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Free video lectures,Free Animations, Free Lecture Notes, Free Online Tests, Free Lecture Presentations TUTO . com Aptana HTML Tags HTML tags (otherwise known as "HTML elements"), and their respective attributes are used to create HTML documents so that you can view them in browsers and other user agents. Note that not all browsers/user agents support all HTML tags and their attributes, so you should try to test your pages in as many browsers as you can. Complete list of HTML tags Below is a complete list of HTML tags from the HTML 4.01 specification. Also see the HTML 5 version of HTML tags Enjoy this page? Link to this page (copy/paste into your own website or blog): Link to Quackit using one of these banner ads. Thanks for supporting Quackit!

50 Beautiful Flash Websites - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Flash enabled designers and developers to deliver rich content over the browsers, creating motion, interactivity and an impressive visual experience. Good Flash-sites do not require too much bandwidth, load fast and allow for a smooth interaction; besides, beautiful Flash-based sites are Photoshop masterpieces, transporting some kind of reality and fantasy to the Flash movie. In the showcase below we present 50 colorful, creative, interactive and beautiful Flash-based web-sites. You might also want to visit the following articles: 65 Excellent Flash Designs which features 65 examples of outstanding Flash-based web-sites.39 Creative Flash Designs 39 hand-picked creative and colored flash websites Drinks Sites Martini AstiThis Martini site is a nice example of giving a fresh image of a drink. Bacardi – Original Mojito (currently offline)The motion graphics and the water effects in slow motion give a unique style to this site. Portfolios Ari´s Labs. Digaworks Corporation Mon-Monde

Sphere VFX Ltd Best Online Research Apps/Sites You've Never Heard Of Is it possible to conduct research without Google? YES! In fact, it’s NECESSARY for college-level research. Google and other Internet search engines are great tools for researching the basics of any subject. However, when conducting research for accredited college courses, students need to find legitimate, trustworthy resources. By now, you’ve probably noticed that we love making lists, especially when it comes to making learning less expensive (like how we’ve found online colleges that offer laptops to its students). Artcyclopedia – If you’re looking for information on artists or art movements, Artcyclopedia is a great place to begin. BioMedCentral – BioMedCentral is an archive of over 170 biology, chemistry and medical journals. – FindArticles has the text of articles from about 500 print periodicals with coverage back to 1998, and usage is completely free of charge. INFOMINE – INFOMINE is a virtual library of Internet resources. U.S. Did you enjoy this article?

HTML5 This specification defines the 5th major version, second minor revision of the core language of the World Wide Web: the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). In this version, new features continue to be introduced to help Web application authors, new elements continue to be introduced based on research into prevailing authoring practices, and special attention continues to be given to defining clear conformance criteria for user agents in an effort to improve interoperability. This section describes the status of this document at the time of its publication. Other documents may supersede this document. A list of current W3C publications and the latest revision of this technical report can be found in the W3C technical reports index at This document was published by the Web Platform Working Group as a Editors Draft. Publication as a Editors Draft does not imply endorsement by the W3C Membership.

Perl programming documentation Experiments in Web Programming CSS Discuss HTML Help by The Web Design Group AJAX, DHTML and JavaScript Libraries Today JavaScript is widely used by web developers. There are a lot of libraries to add special effects, simple way to implement Ajax, complex components, forms, tabs or everything else. Here’s a collection of Ajax, Javascript and DHTML Libraries. Prototype is a JavaScript Framework that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications. AHAH is a very simple technique for dynamically updating web pages using JavaScript . dojo is an Open Source DHTML toolkit written in JavaScript. AjaxAC is an open-source framework written in PHP, used to develop/create/generate AJAX applications. JSAN – JavaScript Archive Network is a comprehensive resource for Open Source JavaScript libraries and software. Ajax.NET Professional is one of the first AJAX frameworks available for Microsoft ASP.NET and is working with .NET 1.1 and 2.0. AjaxRequest Library is a layer over the XMLHttpRequest functionality which makes the communication between Javascript and the server easier for developers.

css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design

D'aquesta eina m'ha cridat l'atenció que tots els continguts es duen a terme exclusivament amb anglès, a diferència de la plataforma Linkedin Learning. Penso que el fet que només estigui en un sol idioma, limita molt l'accès al públic. És a dir, que no és una plataforma que estigui feta o adaptada per a tota la població, ja que moltes persones no dominen l'anglès. by nataliaprietocarvajal Nov 4

Moltes gràcies, Natàlia!!
Què és el que més t'ha cridat l'atenció? by arubiocarbo Oct 31 ofereix vídeos en línia sobre cursos d'aprenentatge enfocats a la tecnología, negocis, habilitats creatives... per aconseguir objectius personals i professionals. De fet, és la base de la plataforma Linkedin Learning (plataforma educativa que ofereix cursos en vídeo per a millorar les habilitats dels professionals). by nataliaprietocarvajal Oct 27

@Mirlen - that's a great idea ... I'll start looking MUCH more closely and correct accordingly by jp2r Dec 23

There's always going to be duplicates in different areas also ;-) by mirlen101 Dec 23

Oops pressed enter ;-) Some just get put in the "other things" or "unsorted" Pearls until someone decides a better place ;-) by mirlen101 Dec 23

Sometimes if you used a site for one thing you find it works for other things . It's best to make two or more links out of it and label them accordingly . Like if you found really good Plug-ins on a site then on the same site you found great Photoshop tutorials . Then I would go to the pages on Plug-ins label it Plug-ins . Then go to Photoshop Tutorials and label that "Photoshop Tutorials" making 2 seperate links to the same site but different pages ;-) Then put the one in the Plug-in Pearl the other in the Photoshop Pearl ;-) But some just don't seem to fit anywhere those get put in by mirlen101 Dec 23

I have a hard time making a determination as to where certain things fit - what category, etc ... so you may find that I will put them in "Unsorted" ... Usually I find the site to 'slove a problem' or to 'answer a question' ... but am not sure if what I used it for is what it was meant for [smile] ... If I put something in there that doesn't fit ... toss it ... by jp2r Dec 23

Software training Videos 3D,Animation,Photography,Video,etc.. by mirlen101 Dec 23

Lots of very good tutorials for CS4 and much more. by Franzi's Mar 1

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