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Rectangular - Headers, Male Pins. Search. » Adding web connectivity (via USB) to remote controlled sockets – Part 1 (hardware) Jake Rowan Byrne. » Adding web connectivity (via USB ) to remote controlled sockets – Part 2 (software) Jake Rowan Byrne. This project page provides a guide to adding both USB and a Web based User Interface (UI) to remote control socket set.

» Adding web connectivity (via USB ) to remote controlled sockets – Part 2 (software) Jake Rowan Byrne

Through the process we will unlock even more capabilities than are available when you use the socket set as they were originally intended. Part 1 deals with the hardware, Part 2 (this post) deals with programming the chip and Web UI. The main components are: Arduino (or other AVR-MK2 programmer)Web-server (I used a Raspberry pi, but any computer will work if it’s running Apache and PHP)Lego (if you want to make a Raspberry pi case) Inkjet_PCB_Construction : Inkjet Printed Circuit Board Printing. Main Page - IPRE Wiki. F-16C Reference Library. Parrot AR.Drone Teardown. The AR.Drone is earth-shattering.

Parrot AR.Drone Teardown

It has blown away every drone expert we've talked to. It's not just a toy: it's a phenomenal piece of engineering that manages to solve some very difficult software problems in order to take flight. Hidden beneath the foam fascia lies some very sophisticated electronics, all of which makes flying the quadricopter very seamless. We were quite interested in seeing exactly what components Parrot used to make their awesome flying device. This holiday season, let’s encourage repair and reuse rather than buying more things we don’t need and won’t last. Affordable, Easy-to-Use 3D Printers. Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus for iPad and Touch Screen Devices. Village Telco » Mesh Potato. Mesh Potato Click for larger view The Mesh Potato is a device for providing low-cost telephony and Internet in areas where alternative access either doesn’t exist or is too expensive.

Village Telco » Mesh Potato

Reading credit cards with a tape head. Homemade Motorcycle Brake Lights. The Hackerspaceshop. Mmmonkey Blown SNES fuse repair. Before you take your Super Nintendo to pieces, you should ALWAYS switch it on after you have unplugged it from the wall.

mmmonkey Blown SNES fuse repair

You'll notice that the power light flashes for a split second, this is the console discharging, some people say you need to leave the On/Off switch in the On position for quite a while before dismantling it - this is up to you. If you have started soldering in your SNES without discharging it, chances are you won't be able to switch your SNES back on again, it'll be dead! You've probably blown the internal fuse, which is easy to replace. With the SNES in pieces again, look near the top left hand corner of the motherboard, see that black thing bridging a gap, you need to remove it, heat up one side of the solder, use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull the fuse up, then heat the other side and pull it totally out. The BTKeychain. The BTKeychain is just what its unimaginative name suggests: a keychain with a Bluetooth interface.

The BTKeychain

It's a device I created to solve a problem my wife has: she never remembers where she put her keys. In addition to the Bluetooth interface, the keychain also has a buzzer and a small battery. The Bluetooth interface is always discoverable. Quadrocopter « Botched. I figured I should finally share the dissertation I produced for the Picopter project.

Quadrocopter « Botched

It outlines the design of most of the platform, going into greater detail in regards to the design and implementation of the quaternion extended Kalman filter I implemented. I'd be happy to answer any questions in regards to this filter. The Design and Implementation of a Robust AHRS for Implementation on a Quadrotor I finally managed to get access to a decent camera on a day with good weather!

The following video is mostly demonstrating the quadrotors stability under the new four-state Kalman filter I have implemented, that estimates both the current pitch/roll and two gyroscope biases. Amelia marzec. Re-wired is is a wearable device that translates ambient sound into haptic feedback using bone conduction technology.

amelia marzec

Description. Converting an Inkjet Printer to Print PCBs. Recently one of my focuses has been to find a way to make the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) creation process easier.

Converting an Inkjet Printer to Print PCBs

Fifty dollars to make your car audio Bluetooth compatible. Civic EPES: Alternator Delete Project (with additional lithium battery...) - Fuel Economy, Hypermiling, EcoModding News and Forum. [UPDATE] This project has been built and is in daily use.

Civic EPES: Alternator Delete Project (with additional lithium battery...) - Fuel Economy, Hypermiling, EcoModding News and Forum

Some finishing touches remain to be done.Circuit drawing, as-built (now shows fuses)Project circuit notes (These are .pdf files; you'll need Acrobat or another .pdf reader to view them) These are a serious circuit diagram and detailed notes. Plan on much more than a quick look if you're interested in building this or something similar. See this post in this thread for project pics. This thread is a spinoff from a discussion in the Alternator vs. no alternator thread. I had a few posts there, starting here: Test: Alternator vs. no alternator = 10% MPG gain @ 70 km/h. Descriptive Camera. The Descriptive Camera works a lot like a regular camera—point it at subject and press the shutter button to capture the scene.

Descriptive Camera

However, instead of producing an image, this prototype uses crowd sourcing to output a text description of the scene. Modern digital cameras capture gobs of "parsable" metadata about photos such as the camera's settings, the location of the photo, the date, and time, but they don't output any information about the content of the photo. Simple proximity sensor. Tinkering with ODB II and the CAN bus. How-To: Electronic Piggy Bank (video) April 23, 2012 AT 12:30 am Learn to make a glowing electronic piggy bank in this tutorial video using the Programmable 1 Coin Acceptor. Video on YouTube and Vimeo, code on Github. Coin Acceptor – Programmable 1 Coin Type. Your project may be free-as-in-speech, but that doesn’t mean it has to be free-as-in-beer. This handy coin validator/acceptor module is just like the ones you’ve seen in arcades.

Comes with the acceptor itself, mounting hardware, and a cable for power/signal. Electronic Papercraft. Cardboard Robot Beetle.A cardboard robot controlled by a radio control set. Three servos are used, one for each "pair" of legs.The cardboard came from the box I got my vacuum cleaner in.