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Camper Vans and Ideas

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SpaceKap. Cheap RV Living. And what about gas mileage?

Cheap RV Living

With a car you may get 50 mpg and with an RV you may get 5 mpg. Since we are living cheaply, this is a very important consideration. It’s hard to be too specific with mpg numbers. If you buy a 1975 1 ton pickup with a 454, you might get 6 mpg with a camper, but if you buy a 2005 diesel, you may get 20 mpg with the same camper. If you get a 1985 Ford van with a 460, you may get 6 mpg but if you get a 302 V8 you may get 22 mpg. STEALTH PARKING: After I bought the van, I didn’t know where to go with it. I have a cell phone, a loan payment, van insurance, and credit cards. Kitchen: This changed several times as I was building it. The Pee Bottle: First and foremost, the pee bottle must be leakproof and unbreakable for obvious reasons! Spill Proof – One fear I have in van or tent is fumbling and spilling the pee bottle before I have the lid screwed on all the way. . * What vehicle to buy? Boxer Swaps - Build a drawer system for a Defender - Drive Out. Ben van Dyk couldn’t find the specific kind of drawer system for his Defender.

Build a drawer system for a Defender - Drive Out

So he built one himself. Why did you decide to build a drawer system? I mainly built it to make life easier for us when camping. I don’t like stopping over for more than two nights in one place, so I don’t want to unpack every time we stop. I want to pitch camp as soon as possible and live out of the back of the Defender as much as possible. I wanted two side-by-side drawers that could open independently.

The containers in the drawers needed to be easily removable so that I can pack and unpack quickly at home. As I live right next to the sea where everything rusts, I wanted something that could withstand that. It also needed to be strong enough to handle rough roads. I decided to build instead of buy, because I couldn’t find a system with two separate drawers that could take removable containers anywhere. How did you design the system? Planning the system took longer than building it.

Tools used: Wonderfully! Yet another E350 build. I really needed to add a window behind the driver, after lots of searching for a window that looked identical to the window in a passenger van (ie fit in the van body indentation), I gave up.

Yet another E350 build

There simply aren't any aftermarket windows for the econoline, with an identical shape / size as Ford intended. They either go over the body lines in the van and IMO look silly, or are tiny. I started looking into grafting a passenger window into a panel van, but quickly ruled out that as too much work. So in the end, I decided on a CRL window as that was the closest in size to the van body indentation. 3/4" shy on all sides.After 2 returned windows that were damaged in shipping (not surprising the way it was packed), the 3rd arrived with only a small dent in the frame that I managed to bend out without too much difficulty. So onto installing it.Had the wife pull off all the interior material added by the previous owner. Zen Adventure Van Page. Contact: Note to Visitors - Many of these pages are really just rough notes the webmaster has hastily thrown together for personal future reference.

Zen Adventure Van Page

These pages are often not proof read for grammar, correctness, completeness or for safety. Also keep in mind that these pages are not "up to date" and that information, the web and the world changes over time. As most of these pages have also "aged", many the links listed on them seem to have died away. If a link is dead, you can try Zen Campers, Pop Tops, RVs, Caravanettes, Conversion Vans, Expedition Vans, Expo Vans, Campervans, Kompaktes Reisemobil and other Adventure Vans and Adventure Wagons.

Information concerning the Mercedes 0309D and similar buses and vans, as well as L series trucks. From Cargo to Camper Van. Original cargo van interior with metal shelving If you are looking for a small, affordable RV, I hope this article detailing how my sister Gail built her camper van will spark your DIY enthusiasm.

From Cargo to Camper Van

This is not meant as a step-by-step tutorial. It’s intended to show you how she designed a camper that suited her unique travel needs. She wanted a van that she could overnight in without hookups one or two nights on the way to a destination. But once she arrived at her destination, she would plug into shore power. You may well prefer to build yours differently. You can click the photos to enlarge them if you would like to see more detail.

Choosing the Cargo Van Gail’s two most important considerations when looking for a The decals give a fun, friendly touch to the van’s utilitarian exterior. suitable used cargo van were inside standing room and an engine in good condition without excessive mileage. Van exterior showing the air conditioner vent that Gail added on the side. The New Floor Making the Beds. The best reSource for Sprinter van owners and enthusiasts. The best reSource for Sprinter van owners and enthusiasts.

The best reSource for Sprinter van owners and enthusiasts.

Sprinter-Forum- the Sprinter Discussion - Sprinter-Wiki- the Sprinter Encyclopedia- Building an Adventure Van. Shopping for a Sprinter Each Sprinter comes with a few variables. 2500 vs 3500.

Building an Adventure Van

The 3500 is a dually. 3500 (extended): Roof Heights: High roof (as seen above.. you can stand up inside) vs. Outside Van - Custom Sprinter Conversions - CamperVan Conversion Experts.