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Meet The Teachery Features Estimated reading time: 7 minutes This post will serve as the resource for learning about all the fancy features Teachery has to offer. We will continue to keep this post up-to-date as we add new features to our course creation platform. No matter which pricing plan you choose, you’re Teachery account will be fully-featured. Tip: If you are looking for a specific feature, we recommend pressing cmd + F (Mac) or ctrl + F (PC) and typing in a keyword. The 'No Shampoo Experiment': 6 Months Later - Expanded Consciousness By Katherine Martinko It has been six months since I stopped using shampoo. It all started as a short experiment when my editor asked if I’d try the ‘no poo’ method just for the month of January. I agreed reluctantly, and together with Margaret Badore, dived headfirst into the world of extremely alternative hair care.

Studio  "I picked this set up at B&N. It's worth the purchase for any fan of architecture or design. The massive book that comes with it is not an instruction book, but rather an introduction to architectural thought and design. It's concepts make the set worth the purchase alone. There is a good variety of pieces, but omissions such as antennas and cones and other like pieces is baffling; as is the inclusion of images on the box that, while impressive, require a disclaimer that says you can't build the LEGO structures shown with the pieces inside.

Online Education UPDATE: we're doing a live, updated MOOC of this course at stanford-online July-2014 (not this Coursera version). See here: CS101 teaches the essential ideas of Computer Science for a zero-prior-experience audience. Samsung and Khan Academy Partner to Bring Innovative Tablet-Based Educational Training Tool... SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Samsung Media Solutions Center America (MSCA) today announced a partnership with Khan Academy, a not-for-profit organization committed to bringing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere, with the intent of fostering deeper educational engagement through use of new classroom technologies for teachers and students. The partnership commences with a pilot program, in which Samsung provides the Mountain View Whisman School District (MVWSD) with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets, preloaded with a new Khan Academy application developed by Samsung MSCA, which enable students to search and view Khan Academy's extensive library of instructional videos. "Khan Academy is excited to partner with Samsung and MVWSD to enable students in elementary and middle schools to have access to technology that can bring self-paced, personalized and mastery-based learning into the classroom. About Mountain View Whisman School District About Khan Academy

EFL Interactive Grammar Quizzes Printable & PPT Games - Click Here! If you are the type of person who prefers to have games on powerpoint or as printable handouts, we have been thinking of you. We offer board games, powerpoint games and more for the classroom and one to one teaching.

HD Massage Therapy Playlist By Psychetruth HD Back Massage Energy Work Therapy Techniques, How To ASMR Relaxing Music készítette: psychetruth 50 569 megtekintés Friend Us This large-scale building kit helps kids learn about engineering, architecture, and design through play The Rigamajig is a 263-piece large-scale building kit for children, which comes with no instructions or directions, but instead encourages kids to follow their own curiosity to learn about engineering, design, architecture, art, and science, through playing. Sometimes kids learn best through free play, curiosity, and collaboration, and their imaginations can be sparked by just giving them the materials and free reign to create whatever they want. And now, thanks to a new kind of large-scale building kit, kids can get plenty of hands-on experience creating their own structures, machines, and inventions, learning about design and architecture and engineering at the same time.

Show HN: Help us curate the web’s best content for learning programming & design Link here: Despite all the educational material on the web, I found it pretty hard to learn how to code and design. I had trouble finding high-quality content, figuring out what to learn next, and staying motivated without easy ways to track my progress. So, my co-founder and I built Polymath. Pearson Project Will Let Professors Mix Free and Paid Content in E-Textbooks - Wired Campus Pearson, a major textbook publisher, continued its push into digital education on Monday by introducing a service that allows instructors to create e-textbooks using open-access content and Pearson material. A beta version called Project Blue Sky will begin in the spring with the help of Gooru, a nonprofit search engine. When an instructor enters keywords for the subject he or she is teaching, the system sends back a list of Pearson content, free educational content, and material from other commercial providers. The instructor can then pull together material from various sources into one e-book—two chapters from a published textbook, three videos from MIT’s OpenCourseWare, and a research study from Harvard University, for example. The instructor can also upload his or her own material, like a syllabus for the course. The system then calculates a price for the Pearson and third-party content.

Glossary Abduction : This is a term used by Peirce to refer to a form of inference (alongside and ) by which we treat a signifier as an instance of a rule from a familiar code , and then infer what it signifies by applying that rule. Aberrant decoding : Eco's term referring to decoding a text by means of a different code from that used to encode it. See also: Codes , Decoding , Encoding and decoding model of communication Absent signifiers : Signifiers which are absent from a text but which (by contrast) nevertheless influence the meaning of a signifier actually used (which is drawn from the same paradigm set).

Christ Bible Institute Japan - Serving Christ Bible Institute Ministry Opportunities Location: Nagoya, Japan The CBI team currently consists of ten missionaries from four different nations and seven Japanese staff members. CBI ministry opportunities include many areas in which only English is required. Japanese language ability is of course welcome. Stratasys Introduction to 3D Printing: From Design to Fabrication Download the full curriculum guide for grading tools and more detailed information on each unit below. The curriculum guide contains all unit guides listed below. Unit 1: Course Introduction Welcome students to the course and introduce the syllabus, course structure and major assignments. JavaScript as a First Language At Khan Academy we’ve been investigating teaching Computer Science to students in some new and interesting ways. The most interesting aspect of which is that we’re likely going to be teaching them JavaScript as their first language. We’re in a very unique position as we’re primarily aiming to teach students who’ve been through our previous math and science-centric curriculum. Because of this we can create some rather compelling exercises and projects that never would’ve been feasible otherwise.

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