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Laser Cutters UK - Desktop & Commercial Laser Machines. CO2 Laser Cutter Engraving Machines are very popular amongst crafters, sign makers and other industries where processing materials such as leather, card, acrylic, plywood, cloth etc with high accuracy and complexity. make custom logos on acrylic, wood, paper, metals, plastics, and an array of other materials.

Laser Cutters UK - Desktop & Commercial Laser Machines

As standard a CO2 Laser can only mark onto anodised, and coated metals, they will not cut. You would need what we call a Metal/non-metal cutter that utilises oxygen as an assisting element to cut through thin metals. A CO2 Laser uses a gas filled glass tube and a number of glass mirrors, to fire a focused laser beam through the tube and down through the laser cutting head. Video Demonstrations. This page includes videos for a number of different laser applications on various materials.

Video Demonstrations

These include cutting, engraving and scoring materials and are aimed to show you our laser machines in action. Laser Machine Running Costs, Fibre Laser, Laser Engravers,CNC Laser Cutter - CTR Lasers. The accurate running costs of any machine are difficult to calculate.

Laser Machine Running Costs, Fibre Laser, Laser Engravers,CNC Laser Cutter - CTR Lasers

This is because they depend on so many variables. However, for the purpose of this guide we will consider the following three points: 1. Power Consumption All the laser machines need a PC to operate. 2. These consumables vary in expected life depending on the power setting being used. The other parameters to be considered are the time to load jobs and the time to cut/engrave (laser on). 3. Community – Rotrics. Untitled. I received the Dremel LC40 laser cutter in mid December 2018 and have been using it since then.


I am very pleased with its performance, and have done quite a few projects cutting/engraving hardwood, plywood, paper, acrylics, and cardboard. After 3 month of use I give the LC40 five stars out of five. The LC40 arrived complete with some test materials and worked straight out of the box. It took about a couple of hours to unpack and set up. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. The LC40 has several safety features to make sure that the lid is fully closed, the exhaust vent is running, the water cooling is circulating, the air-assist in running - otherwise you can’t run the laser.

The software is intuitive and allows you to cut and score svg files, as well as engrave b/w or grayscale images from jpeg/png/pdf files. A couple of month ago I went thru the mirror/lens alignment procedure to fine tune the laser cutter. Mayku Formbox - Professional grade vacuum forming on your desktop. Digital Desktop - Vaquform ™ Pearltrees Extension. Mirobot (V3) - The Drawing Robot! The build-it-yourself WiFi drawing robot that teaches children about technology, programming and mathematics What's in the box?

Mirobot (V3) - The Drawing Robot!

Everything you need to build your own robot, just add 4 x AA batteries and a felt tip! All additional features, such as line following, collision detection and sound, are included. How do I use it? Mirobot has been designed to be easily assembled by children aged 7 and up (with supervision) Once built, you can connect via WiFi and use apps to program it. How it works Mirobot comes as a kit to build yourselfIts easily assembled, with no toolsConnect via WiFi and program it with a web browserMake it draw. It's all about the apps! By making Mirobot easy to control, you can take advantage of lots of different apps that can control it in different ways, either directly from your browser or from any programming language.

Explore Mirobot Apps. Gpiozeroruler. The RasPiO GPIO Zero Ruler recently finished KickStarter shipping and is now available for general purchase.


A single is £6 + £1.50 shipping. Discounts for multiples… RasPiO GPIO Zero Ruler – click to enlarge RasPiO GPIO Zero Ruler… Creative electronic tools - Bare ConductiveBare Conductive. Pi-top. About. At Code Club, we think all children should have the opportunity to learn to code, no matter who they are or where they come from.


This is why we support a nationwide network of volunteers and educators who run free coding clubs where young people aged 9-13 build and share their ideas, learning along the way. We currently have more than 10000 clubs in over 100 countries, and our club projects have been translated into 28 languages. Our projects are easy to follow, step-by-step guides which help young people learn Scratch, HTML & CSS, and Python by making games, animations, and websites. The projects gradually introduce coding concepts to allow young people to build their knowledge incrementally, which also means there’s no need for the adult running the session to be a computing expert.

BBC micro:bit : Teachers and Parents. Why competing in the skills Olympics could boost UK growth - BBC News. Vuvuzelas, samba dancing, flags and a whole lot of feel good factor - a huge party has been taking place in Brazil but for once its not to mark a sporting event.

Why competing in the skills Olympics could boost UK growth - BBC News

Instead 1,200 young people from around the globe gathered to compete for medals in the World Skills competition. Limbering up for the UK was Robert Johnson, in the Plastering and Drywall category. He left school at 16 to work for his dad's plastering company in Middlesbrough. "I've been practising three or four days a week as well as helping my dad keep the family business going," says Robert, who has six years plastering experience. 100kGarages - Where projects are made by digital fabricators (fabbers) working with 2-D or 3-D digital fabrication tools - Gallery of Projects. Dream big, build bigger. Stratasys. Introduction to 3D Printing: From Design to Fabrication Download the full curriculum guide for grading tools and more detailed information on each unit below.


The curriculum guide contains all unit guides listed below. Force Feedback / Haptics. Creative Pioneers competition for internships and work in creative industries. Products « Technology Will Save Us – Gadgets you can build at home. This large-scale building kit helps kids learn about engineering, architecture, and design through play. The Rigamajig is a 263-piece large-scale building kit for children, which comes with no instructions or directions, but instead encourages kids to follow their own curiosity to learn about engineering, design, architecture, art, and science, through playing.

This large-scale building kit helps kids learn about engineering, architecture, and design through play

Things to do with stuff. Online video tutorials & training. Studio  "I picked this set up at B&N. It's worth the purchase for any fan of architecture or design. The massive book that comes with it is not an instruction book, but rather an introduction to architectural thought and design. It's concepts make the set worth the purchase alone. There is a good variety of pieces, but omissions such as antennas and cones and other like pieces is baffling; as is the inclusion of images on the box that, while impressive, require a disclaimer that says you can't build the LEGO structures shown with the pieces inside.

The other odd omission is a piece separator. The other odd thing is the interior packing. 3D Printed Robotics for Everyone. Bringing 3D printing to British & Irish Schools. Home. Fab Academy. Design*Make*Play. For ideas, research and inspiration… kid*spark is focused on the design,research, and development Maker/STEaM education systems for classrooms and community groups. Our goals are to: Find and connect the people involved in Maker/STEaM educationEstablish clear, easy-to-understand curriculum and ways to talk about the principles behind Maker and STEaM educationDevelop new curriculum and tools for scoffolded, progressive learning systems that teach kids to be makers of things.

The 7 Basic Literacies of Maker EducationOpen Source Curriculum ProjectRokenbok Rover Kid*spark is now the steward of several initiatives begun by the Rokenbok Education Foundation. The Center for Social and Academic Advancement & UCSD In 2009, UCSD’s Professor Olga Vásquez began conducting research on Rokenbok construction toys with children from underrepresented communities. In collaboration with the Rokenbok Educational Foundation, Dr. Download the full report here. Ocean Discovery Institute.