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The Hairy Who. Little. Sheba the seductive russian spy. The Woodcuts of Fritz Eichenberg. The Master at Work It is difficult to conceive of an artistic medium more naturally suited to the Victorian Gothic than the woodcut, or a graver whose style so powerfully evokes the sinister and tempestuous spirit of the genre so well as Fritz Eichenberg.

The Woodcuts of Fritz Eichenberg

Distinctive for their dramatic composition and stagecraft, wild, curvilinear textures and darkly-hewn, agonizing characters, Eichenberg’s illustrations are featured in the work of the Brontë sisters and Edgar Allan Poe, as well as Dostoevsky, Shakespeare, and a laundry list of other classic writers distinguished for exploring themes of social injustice, spiritual conflict and emotional turmoil. Born in Cologne in 1901, his Jewish descent and outspoken opposition to the rising Nazi movement obliged him to emigrate to America in 1933, where he went on to work with such publishers as the Limited Editions and Heritage Club.

Wuthering Heights. Threnody to the new victims of hiroshima. Ghazala's Threnody and Requiem CDs can be ordered through Realization Recordings •perfect sound forever:Perfect Sound Forever's interview with Ghazala on his art of "Circuit-Bending" •magnet: "...continuing in the tradition of such sound pioneers as Karlheinz Stockhausen and John Cage, Q R Ghazala is blazing new paths as an experimental composer, musician and instrument designer...

There are some works i seldom listen to, yet represent for me a sort of ne plus ultra of musical achievement; one of these being the "Threnody to the New Victims of Hiroshima" by Q.R. Ghazala, an electronic musician who builds his own instruments, including the "vox insecta" which performs this. His aim was to synthesize an insect voice that is the voice of all insects, & doubtless he has succeeded. The monotonous, almost subliminally-varying buzz is just a little more disturbing than white noise, & one can ask if an insect orchestra would really not invest more effort in dynamics, since bugs in general seem not overfond of repose. But these are quibbles. It's a masterpiece. (Xv. 5/30/03) – graywyvern

These records (Requiem, Threnody) stand as art...

threnody to the new victims of hiroshima

The voices of dissonance and chance make themselves heard, and out of the chaos rises unity and beauty" -Michael Hopkins. My favorite single piece of music. Glenda Jackson on Margaret Thatcher's legacy... Tribute to geocities. Death's Jest-book; Or, The Fool's Tragedy : Thomas Lovell ] [Beddoes. GFP BUNNY. Selected articles and interviews about GFP Bunny Public debates about GFP Bunny Transgenic art bibliography Alba is undoubtedly a very special animal, but I want to be clear that her formal and genetic uniqueness are but one component of the "GFP Bunny" artwork.

"On Alba, the G F P Bunny" With help from some whitecoats, Ed Kac Patched the genes of a rabbit in spots, So the right wavelength'd blues Turn her pelt bright chartreuse. What's wrong with this picture? Er...lots. 5-13-01 – graywyvern

Alba, the fluorescent bunny.


Photo: Chrystelle Fontaine "Alba", the green fluorescent bunny, is an albino rabbit. The first phase of the "GFP Bunny" project was completed in February 2000 with the birth of "Alba" in Jouy-en-Josas, France. Coin issued by the Roman emperor Hadrian, AD134-8; 20mm Hadrian reigned from 117 to 138 AD. The human-rabbit association can be traced back to the biblical era, as exemplified by passages in the books Leviticus (Lev. 11:5) and Deuteronomy (De. 14:7), which make reference to saphan, the Hebrew word for rabbit.

In addition to selective breeding, naturally occurring genetic variations also contributed to morphological diversity. "GFP Bunny" is a transgenic artwork and not a breeding project. Turkish star wars. Le voyage. Godspeed thread.

Perhaps it is no longer a signifier of eka-hipsterism to like this band. – graywyvern

Duncan's HD Book. Gadsby : Ernest Vincent Wright. Fullscreen Author:Ernest Vincent WrightKeywords:Fiction--Experimental; Fiction--Literary; Fiction--U.S.; Fiction--Slice-of-life; Lipograms; Americana; Cities, American--Fiction; Mayors--Fiction; Children--Fiction; Work--FictionPublisher:Los Angeles: Wetzel Publishing CompanyYear:1939Language:EnglishCall number:PS 3545.R33 G3 1976 (Swarthmore College)Book contributor:Reginald RouthwickCollection:opensource Description This novel of 50,000+ words, written during 1936 and 1937, is famous for lacking the English letter "e" in its manuscript.

Gadsby : Ernest Vincent Wright

Prior to writing it, author Ernest Vincent Wright (March 26, 1871-October 7, 1939) also penned three books of poetry: The Wonderful Fairies of the Sun (1896), The Fairies That Run the World and How They Do It (1903), and Thoughts and Reveries of an American Bluejacket (1918). His first credited work, "When Father Carves the Duck", first appeared in an 1891 issue of the Boston Evening Transcript and has appeared in numerous anthologies over the years since. Irene Iddesleigh by Amanda McKittrick Ros. Lalla Rookh (1817), by Sir Thomas Moore (1779-1852) Lionel fanthorpe.