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Materiales y técnicas

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Composites (resin, concrete etc)

Plásticos. 8 muebles para 8 tendencias. Nota del editor: Esta nota se publicó originalmente en la edición 533 de la revista Obras , 'La vivienda en su laberinto', correspondiente a mayo de 2017.

8 muebles para 8 tendencias

(CIUDAD DE MÉXICO) – La semana del diseño de Milán apuesta este año por propuestas más humanistas, que se alejan de lo meramente decorativo para incidir en una relación más personal con sus usuarios. OPINIÓN: El diseño mexicano, el factor sorpresa en Milán Los diseñadores ofrecen soluciones a estilos de vida donde la conectividad, la tecnología, la sustentabilidad o la movilidad ya forman parte de un sector que cada vez más se interrelaciona con otras disciplinas creativas y tecnológicas.

Color Time to color! "Celebra el descubrimiento de un nuevo tipo de silicón que permite obtener un nivel de transparencia y consistencia similar al cristal de Murano. OPINIÓN: Color, diseño y estados de ánimo en 2017 Nuevos materiales Limitar el impacto que ciertos materiales producen en el medio ambiente es una preocupación constante. Procesos. Una muestra de materiales innovadores mexicanos para el mundo.

Nota del editor: Esta nota se publicó originalmente en la edición 535 de la revista Obras, ' Las empresas de la construcción + grandes de México ', correspondiente a julio-octubre de 2017.

Una muestra de materiales innovadores mexicanos para el mundo

(CIUDAD DE MÉXICO) – En esta biblioteca no hay libros.

Textiles, fibers, fabrics

How to Make Concrete Furniture. Learn to make concrete furniture for interior or exterior settings with one of these seating, table, and firepit choices.

How to Make Concrete Furniture

Create a statement feature for your home, commercial space, or maybe a rooftop environment—the RHOMBA Bench is beautiful, functional, and mobile. Designed by Fu-Tung Cheng, this versatile bench balances the polished surface of concrete and the warm look of wood to deliver a beautifully simple aesthetic for your outdoor living space. If you’re careful when de-molding, you should be able to reuse the form for many castings. Learn More Our most popular how-to guide walks you through the entire process of making a flexible rubber mold and using it to shape fiber reinforced concrete into a fantastic side table. Learn More Part modern and part rustic, the Quadra Concrete Fire Cube was expressly designed by Fu-Tung Cheng to rekindle the nostalgia of gathering around a wood-burning campfire. Learn More. Rolling concrete furniture from Oso Industries.

Concrete furniture on a diet: Cool looks, lighter weight. Pantone declared a kicky orange called Tangerine Tango as color of the year, but one of the most interesting shades hitting stores and websites this season is the cool, calm, collected gray of concrete.

Concrete furniture on a diet: Cool looks, lighter weight

The material’s sheer weight made it too difficult for furniture makers to manipulate and too expensive for retailers to ship in years past, but lately designers have been experimenting with lightweight composites that allow a shopper to carry a concrete side table without getting a hernia. Zachary A. Bitner said one of his chairs in traditional concrete would tip the scale at 350 pounds, but when the same chair is made with his formulation of coarse sand and fiberglass, the weight drops to 50. The lighter composite needs no sealant and makes the piece easier to move and more resistant to cracking than concrete, Bitner said. How to Make Concrete Furniture. Hocker Heinrich Concrete Stool. We’re big fans of concrete furniture and their unusual aesthetics.

Hocker Heinrich Concrete Stool

What we aren’t fans of is the inordinate weight, which makes it all but impossible to move around the house all on your own. That won’t be a problem with the Hocker Heinrich, a concrete stool that eliminates the uncomfortable heft of similar pieces. How? By combining the sealed concrete exterior with a steel and fiber frame, allowing it to retain the aesthetics of concrete furniture without the kind of weight that’s going to break your back when you try to move it to a different part of the room. We’re not saying it’s light at all (it weighs 79 pounds, after all), but any able-bodied man should able to move it from one spot to another, allowing you to treat it more like a regular stool that can appear wherever it’s needed in the house.

Available now, the Hocker Heinrich is priced at €680. The Making of a Concrete Bench by Sticks and Stones Furniture. Sticks and Stones, a fabricator of concrete furniture, located in British Columbia, Canada, have shared with us their process of making one of their concrete benches.

The Making of a Concrete Bench by Sticks and Stones Furniture

The concrete benches are part of their Social Series that includes a fire table. The inspiration for the Social Series comes from sitting around campfires with friends or family that lends itself to great conversation. Here are some photos of a bench being made… The concrete mixer for mixing the concrete. Adding fibers to the mix. Casting Thin Concrete Furniture with GFRC. Concrete furniture has been around for as long as concrete countertops have.

Casting Thin Concrete Furniture with GFRC

In those early days, concrete furniture was primarily made out of precast concrete. Since it needed to be reinforced with steel, the concrete tended to be thick, massive and heavy. This made large, thin and delicate pieces impractical or impossible. The current trend towards using glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) has changed that. GFRC is a form of concrete that has inherently high flexural strength. Try this at home: A workshop with Tejo Remy. Comfort zones "I must confess, this workshop will take me way out of my comfort zone, " I sheepishly admitted to Tejo Remy, Dutch contemporary designer and partner at Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen, over coffee just before his workshop began.

Try this at home: A workshop with Tejo Remy

"That's the point," he said, "it's out of everybody's comfort zone! " The event, organized by Drexel's University's Mike Glaser, Program Director for the institution's new Product Design program, was led by Remy, who is known for his unique approach to furniture design using reclaimed and commonly-found materials. His works are carried by the famous Dutch distributor Droog design, and have become coveted pieces of high design. HIs latest work is currently on view at Industry Gallery in Washington, D.C. Chest of drawers entitled "You Can't Lay Down Your Memory". "Accidental Carpet" recycled blanket rug by Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen. Try this at home: A workshop with Tejo Remy. How to Make Concrete Furniture. Home — Precious Plastic. Cerámica Tres Piedras » Barbotina para colada. Hacer una arcilla líquida, no consiste solamente en agregar agua y batir; hay que inducir a la arcilla a levigar.

Cerámica Tres Piedras » Barbotina para colada

La levigación consiste en provocar la dispersión de partículas de la pasta de arcilla y formar una emulsión y que ésta se mantenga por mucho tiempo. Cuando esto se logra, en cerámica, se le llama barbotina defloculada. Las barbotina tienen muchos usos, el más común es para colar moldes de yeso para reproducir piezas cerámicas.