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All About Circuits : Free Electric Circuits Textbooks

All About Circuits : Free Electric Circuits Textbooks

Audio circuits The following links to circuit diagrams and building projects I have found from other web sites. I have tested only very few of them so there is no guaratee that those circuit will work as expected. I don't have more info on those projects than what you can download from those sites which have the circuits. If you have more questions about those circuits then please mail the questions directly to the person who has designed the circuit or to the people responsible for those web pages. Andrea's projects - circuits and documentation Audio circuit at Digital Music Zone - compressors, effects, preamps, microphones, phantom power Digital Music Zone Schematics - compressors, microphones and effects DIY Audio pages Low power ( High power (>30W) Professional audio amplifier circuit diagrams Application notes and datasheets Cool Audio - Harris application note on PWM amplifiers Input Output Input and output in same circuit Other circuits Filters and effects Equipment modifications Misc Misc circuits Home .

Le site de Bigonoff : L'incontournable site sur les microcontroleurs PICs Ce site est en constante évolution N'hésitez donc pas à le consulter régulièrement. Vous y trouverez entre autres: Des cours sur les microcontrôleurs Pic® et ARM, des montages électroniques, des applications complètes et opérationnelles comme un système d'appel infirmières pour maison de repos, un système domotique complet (Domocan), des trucs et astuces, des logiciels gratuits dont un éditeur pour afficheurs LCD graphiques (BigLcd), un programme de réveil à distance de PC via réseau (Easy WakeUp) ou un logiciel de facturation complet (FactuLite). Vous y trouverez également des applications à base d'ARM comme une carte Artnet/DMX à 4 univers. Mais vous n'oublierez pas de passer par la page politique, car il est important de ne jamais laisser son esprit critique au vestiaire, tout qui ne participe pas à l'histoire la subit. Je vous remercie de votre visite Soyez indulgents, je ne suis pas infographe, ni spécialiste en création de site, ce qui explique le peu de richesse graphique.

Welcome to Unisomnia Plastic Pals - Robots who are fun to be with! How voltage, current, and resistance relate : OHM's LAW An electric circuit is formed when a conductive path is created to allow free electrons to continuously move. This continuous movement of free electrons through the conductors of a circuit is called a current, and it is often referred to in terms of "flow," just like the flow of a liquid through a hollow pipe. The force motivating electrons to "flow" in a circuit is called voltage. Voltage is a specific measure of potential energy that is always relative between two points. Free electrons tend to move through conductors with some degree of friction, or opposition to motion. To be able to make meaningful statements about these quantities in circuits, we need to be able to describe their quantities in the same way that we might quantify mass, temperature, volume, length, or any other kind of physical quantity. The "symbol" given for each quantity is the standard alphabetical letter used to represent that quantity in an algebraic equation. What is the amount of current (I) in this circuit?

PCB's on the cheap Decent PCB's on the cheap. Version .2f (original 2003) Dal Wheeler Questions / Comments Email Me! New! Pictures of my business trip to China (6/2006) I've experimented with many home fabricated PCB methods. Toner transfer has been around for a while. 1. Basically use anything that you are comfortable with. 2. Use a gerber file viewer utility to load your newly created images. Printing from within this program as opposed to the layout software also has the nice side-effect of not having the holes included on the copper pads, giving you a little more copper / fudge room when you drill out the board later. On double-sided boards, print the bottom layer, cut out the image leaving 1-2" on one side to allow you to bind the top and bottom together. * Some have written me asking about the magazine stock that I have been using. 3. Clean off the oxide layer with a green kitchen scrubby. 4. 5. Fill a small bowl with luke warm water and a little dish soap.

Christian Tavernier - Electronique, documentations, schémas, réalisations, logiciels, composants Webmaker Our values Webmaker helps people across the world become informed creators of a free and open web. Free Mozilla is a non-profit organization and these open-source tools are created by a global community. They will always be 100% free—now and forever! Local We all use the web in different ways. Mozilla is dedicated to helping you build a web that’s relevant to your friends, family, business or community—no matter where you live.

Main / Home Page Physical Computing is an approach to learning how humans communicate through computers that starts by considering how humans express themselves physically. In this course, we take the human body as a given, and attempt to design computing applications within the limits of its expression. If you're using the physical computing shop at ITP, welcome. This site is the info site for the shop and a portal for other resources. Shop Policies You Should Know All people using the shop must attend a safety seminar once a year and take the safety quiz in order to use the shop. All shop users are expected to follow the instructions of shop staff at all times. Confused as to when you're expected to do when it's your day to clean the shop? Details on shop policies can be found here. What's here: Shop Announcements Things you should be aware of.Shop Events Workshop/Help Session Schedule from the shop staffPeople Shop StaffPolicy Guidelines for shop usersSafety Shop Safety (all shop users should read)

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Couvre beaucoup plus que ce qui est vu dans le cours du cégep. Le premier chapitre est particulièrement intéressant, et morcelé en sous-sections très simples. En anglais - faiblesse pour donner cette référence aux étudiants. by pierreolivier_damours Feb 28

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