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Create Free Online Surveys

Create Free Online Surveys
Create interactive Flash quizzes and surveys using different question types, multimedia, styles and informational slides and publish created tests for Web, LMS or Microsoft Word. Create Your Own Quizzes in a Minute Free Quiz Maker provides a set of useful features for the creation of quizzes and surveys. To get access to even more advanced features, test drive the full version. Graded Quizzes and Surveys Create effective and challenging quizzes and informative surveys using numerous different question categories provided by the tool. iSpring's quiz and survey software allows you to enrich tests with additional info slides and multimedia content including audio, video, images and formulas. 23 Question Types Make your quizzes and surveys more engaging and flexible by using different question categories every time.

WebVisions New York: Flexible Systems and Techniques for Better User Experiences Posted by core jr | 25 Jan 2012 | Comments (0) How will our future change with technology? Designers and developers gathered last week to answer this question at WebVisions in New York City. If You Like Socrative, You’ll LOVE Kahoot With summer vacation just a few weeks away it can be easy for students to become distracted, but teachers are still focused on preparing students for final exams. Many teachers look for ways to make review sessions fun and engaging and use tools such as Socrative. As an alternative, teachers can try the free, web-based, device agnostic classroom response system Kahoot. Kahoot allows teachers to create quizzes, discussion questions and surveys.

Listening: A Tour of London Tower Bridge, London (Copyright: Getty) When you visit a city for the first time, a good way to explore it is to go on an organised sightseeing tour. The tour will give you an overview of what there is to see and also provide you with some historical background. A popular way of seeing London is to go in one of the red double deck buses. Charles Kelly's Quiz Generator / Quiz Maker / Quiz Creator / Quiz Builder / Quiz Writer / Quiz Producer What does this page do? From this page you can generate a quiz that can be printed to paper or put online in various formats. How do I generate a quiz? For best results, read all of the steps below before trying to generate a quiz. Step 1: Type the quiz data in your word processor or text editor. Read the the "about" page to find out how to format the data.

UDL Guidelines 2.0 The goal of education in the 21st century is not simply the mastery of content knowledge or use of new technologies. It is the mastery of the learning process. Education should help turn novice learners into expert learners—individuals who want to learn, who know how to learn strategically, and who, in their own highly individual and flexible ways, are well prepared for a lifetime of learning.

100 Tools For Teachers Here are 100 tools to make teachers lives easier, most are free and all are allowed to be used in the classroom Organization & Collaboration Save your bookmarks, collaborate with colleagues, and stay in touch with parents using these web tools. Search Engines & Directories The Five Greatest TED Talks of All Time by Maria Popova Democratizing knowledge, the meaning of life, and why everything we know about creativity is wrong. Today marks the fifth anniversary of TED talks becoming available to the world. As of this week, there are 1000 TED talks online in 81 languages, and they’ve been seen a cumulative half billion times.

Standards Organizations Who’s responsible for setting the standards for the World Wide Web and the information technology universe in general? Here are some of the major players. W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) The W3C is the source for most of the recommendations that concern web developers. 6 Excellent Web Apps To Help You Create Automatic Reminders Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster. Today, we are listing Six Excellent Reminder Web Apps which are very helpful for you to manage your tasks on time and you will never forget anything again. If you are designer, developer, office worker, manager, supervisor, student, home user, etc but we hope that these are worth checking for all of you. Most of them are not very well known but they are really amazing in respect to their features. Just take a look at them and share your thoughts here. You are welcome to share more useful reminder web apps that will be helpful and our readers/viewers may like.

Introducing the TED All-Stars: 50+ classic speakers TED2014 will bring together more than 70 speakers with fresh thinking on topics as diverse as leadership, genetics and the magic of fireflies. But this is our 30th anniversary conference, and it’s also time to look back at some of the incredible ideas surfaced in the past. At TED2014, we will hold five All-Stars sessions that bring 50+ favorite TED speakers back to the stage. To create this powerhouse speaker lineup, we reached out to the TED community and asked: who do you want to see return to TED2014? From there, we invited speakers to appear in these special sessions. The Flexibility of the Four Stages of Competence By Jared M. Spool Originally published: Nov 16, 2011 Lost for decades, an old model has re-emerged to help how we look at today's design challenges. In the 70s, psychologist Noel Burch suggested a model for how we master skills and relationships, calling it the "conscious competence learning model."

Automator: Learn Automator is used in a wide variety of ways within Mac OS X and its hosted applications. This section provides links to training videos and example workflows and collections. Automator Workflows Step-by-step tutorials to create workflows addressing a variety of scenarios, from simple Finder file re-naming to advanced publishing techniques. Automator Actions & Collections One of the great strengths of Automator is its ability to add to its functionality by installing extra actions.

How the Mind Works: 10 Fascinating TED Talks How memory works, what visual illusions reveal, the price of happiness, the power of introverts and more… 1. Peter Doolittle: How “working memory” works “Life comes at us very quickly, and what we need to do is take that amorphous flow of experience and somehow extract meaning from it.” Visual Design Essentials for Non-Designers By Adam Churchill Originally published: Jun 28, 2011 You can read this in Italian thanks to Marco Dini. A while back, I recorded a podcast with designer, Dan Rubin. This was a follow up to his virtual seminar, Visual Design Essentials for Non-Designers.