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Tuintrends - tuin inrichten en accessoires. Garden, balcony & terrace: the best design ideas. Amazing Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Home ▶8. Схема чертеж строительства летнего душа на даче. Pinterest.


DIY Wood Stove made from Tire Rims - Judy Mason. Byg et højbed, med indbygget drivhus. DIY Flagstone Path Tutorial by tracy.skinner.9. Elements of a Japanese Garden. Create Privacy in Your Yard. Small Garden Ideas. Outdoor Nook. 14 Bohemian Style Gardens. The Babylon Urban Garden Made Out of Bamboo. Vegetable planter beds - DIY Yard Makeover: Front to Back. Deer-Proof Garden Fence Ideas. When you garden in deer country, growing vegetables can be a real challenge.

Deer-Proof Garden Fence Ideas

To keep out high-jumping deer, many gardeners surround their crops with tall fences that have the look of a maximum-security prison. That's not the case in this enclosed garden in rural Redmond, Washington ― it's surrounded by a graceful fence built by Harry Beal of Castle-n-Grounds, based in Duval, Washington. The design of the 10-foot-tall fence is adapted from a pattern the owner saw in a past issue of Sunset. Along the bottom of the fence, closely spaced pickets keep out small animals. What would be the #1 thing on you list if you win the lottery?

This house is #1 on my list! I love every inch of it! The decor is pretty, very comfortable, but what talks to me the most is the architecture, the great attention to details, the amazing Living room and the views! The good thing about it, is that this house is for sale, the bad thing? Crafty finds for your inspiration! No. 4.

Extend your growing season with this easy to DIY hoop house! Raised Garden Bed kits with bench. Les Mable's raised beds with bench seats from new railway sleepers. I thought you might like to see the pictures of my raised bed project with new railway sleepers.

Les Mable's raised beds with bench seats from new railway sleepers

I bought a nice fibreglass pond going cheap, and therefore needed to dig out about 4 cubic metres of soil from the garden. At the same time, my wife wanted a large raised bed for plants, and so this was designed to accommodate the soil removed for the pond. To make life interesting (i.e. more complicated!) The design also incorporates two bench seats about 1 metre wide. Overall length of the bed is 6.4 metres, the short length is 2.5 metres, and the internal width is 0.8 metres. The project used: 10 fence posts, 75mm x 75mm x 1.8m (halved and used to form corners and vertical supports), 20 railway sleepers 95mm x 190mm x 1.8m, 22 railway sleepers 95mm x 190mm x 2.4m, Over 300 railway sleeper screws, most of which are hidden from sight, 3 lengths of decking (2.4m) for the seats and arm-rests. Thanks again for the inspiration.

Now that summer is here, the weather is nice and Stella is home from school we are spending so much time outside in the yard.

We have entertained out there quite a bit as well. We have French doors in our dining room that open up to the outside patio, and on a warm summer evening it’s so fun to open up all the doors and have the breeze come in. I can’t wait to finish landscaping our yard! We haven't planted very many plants at this point and we have allot of work to do. Things are slowly coming together and we are enjoying the process. I always wanted to have that Martha'sVinyard /English Garden feel to our yard. I'm dreaming of... raised beds, arranged with a plan in mind, in an enclosed area to keep out deer - and it should be pretty. I can't remember my source for this picture, but I'll keep looking I'm dreaming of... a garden the deer can't get to.

Here's an interesting idea from The Tucson Gardener. Advice on Canyon Farming From L.A.'s Vegetable Whisperer. Diy: Outdoor Bench From Concrete Blocks & Wooden Slats. Log placemat : Source unknown (pinterest) Natural log pathway : Source White log coffee table Log chair Log bench from chairs : source unknown Interior bench log Log Stool : source unknown Swinging chicken : Source How to make a walled garden : Source.

Diy Make a Rope Ottomans Chair with Old Tire. Small Zen Design Garden Called Pipe Dream. For the development of this small zen conceptual garden, the Australian designer Alison Douglas used concrete pipes to create a sitting area, a basin of water and a corner of external fire.

Small Zen Design Garden Called Pipe Dream

It is named "Pipe Dream". Thanks to his original idea, Alison won a prize in the category "Garden Shop" at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2015 in Australia. By using a few concrete pipes, Alison Douglas created this outdoor area impresses with its unique design. It includes meditation and relaxation area furnished with bed, water basin for a Zen touch and corner external fire. Small Zen garden to relax and meditate... The plants chosen for the development of this garden are plants that live throughout the year.