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Science and Math

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Ideal Numbers Seek Their Lost Primes. Krylov. Log In. Photo If you’ve been watching the HBO series “Westworld,” you might suspect 3-D printers are starting to do some amazing things.

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Recently, I journeyed to Brooklyn to watch a whole universe come out of a printer — our own universe, actually, when it was a baby at just 380,000 years old. My guide was Janna Levin, a professor at Barnard College at Columbia and an award-winning author of books including, most recently, “Black Hole Blues,” about the discovery of gravitational waves. Dr. Levin is also the director of scientific programs at Pioneer Works a cultural and art center with laboratories as well as studios in Red Hook, Brooklyn, home to the universe-maker. To cook up her universe, Dr.

The model is based on a map of the universe made recently by the Planck satellite, which shows the residual heat left over from the Big Bang itself in the form of microwave radio waves. Microwave light, which fills all of space, was discovered by accident in 1965, Dr. Continue reading the main story. Finding North America’s lost medieval city. A thousand years ago, huge pyramids and earthen mounds stood where East St.

Finding North America’s lost medieval city

Louis sprawls today in Southern Illinois. This majestic urban architecture towered over the swampy Mississippi River floodplains, blotting out the region's tiny villages. Beginning in the late 900s, word about the city spread throughout the southeast. This rocket engine breaks a law of physics. But a NASA test says it works anyway. Parrots Are a Lot More Than ‘Pretty Bird’ “Monk parakeets from South America are doing nicely in New York City,” said Leo Joseph, a parrot expert and director of the Australian National Wildlife Collection in Canberra.

Parrots Are a Lot More Than ‘Pretty Bird’

“Peach-faced lovebirds from Africa are well-established in Arizona.” Residents of Los Angeles County may spot enclaves of more than a dozen different feral parrots, including lilac-crowned Amazons, rose-ringed parakeets, macaws and cockatiels. Why some parrots thrive in anthropocentric landscapes while others are on the cusp of oblivion has yet to be determined. Researchers propose that many of the parrot’s signature traits evolved to meet the challenge of seed predation and exploiting a resource that plants do everything in their power to defend. The parrot’s muscular jaw and huge bill — specially hinged to allow top and bottom to move independently, up and down and from side to side — can crack open even the toughest and woodiest shells. What We’ve Learned About Pluto. The four small moons of Pluto turned out to be brighter and smaller than expected and spin quickly.

What We’ve Learned About Pluto

Their axes are also tipped sideways, a configuration that defies easy explanation. Pluto and its miniature planetary system are believed to have coalesced out of a cataclysmic collision earlier in the history of the solar system. Over time, the rotation of moons tend to become gravitationally locked so that the same side of the moon is always facing the planet. That occurred with Charon. Is the NSA’s SKYNET program killing innocent people? A new examination shows thousands of innocent people may have been labeled as terrorists.

Is the NSA’s SKYNET program killing innocent people?

The National Security Agency uses metadata to recognize and classify terrorists to kill them. But recently, a new investigation of the former published Snowden documents suggests that several of those people may have been innocent. Last May, detailed documents revealing the NSA’s SKYNET program were published, showing its engagement in mass surveillance of Pakistan’s mobile phone network. SKYNET uses a machine learning algorithm on the mobile network metadata of 55 million people to analyze and rate the individual’s likeliness of being a terrorist. Will the NSA Finally Build Its Superconducting Spy Computer? Today, silicon microchips underlie every aspect of digital computing.

Will the NSA Finally Build Its Superconducting Spy Computer?

But their dominance was never a foregone conclusion. Throughout the 1950s, electrical engineers and other researchers explored many alternatives to making digital computers. The kernel of the argument over Linux’s vulnerabilities. John Conway's Life in Game. Gnawing on his left index finger with his chipped old British teeth, temporal veins bulging and brow pensively squinched beneath the day-before-yesterday’s hair, the mathematician John Horton Conway unapologetically whiles away his hours tinkering and thinkering — which is to say he’s ruminating, although he will insist he’s doing nothing, being lazy, playing games.

John Conway's Life in Game

Based at Princeton University, though he found fame at Cambridge (as a student and professor from 1957 to 1987), Conway, 77, claims never to have worked a day in his life. Instead, he purports to have frittered away reams and reams of time playing. MIT-CSAIL-TR-2015-026.pdf. Topics in String Theory. Number Theorist Manjul Bhargava Is Awarded Fields Medal. Artur Avila Is First Brazilian Mathematician to Win Fields Medal. It was pouring rain on a chilly spring day, and Artur Avila was marooned at the University of Paris Jussieu campus, minus the jacket he had misplaced before boarding a red-eye from Chicago.

Artur Avila Is First Brazilian Mathematician to Win Fields Medal

Triangulation Conjecture Disproved. The question is deceptively simple: Given a geometric space — a sphere, perhaps, or a doughnut-like torus — is it possible to divide it into smaller pieces?

Triangulation Conjecture Disproved

In the case of the two-dimensional surface of a sphere, the answer is clearly yes. Anyone can tile a mosaic of triangles over any two-dimensional surface. Likewise, any three-dimensional space can be cut up into an arbitrary number of pyramids. Dwarf Galaxies Dim Hopes of Dark Matter. Once again, a shadow of a signal that scientists hoped would amplify into conclusive evidence of dark matter has instead flatlined, repeating a maddening refrain in the search for the invisible, omnipresent particles.

Dwarf Galaxies Dim Hopes of Dark Matter

The Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) failed to detect the glow of gamma rays emitted by annihilating dark matter in miniature “dwarf” galaxies that orbit the Milky Way, scientists reported Friday at a meeting in Nagoya, Japan.