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Mongolia Live - Journal. Archi duaso. 10 casas ancias Arquitetura Sustentavel 01. Najpiękniejsze przykłady i inspiracje - Budowanie / Jurty - Yourte contemporraine sur Poitiers 86. Tält, Camping och Modern Inredning. The Past Dwells in the Future. I write about real estate on this blog, but it’s time for a little diversion.

The Past Dwells in the Future

Today we have some fun looking at something that is still real estate, but not your traditional home. I wrote the following article for Pacific Northwest Home magazine, and it was published a little over a year ago. What is the latest popular trend? I’m not asking what the latest technology fad is or what gimmick Steve Jobs is marketing. Forgetting about technology, gadgetry, and the Internet for a few minutes, what is one of the most popular trends around the country? Photo Courtesy of Rainier Industries Where did yurts come from? Yurts are framed in a round design and are traditionally covered with felt or canvas. Yurts typically arrive as do-it-yourself kits, and prices vary from less than $3,000 to $10,000 plus, depending on your options. State parks currently rent 38 yurts and 35 cabins in 11 parks across the state, with the most recent additions being yurts at Seaquest State Park, near Mount St.

Google+ Yurtstory: the history of yurts ancient and modern. By becky kemery, author of YURTS: Living in the Round Many, many years ago-centuries ago, in fact-there lived a people with oak colored skin and almond eyes, herders on horseback and camel who followed sheep and goats and yak across ancient grasslands at the top of the world.

Yurtstory: the history of yurts ancient and modern

Theirs was a land of bitter extremes, wind-swept steppes bounded by jagged peaks, long winters cold beyond imagining that melted into short green grassy summers when the herds multiplied and there was milk and meat in abundance. Designocalm — Mickey Muennig  California glass domed Greenhouse... Yurt homes. Wattle & Daub Yurt. Posted by Jeffrey | Posted in Earthen Yurt | Posted on 23-06-2012 Tags: aprovecho, bamboo, daub, earthen, kiko denzer, natual building, reciprocal roof, wattle, wattle and daub, yurt Project led by: Kiko Denzer Location: Aprovecho, Cottage Grove, OR Date: August 2012 This earthen yurt was built as part of the ‘sustainable shelter series’ at Aprovecho. The yurt is made from site harvested bamboo, lashed together using recycled bailers twine. It features a reciprocal roof, meaning that every beam is supported by all the beams in front, and in turn supports all behind it.

The beauty of the yurt is the circular space it contains, we live so often in box shaped houses with box shaped rooms. Gotta Getta Ger (Yurt) We have the land.

Gotta Getta Ger (Yurt)

We have a house we are selling. Our next step is to move all our stuff and us over TO the land and build our home. Although we love to camp, and in recent history here in Texas, we could lay out all of our stuff in the naked meadow after June 1st without fear of a raindrop touching it before October, some sort of shelter seems prudent. *This article is not about LIVING in a Ger (yurt), but about the choosing, research and shopping end of the process. The assemblage and living part will be another story… Unless you have found a place with a home already on it (my last two homesteads have been one of these), or have a lot of money lying idle and can afford to build your new house while living in your old house (I’ve heard some people can actually do this, although no one in my social circle can claim such high finance), you’ll be faced with the dilemma of where to live in the ‘between time’.

Rocket Mass Heaters and Rocket Stoves at Wheaton Labs (with pics!) Here is a list of all the rocket mass heaters and rocket stoves at wheaton labs.

Rocket Mass Heaters and Rocket Stoves at Wheaton Labs (with pics!)

A rocket mass heater is a space heating system developed from the rocket stove, an efficient cooking stove invented for and introduced in developing nations in the late 80's and early 90's to decrease fuel usage and smoke emission. The Rocket mass heater is a hybrid with elements of this efficient wood burning stove and a masonry heater. In contrast to the masonry heater, which requires advanced masonry skills, the rocket mass heater can be built by any enthusiast with basic masonry and engineering skills.

A rocket mass heater can usually be put together using recycled and natural materials such as cob, bricks, rocks and a metal barrel or cylinder. Yurta: The Optimized Yurt. OK, yurts are no longer a bad hippie joke; they are light and efficient and a viable alternative to traditional construction.

Yurta: The Optimized Yurt

We have shown traditional Mongolian yurts, learned from David Masters that living in a yurt is quite comfortable, and seen "updated" yurts before; From near Ottawa, Canada comes the Yurta, Marcin Padlewski and Anissa Szeto's reinvention of the traditional nomadic dwelling. "The main structure, visible on the inside, is made of wood; showcasing the natural feel and aesthetic qualities of the Yurta (such as the frame) The outer covers are sewn with great care and precision and can be made of various materials, like marine canvas or polyesters. "- if you compare it to David's Pacific Oregon yurt, it appears far lighter and more open than the more traditional designs. "The circular space is simply beautiful; combining the finest elements of traditional and modern designs.