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'Home is where you park it': RV life gaining popularity. Moe and his wife have been living a couple months of the year in their motor home for about six years.

'Home is where you park it': RV life gaining popularity

Now that he's just a couple years from retiring as a teacher, football coach and athletic director in Washburn, N.D., they're shopping to upgrade to their dream machine to coast across America's backways and byways in a recreational vehicle. "I just think it's a neat way to travel," Moe said last week outside of his RV, parked in Fargo's Lindenwood campground.

"You get a good view of the road. " The Moes aren't alone. Camping with some or all of the comforts of home has made a roaring comeback as the nation has put the Great Recession into its rearview mirror. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association estimates 22 million Americans have planned trips this summer by RV, a term that can cover a broad range of trailers and vehicles—from basic pop-up campers and pickup toppers to large fifth-wheel trailers and bus-size luxury motor homes worthy of rock stars.

Modest options popular. Benefits of Lightweight Travel Trailers. Eco-friendly has deep meaning in RV World.

Benefits of Lightweight Travel Trailers

Check benefits of latest generation of lightweight, economic, weather resistant EverGreen Ever-LiteTM travel trailers. IntroductionTrying to pick up a travel trailer that is cost-effective and reliable is quite a challenge for many people. With so many different styles and preferences out there, it’s hard to understand what you should be looking for and what you should be avoiding. So let’s try here to summarize the basic facts about lightweight travel trailers starting with two statements: Lightweight travel trailers are becoming more popular because they offer versatility without pressuring your car with too much weight. ... see it yourself....! Benefits Since some time “Eco-friendly” is a word of the day. 5 Advantages of Ultra Light Travel Trailers. Ultra lite travel trailers are becoming increasingly popular in the RV industry.

5 Advantages of Ultra Light Travel Trailers

We’re a busy nation and more and more families want a comfortable RV that will allow them to view the many incredible sites that can be found throughout our country. Ultra lite travel trailers offer many advantages over larger travel trailers and fifth wheels. Read on to learn more about how these RVs might meet your family’s travel needs. Fuel Efficiency | Sure gas prices are hitting record lows, but who doesn’t want to save money on gas. Less fuel used is better for the environment and pocketbook friendly. Easy Towing | Since these RVs are so light, you can easily tow them from site to site, without worrying about the added skill needed to tow a larger unit. Love Your RV - RV Boondocking Basics - Water,Waste,Fuel,Power,etc. Introduction These last few months traveling the US South West we have really embraced dry camping without hookups or also called Boondocking.

Love Your RV - RV Boondocking Basics - Water,Waste,Fuel,Power,etc

We thoroughly enjoy boondocking. Usually there are little or no camping fees, beautiful scenery, peace and quiet and as large as you want camping area. Nowadays getting out and camping in a remote looking area doesn’t mean not being in touch. Many great boondocking locations have good cell and internet data coverage.

RV Camping Options

Boondocking Tips - How to and Where to. Boondocking, Off the grid, Off the cord, Dispersed Camping, Dry Camping or Wild Camping are all names for camping or RV’ing without any hook ups (water, electric or sewer).

Boondocking Tips - How to and Where to

Boondocking is probably the most popular term in the RV community, Dispersed Camping is what the government agencies (BLM, National Forest, etc.) call it, but our personal favorite is Wild Camping, not just because it sounds cool but because it embodies what it’s all about…driving out into the wild and camping. This is the ultimate way to shrink your footprint, disconnect and truly surround yourself with nature (and save a lot of money while doing it). For us Wild Camping is our hands down favorite way to live and the ultimate reason to own an RV.

Don’t believe us? Watch this video we made a couple of years ago when we really started getting into boondocking, then we’ll dive into all our tips and tricks to get you out in the wild! Confessions of a RAGBRAI addict. There are always lots of alternatives for showering – schools, college dorms, swimming pools, etc. – but showering right in the campground is hard to beat, unless you’re staying with a host family.

Confessions of a RAGBRAI addict

Another well-run club is Team Moore-On, based in Sacramento, California. They travel with two RVs to carry gear, and stay with a host family every night. The biggest challenge is getting to Iowa if you don’t already live there. Topic: RV Usage. Rand McNally - TripMaker. Camping and RVing road trip ideas. Motor homes - America's Top 10 RV Road Trips. Back before airplane travel became a popular mode of travel, the drive to a destination was considered as much a part of the vacation experience as the destination itself.

Motor homes - America's Top 10 RV Road Trips

Those who drive motor homes cross-country are embracing the traditions of yesterday as they seek adventure on the open road. Below are the top 10 American road trips that are simply perfect for motor homes Shipwreck Coast (Michigan): The Shipwreck Coast runs along the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. This road trip reaches from Grand Marais to Whitefish Point. The Whitefish Point area of Lake Superior is the location of more lost ships than any other spot in the lake.

Route 66 (Arizona to Chicago): Although the traditional Route 66 is no longer open to travel, you can still enjoy a piece of history as you travel west from Chicago into Santa Fe. Columbia River Highway (Oregon): This 70-mile drive holds the distinction of being the first highway in America labeled a National Historic Landmark. 18 Road Trip Hacks That Will Actually Make Your Trip Awesomer. The Great American Road Trip can become even greater when you tweak a few simple things about your approach.

18 Road Trip Hacks That Will Actually Make Your Trip Awesomer

Heed our advice, grab a couple close friends, and get out there on the best trip of your life. 1. Make a plan, but not a rigid one. If you’ve got a time limit (as most road trippers do), it’s smart to plot out which city you’ll sleep in each night before setting off. Plan so your driving time is eight hours or less per day, but don't plan anything more than that. 2. 3. Rand McNally Blog – New RVer - RV Living - Planning an RV Budget. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Images_of_Money To get the most out of your RV travels, you’ll want to prepare a budget and try your best to stick to it!

Rand McNally Blog – New RVer - RV Living - Planning an RV Budget

Some RVers execute a trip with military precision and others simply follow the wind to the next destination. No matter how you travel, one thing’s for sure: if you run out of money you won’t make it very far. One Guy Figured Out How To Plan The Best Road Trip Ever. Don't know where to go on your next family road trip?

One Guy Figured Out How To Plan The Best Road Trip Ever

Let your computer decide for you! At least that's what two people did when they decided to plan the a road trip to see the entire United States. Discovery News Reporter Tracy Staedter got in touch with Randy Olson, a Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State University, asking if he could create an algorithm to plan a road trip of her choosing. Staedter picked out the list of stops for the trip and Olson mapped out everything in just a few minutes with the algorithm he created. The criteria for the trip were simple: stop in all 48 states in the contiguous U.S.; only make stops at nationally-recognized sites; only drive to said landmarks.

To see an interactive version of the map, click here. 5 Tips to Go RVing on A Cross Country RV Trip. How to buy a used RV or camper without spending a lot. With the 2015 camping season coming to an end, fall and winter are the best seasons to find deals, experts say. Whether you’re shopping for a light-weight, popup trailer for the family or an RV motorhome with luxurious amenities, buying a second- or third-hand unit can free you from camping with a tent and keep your love of the great outdoors affordable. Buying a new RV or travel trailer will cost you a lot more than buying used. A top of the line 28-foot Airstream Land Yacht (you know, the sleek stainless steel metal kind) can start at $146,000 and a Motorhome RV can run up to $1 million. New units may also depreciate very quickly. For most Americans, especially those who only go on a handful of camping trips a year, shopping for an affordable “used” unit might be the best option.

Local RV sales rising with help from millennials. The recreational vehicle industry is growing again, and local RV dealers are no exception. "Definitely, business is up," said Dennis Dalheim, general manager of Dixie RV Superstore. "The RV industry has always been a leading indicator in the economy. It truly tells people are spending money. " Since the recession, RV manufacturers have had to improve amenities and technology, like flat-screen TVs, sound systems, decor, flooring and countertop materials and even electric fireplaces, said Dodd RV President Jamie Dodd.

Tips to Finding Great Deals on Used Campers and Motorhomes. 7. Beware of common and not-so-common problems You might think that an RV with low mileage is a real plus, for example. Not necessarily. In his book, Bill Myers recommends looking for a used RV with at least 10,000 miles on it (and preferably not more than 35,000), since too few miles can be an indicator of a problem-prone vehicle or one that's difficult to drive. Motorhomes that have been parked and unused will almost always require expensive service, Myers writes, including replacing fuel pumps, belts, batteries, tires and brakes, and rebuilding the carburetor on the generator. 8.

Virgins Guide to Buying an RV. Buying an RV is a long process and a big investment which is why you want to get it right the first time around. Now, how to do that… We are 30 years old and we are getting ready to purchase our 4th RV, so needless to say, we know the process better than we would like to admit. Lucky you, we are going to share all of our hard earned, money pit, time consuming, mistake ridden knowledge on how to find the right RV for you. Or as my grandmother liked to say, “Let me give you some pearls”. Best Time to Buy a RV. Many people wonder when is the best time to buy a RV? Though many dealers are looking to sell last year's inventory during late summer, there isn't a specific season that is better than the others to purchase a recreational vehicle. An educated buyer can always have an advantage, any day of the year. 'Tis the Season to Find the Right Gifts for RV Enthusiasts. Choosing a Toy Hauler - Things Bob Looks For. Choosing a toy hauler is somewhat different than buying an RV in general, because of all the storage room and how they are used.

If I were buying a toy hauler, these are things I would shop for. LoveYourRV Blog Postings. #Loloho » Blog Archive » Top 20 Gift Ideas for RV Campers. This year we’ve been examining all those products that have made our Airstream travels enjoyable. Shady Truth about Buying an RV. There’s no doubt about it, we love the freedom and ease of spontaneous travel that comes with RV’ing.

It suits our travel lifestyle perfectly! 5 Cool RV Christmas Gift Ideas For Under $50 – Wheeling It. By libertatemamo 42 Comments It’s the time of year where carols fill the air, the smell of fir trees (or cactus, depending on your location) waft through the RV, jolly thoughts of eggnog and food fill the belly and gifts are exchanged. Business Related Travel Expenses Can Be Deducted. Business-related foreign travel expenses are tax deductible. However, because of the potential for abuse (e.g., sneaking in a Paris vacation under the guise of a business trip), these expenses are scrutinized closely by the IRS. Good documentation is an absolute must. If you travel outside the U.S. purely for business purposes, all your travel expenses of getting to and from your business destination are deductible. 6 Good Reasons To Start An RV-Based Business. How to Plan the Perfect RV Camping Family Reunion. Tailgating-Motorhomes.pdf. College Football Tailgating by RV / Motorhome.

For college football fans, there’s nothing quite like the sounds and excitement of game day. You Winterized Your RV But Did You Prepare It For Storage? - RV Information (RV Maintenance) Mark J. Step By Step RV Winterizing Checklist - RV Information (RV Maintenance) Mark J. RV Winterizing and Storage. RV Tips & Advice Center. 14 Steps to Winterizing an RV - Bish's RV Super Center. Quick Fifth Wheel Winterizing with RV Antifreeze - Love Your RV! RV Winterizing and Storage. RV Winterizing and Storage. The Importance of Winterizing your RV. 4 facts about multigenerational housing — from boomerang children to aging parents. The Secret to Living Well on $11,000 a Year. Experience Life: 10 Tips for RV Tailgating. RV Tailgating: It's Time To Pack Up & Prepare For Your Next Tailgate Party! Best Pop-up Campers: 5 Brands and Why You Should Get One - Best Travel Trailers Guide.

RV Type Pros & Cons. Families, retirees flock toward recreational vehicle lifestyle. Families, retirees flock toward recreational vehicle lifestyle. Pop-Up Camper Roundup: Traveling for Less. Pop-ups vs. Trailers: Which is Right for You? Looking To Sell Your RV? Here Are Some Tips To Get The Most Money. Trading in or Selling Your RV or Motorhome. Get The Most From Your RV Trade In In Wisconsin - Horns RV Center Blog. CSRA Camperland. RV Values: How To Find Out What Your RV Is Really Worth. RV Values: How To Find Out What Your RV Is Really Worth. How To Get the Most for your Used RV, preparing your RV for the best price. An RV Loan Helps You Hit the Road. Rainy Day Activities. Camping Activities for Kids on Rainy Days. Pre - Trip Maintenance at The DMV Made Simple. How To Safely Pull a Trailer at The DMV Made Simple. Ten Towing Tips. Homemade Dry Shampoo - Simple Inexpensive and Effective.

12 Easy Steps to Save Water While Boondocking - Bathroom Edition. Water Conservation in Your RVRoadtreking : The RV Lifestyle Blog. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association: Business Indicators. Internet RV Loans vs. Dealer Financing. RV financing made easy with Paul Sherry RVs! Can I get an RV Loan at a Bank or Credit Union? Can I get an RV Loan at a Bank or Credit Union? The RV industry, thriving, is getting younger.

Finance Your RV? - Bish's RV Super Center. Google. Terrific RV Road Trips and Tips. Tips for RV Travel Vacations With children Grandchildren. Tips for RV Travel Vacations With children Grandchildren. Grandparent Camps Promote Bonding With Grandchildren. Trending: Grandparents Traveling With Grandchildren : TravelAge West. Get Away with the Family. RV-Tripping with the Grandkids. Facts and Fiction About Renting an RV for Your Family Vacation. Budget-Friendly Vacation Ideas Grandchildren Love. Take the Grandchildren RVing. 24 Best Midwest Campgrounds. Look Who’s Buying More RVs Than Ever Before. JOURNEYS - Battle Under the Firs - The RV's vs. the Tents.

The Camping Debate: Tents VS. RVs. What every RV Purchaser Needs to Know Before Buying. Used 2013 Forest River Berkshire Class A Diesel For Sale In Madison, WI - MAD540380. Des Moines, Iowa RV, Boat, Camper and Car Storage Rental - Our Pricing. Buying an RV? Take this with you and check it off! RV Guide. Our Tent on Wheels: A Pop-Up Camper Vacation. Good Sam Club. Virgins Guide to Buying an RV. What To Look For When Buying A Used RV Trailer Or Fifth Wheel. 6 Things to Ask Yourself When Buying an RV. What's the difference between a trailer and a 5th wheel, besides the obvious? 15 RV Blogs You Should Be Reading » Gypsy Journal RV Travel Newspaper.