3 June 2018. (16) Yaesu FT-818 FT-817 Portable Gear & Mods Overview. Guides:tracking_guide [UKHAS Wiki] This is a short guide to receiving live tracking data from a balloon sending out GPS fixes. Covering setting up a radio, computer and the software to upload the tracking data to a central server. Another excellent guide can be found at Project Horus Translations Components Radio Receiver - needs to be able to receive between 430MHz and 440MHz (also known as the 70cm band (as the wavelength is 70cms long)) and also be able to receive SSB (single side band), it is important to note that this isn't FM, many radios only receive FM so look for SSB (which may be described as USB and LSB).

Background How does this all work? This is using the computer to do a lot of the heavy lifting, rather than the traditional way which might be an integrated radio and modem, which is a lot less flexible (and more expensive!). SSB (single sideband) radio was initially developed as a low power way to send voice. Antennes. Hier vindt u antennes en aanverwante onderwerpen.

MCT-III is just like the MCT-II except that it has an audio amplifier with sine wave output, an 8 ohm speaker, a 3-AA cell battery pack, and 3.3V regulator. The "a" version requires you to solder the 20 pin TSSOP package and the Audio Amplifier SOIC. The MCT is set up for the convenience of the operator in four different sections: Trainer Mode – This section is setup for the new person to Morse code. First, it introduces them to numbers and characters sounds, then quickly moves them to hearing the word sounds of the characters just learned, and learning how to send those word sounds. How to set up and use the new paddle for learning Iambic characters, and Mode “B” sending. Just like in the practice sessions but the word groups in each session are made up of characters just learned. Shows several BPF and LPF boardsThese boards all have a 2.5" x 0.6" form factor and come in two varieties, BPF or LPF.

All Pages - QRQcw. The Hamfiles Amateur Radio & PMR File Repository – HamFiles. A Water Cooled LDMOSFET Amplifier. Little Boy -- A Water Cooled LDMOSFET Amplifier from W6KAN on March 22, 2019 View comments about this article! Little Boy W.C. Using a field strength meter.. HF Digital 102. UARC - Wide Dynamic Range Field Strength Meter Mark II using the AD8307. 80-20m Mag Loop. To automatically tune a Magnetic Loop Antenna - Loftur E. Jónasson - TF3LJ / VE2LJX. The firmware is is free software, released under the GNU General Public License.

High on solder – Electronics and Other Projects. QRP ARCI - QRP Kits, Bits and Supplies. (13) Introducing the SDRplay Raspberry Pi downloadable SD Card Image. The 'Eggbeater' Antenna Web Page. Amateur Radio. CQ-DATV. CQ-DATV. Issues 1 to 7 are now available in pdf format. IF-232 USB Replacement. Home Vintage SSB. Threeme3/QCX-SSB: This is a simple and experimental modification that transforms a QCX into a (Class-E driven) SSB transceiver. (13) Flex Maestro - The Whole Story. Build a 1000 MHz RF Spectrum Analyzer Inexpensively. S Meter Lite Software. The DK7ZB. G0KSC - Simple to build, High Performance Yagi and Quad Antennas - Home of the LFA Yagi - 28Ohm Quads. HOME BUILDING A COMPLETE RADIO STATION. Tutorial on using RS to Decode and Plot Radiosondes - Building Superheterodyne Receivers 101 with Chuck Adams, K7QO – New River Valley Amateur Radio Club – N4NRV. Arrow II Portable Satellite Antenna Clips – WI9LL.

How To Port Forward a Router. AA5TB. Ted Rappaport, N9NB interviewed by Tim Duffy, K3LR. Rotor controller. The K7TMG HF Morse Code Temperature Beacon – Dave Richards AA7EE. ARC5pages. HA8TKS RBN azimuthal map. All About Baluns (Ask Dave – KE0OG #73) Loops. Active Antenna Amplifier Kit. Remote Audio Software. Lightning Protection: Got Shunts? - LEC. 52006635 01.Surge Protection Pipeline.4 pages EN. Radio communications. QRP ARCI - QRP Kits, Bits and Supplies. N6QW Homebrew Radio. TyMD380toolz for Tytera MD-380 - The KØNR Radio Site. All Identified Signals - Signal Identification Wiki.

Site Map. Eham. Why Bother Getting an Amateur Radio License? Anderson Powerpole Adapter für den Yaesu FT-817 – DL2YMR´s Blog. Your LF Station's Best Friend - The Scopematch PT.II. CQ-DATV. Connector. Connecting a Mixer to Your Ham Radio(s) SignaLink USB Troubleshooting. NA4IT's SignalinkUSB Hints and Tips. Ham Radio Blog by AG1LE: Amazon Echo - Alexa skills for ham radio. Ameritron RCS-8V interface with Ham Radio Deluxe - Chatteris Weather & M0HTA Blog Pages. Vintage Icom Interface. Eham. Dan Zimmerman, N3OX - Amateur Radio. Programming Motorola Radios with the aspberry Pi.

Birmingham, Alabama Crystal Radio Group - Projects – Kenwood TS-590S RX OUT adapter cable. Olivia Frequencies Olivia Frequency Olivia MFSK Olivia_MFSK Olivia-MFSK Olivia Bandplan Olivia Bandplans. NJDTechnologies — Radio: it's not just a hobby, it's a way of life. BV Version 7 - QSL Management and Label Printing. Antennas By N6LF. 80-Meter ARDF. Double T Bar Verticals. Dian Kurniawan's Blog – electronic for better life. Intellectual Curiosity (求知欲) 100 Ft Balloon Antenna by KN9B. - remote control of your amateur radio station. Articles.

Welcome to my Web site. Presentations. MB-1 - Fully Programmable Power Meter. Gi1mic.github. Welcome to QRPGuys - QRPGuys. Pinterest. Groupe public DMRTrack. Simple interference fix for the Chinese Pixie. PE4BAS Amateur Radio Weblog: GPS timing for JT modes.