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Cadence at CMOSedu.com - Iceweasel. Electric at CMOSedu.com - Iceweasel. The Electric VLSI Design Systemat CMOSedu.com Quick install: ensure Java is installed (go to java.com) and save electric-9.04.jar to your computer (e.g., the Desktop).

Electric at CMOSedu.com - Iceweasel

Double clicking on this saved jar file starts Electric in Windows using 64 MB of memory (see here for how to increase memory allocation, very important if doing simulations or large designs).In Linux/Unix open a terminal window, navigate to where you saved the jar file, and enter: java -Xmx512m -jar electric-9.04.jar & to start Electric with 512 MB of memory.For the Mac, double clicking on the saved jar file should start Electric. LASI 7 Home Site - Resources - Iceweasel. Addon Drawings Addons are self-installing drawing folders that can contain layouts, schematics, additional files and CHM help files that integrate into the main LASI help.

LASI 7 Home Site - Resources - Iceweasel

Simply unzip and run the executable. Addons now also install their help files in a browser readable form in the Lasi7/Help directory. This makes the download slightly larger but lets you read the help text if you cannot read CHM files. LASI 7 Home Site - Iceweasel. Silvaco at CMOSedu.com - Iceweasel. Silvaco Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF EDA at CMOSedu.com Download all of the books’ Silvaco examples in Silvaco_CMOSedu.zip with extras!

Silvaco at CMOSedu.com - Iceweasel

The wiki for Silvaco is seen here and information on their generous university program is found here.For help using the examples from CMOSedu see the Silvaco_readme page.A list of the Silvao process design kits (PDKs) is seen here.SmartSpice uses Level=49 for BSIM3 and Level=54 for BSIM4 Click on the images seen below to enlarge. The Experts in Analog Verification - Iceweasel. All About Circuits Forum - Powered by vBulletin - Iceweasel.

Iceweasel. Back to Main page Together, these worksheets constitute a body of questions far too large to be comprehensively covered in any single electronics course.


That is not the point, though. This collection is purposely oversized so you may pick and choose enough questions to meet your specific teaching needs. Download those worksheets containing questions you wish to use, and then only assign those questions to your students for research and discussion. The rest may be ignored, or your students may find them useful as study aids outside of class. Although I strive to make each of these worksheets self-contained, some topics will (necessarily) assume coverage of prior topics.

General: Index of question files: [Plain-text]How to turn any breadboarded circuit into a valid troubleshooting assessment: [PDF]Student surveys (for regular inclusion in worksheets/exams): [PDF]Questions relating to project management: [PDF]Test page for adjustment of copy machine: [Encapsulated PostScript] [PDF] Socratic Electronics - Iceweasel. Socratic Electronics by Tony R.

Socratic Electronics - Iceweasel

Kuphaldt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Take me to the worksheets now! Copyright © 2003 - 2009, Tony R. Kuphaldt These worksheets and all related files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. A copy of the Attribution License is included with the files. What is Socratic Electronics? We live in a world where the accumulation of knowledge is exponential over time, and where the ability to continuously learn and make sound judgments is essential to survival. The most important thing any educator can impart to a student, in any context, is the ability to teach themselves. Placing students at the center of the instructional process breaks this dependency.

All About Circuits : Free Electric Circuits Textbooks - Iceweasel. Circuit Collection - Iceweasel. CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation - Iceweasel. CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation, Third Edition General Book Information (中文译)

CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation - Iceweasel

ALL SPICE STUFF Page - Iceweasel. Resistor Color Code Calculator. Resistor Values E6 E12 E24 E48 E96 E192. E12 series - resistor color code examples. In the E12 series each succeeding resistor falls within the -/+ 10 % of the previous value.

E12 series - resistor color code examples

Until fairly recently, 10% tolerance resistors were the norm, but today, 5% (E24) resistors seem to be the most commonly used. They still can be found in vintage radios, old amplifiers, etc., but the price of a 5% resistor is low enough to be the standard component in all of today's electronic circuits. In precision applications, special, more expensive low-tolerance resistors are used with tolerance ratings of 2%, 1% or less. Common values for E12, 10% series resistors: Resistors.

Logic Analyzers

Tools Miscellanious. Electronic News, Magazines. Converters USB, RS-485, RS-232, RS422. Manufacturers. Links of interest. Online Stores. Circuits. Spice Models, IC parts, EDA symbols. SPICE model index. V2.16 30-Nov-05 Below is a list of SPICE models available for free on the web.

SPICE model index

It is presented in a very basic form to reduce the file size and assist alphanumeric sorting, whilst maintaining HTML form. Click on the source reference in square brackets to follow the link to the description and location of that source. The list may not be complete. If you find more, or discover any problems, please email me ). Note that for some of the models you may have to find the appropriate link on the page given, or extract it from a compressed file, but many of these links will take you straight to the manufacturer's download link.

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