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[NoSQL] Replace vs Modified arrays en MongoDb - Amigo mío Siempre estas Programando en. 7 apps para adquirir clientes que deberías agregar a tu arsenal. La captación de clientes es una prioridad para la mayoría de las startups, pero esto no significa que tienes que hacerlo todo a mano.

7 apps para adquirir clientes que deberías agregar a tu arsenal

Integrations, Apps, and Add-ons to get more out of Basecamp. Descarga de software & controladores PC Notebook HP Pavilion 15-n011ss. 10 pensamientos que han tenido en secreto, al menos una vez, los fundadores de una startup. Si, los fundadores de una startups son unos adictos al trabajo con grandes sueños y un sinfín de tareas pendientes.

10 pensamientos que han tenido en secreto, al menos una vez, los fundadores de una startup

Pero ellos también son humanos. ¿Qué información debe incluir la página web a efectos legales? Real-time media monitoring application. Monitor millions of sources in 42 languages and make sure you're not missing anything published on social networks, news sites, forums, blogs or any web page.

Real-time media monitoring application

Connect social accounts to your alerts and react without leaving the application. Retweet a mention, Like or share mentions directly on your Facebook page, send mentions via email, or to your Buffer account for later posting. Get a snapshot of your mentions by source, language, and over a selected period of time. Generate reports and export data to compare yourself with your competitors. Export stats in PDF Export mentions in PDF, CSV, XLS, and TSV. Build your team, share your alerts and assign tasks to your team members: ask your community manager to reply to a tweet, ask your CMO to comment on a blogpost, get your tech team involved in a technical question, keep track of everyone's actions. Time Tracking Software. Data Visualization, Infographics, and Statistics. HowTo: create RSS Feeds with ASP.NET MVC. I’ve already written about how to consume RSS or Atom Feeds but todays post is about how to create or publish an own feed.

HowTo: create RSS Feeds with ASP.NET MVC

Beside the age of the feed standard and the much defamation from Facebook, Twitter and Google on RSS/Atom I consider this easy to consume API as quite handy. Alright… ASP.NET MVC Infrastructure code: an RSS result The inspiration of the ActionResults came from this blog. The implementation is trivial. All you might need is the reference on System.ServiceModel. The Action. Anti-pattern: parallel collections - Jon Skeet: Coding Blog.

Anti-pattern: parallel collections (Note that I'm not talking about "processing collections in parallel, which is definitely not an anti-pattern...)

Anti-pattern: parallel collections - Jon Skeet: Coding Blog

I figured it was worth starting to blog about anti-patterns I see frequently on Stack Overflow. I realize that some or all of these patterns may be collected elsewhere, but it never hurts to express such things yourself... it's a good way of internalizing information, aside from anything else. Give Yourself a Cognitive Boost in Just 20 Minutes. Pillow designed by Yazmin Alanis from the Noun Project We know REM sleep is important for productivity because it’s the deepest part of sleep, where the brain makes connections and regulates emotions.

Give Yourself a Cognitive Boost in Just 20 Minutes

Missing out on REM sleep means you’re bound to be short tempered and less likely to produce effective work. Over on Inc, neuroscience writer Christine Comaford shares a few ways to boost your stamina if you’re not getting the recommended eight hours of average sleep each night: Get 20 more minutes of sleep….20 minutes more sleep per night can boost performance at work two to three times. Prioriza: Hazte con un buen LISTADO To-Do Diario. The No Procrastination Challenge. By Leo Babauta In the final month of my Year of Living Without, I’ve decided to live without procrastination.

The No Procrastination Challenge

Procrastination is a friend (or a beast, depending on how you feel about it) that we all live with. It lurks behind us constantly, insinuating itself into the crevices of our mind, intimating its will through malevolent hints and obscure looks and barely audible whispers and glancing allusions. In June, I’m saying goodbye to that serpented bringer of apprehension. Procrastination will keep its distance, for a month. Top Rated Windows Phone Running Apps. As you may have noticed, June is Fitness Month with the Mobile Nations community.

Top Rated Windows Phone Running Apps

That means you will be seeing more news, reviews and roundups on fitness apps for your Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone, Android device and other mobile gadgets. This week's roundup falls a little early and will be focusing on running apps for your Windows Phone. This collection of apps are among the top rated fitness apps available in the Windows Phone Store and will help track, log and digest all your running activities. Krista Donaldson: Designing Products That Change the World. About this presentation Krista Donaldson uses design to fight jaundice, create prosthetic limbs, and solve some of the developing world’s most vexing problems.

Krista Donaldson: Designing Products That Change the World

This is why we selected Donaldson as our 2014 ALVA Award winner, a special prize presented by Behance in partnership with GE to recognize remarkable serial inventors. Free Wireframe and Mockup Applications. By Akhter on June 2, 2014 Free Wireframe And Mockup Applications.

Free Wireframe and Mockup Applications

GeRes2 – An OSS Framework for Reliable Execution of Background Jobs on Azure - mszCool's thoughts and cents revealed. Menos opciones es más libertad. El mito urbano cuenta que todos los atuendos de Albert Einstein eran exactamente iguales, de este modo, él no tenía que invertir tiempo cada día pensando en qué ponerse y en su lugar podía dedicar ese valioso tiempo a aquello en lo que era más bueno: “la física”. Si lo que se dice es cierto, me parece que es una decisión bastante inteligente y podemos aplicarla al contexto del diseño web y a nuestros clientes. The Internet in Real-Time. Understanding Dependency Injection. Introduction If you ever developed ASP.NET MVC applications you probably have come across this term - Dependency Injection. Dependency Injection is a way to implement the Dependency Inversion Principle. Simply put, Dependency Injection is a design pattern that helps a class separate the logic of creating dependent objects.

Don't make them squint, ZoomIt! - Greg's Cool [Insert Clever Name] of the Day. ZoomIt, part of the famous Sysinternals Suite, is an awesome little tool that makes presentation as well as software demonstration a great pleasure to not only the presenter but also all audiences who desperately want to see what’s on the big screen more clearly.

It’s a 2-in-one tool that combines screen zoom and annotation into one little piece that is also very easy to use and highly customizable. It’s been around for years, but still it’s one of my favorite tools that I want to recommend to anyone who does presentation or demonstration for living. ZoomIt is free and portable, runs unobtrusively in the system tray and activates with customizable hotkeys to zoom in on an area of the screen, move around while zooming, and draw on the zoomed area. ... Christian Computing Magazine. Church Management Software. Planning Center Online. Church & Donor Management Software – ChMS » Ministry Business Services. © 2013 by Nick B. Nicholaou, all rights reserved Ministry Business Services, Inc. President Reprinted from NACBA Ledger Solutions from church and donor management software (ChMS) providers keeps getting better and better in their ability to help churches and ministries fulfill their mission!

With more abilities to track and communicate with people, improved web and mobile device interfaces, and powerful database tools, this category of software is a big help and a useful asset for today’s ministries in reaching many for The Gospel. Church Management Software. Top Church Management Software. ASP.NET Web Api. Introducción a ASP.NET Web Api. ASP.NET Web API: Creating an Host using Azure Service Bus. BreezeJS Makes Client-Side SharePoint 2013 REST Development a… BREEZE!

This post is part of a series I've written on using the popular Breeze JavaScript library with the SharePoint 2013 REST API. Here's a list of all the posts in this series: There's a good amount of code snippets in this post. SharePoint 2013. Descripción y uso de la interfaz REST de SharePoint 2013. SharePoint 2013 REST and WCF Data Services. Introduction Starting in the 2010 release, SharePoint has had support for consuming data via a REST interface.

In SharePoint 2013, this functionality is exposed via the /_api/ relative path, which returns data following (quite loosely) the OData specification. One of the stumbling blocks for SharePoint REST programming was the absence of the $metadata endpoint. The purpose of this endpoint is to describe the data (the XML schema and/or JSON objects) returned by the service. Most development tools in use today can use the $metadata endpoint to generate language objects to model the data. As of the April 2013 CU for SharePoint 2013, the $metadata endpoint is now available. Lendico - Préstamos e inversiones online. Project Directory. WPF Inspector WPF Inspector is a utility that attaches to a running WPF application to troubleshoot common problems with layouting, databinding or styling. WPF Inspector allows you to explore a live view of the logical- and visual tree, read and edit property values of elements, watch the data Page Views: 551 | Downloads: 199 | Started: Nov 3, 2010 | Contributors: 2 | License: Ms-PL Tags: WPF, Inspector, analysis, Controls, databinding, debugging, desp.

WPF Inspector - Home. MVVM Light Toolkit. A Pluralsight course titled MVVM Light Toolkit Fundamentals is available! This is the best place to start and learn all about the toolkit. The course will give you a full overview about each component of the MVVM Light Toolkit. In addition it will show a lot of samples for each of the components. Modern UI (Metro) Charts for Windows 8, WPF, Silverlight - Home. 5 Ways to Build Mobile Apps with Visual Studio. With more and more developers looking to get into mobile, it would make sense that they would want to use the tooling of their choice. Visual Studio dates back to April 1995 (Version 4.0), with the most current release being Visual Studio 2013, and it shows no signs of slowing down. But the explosion of mobile apps leaves several questions for developers using Visual Studio. RaptorDB - the Document Store. The results of your queries will now return a list of the View.Schema objects, this allows for client side data binding and LINQ aggregate queries.

Windows Query App A windows application project was added to show case the data binding capabilities of RaptorDB . Top 10 JavaScript traps for a C# developer ← codetails. Microsoft’s Most Clever Critic Is Now Building Its New Empire. Gregsdennis / Manatee.Trello. From the ground up: Building the Microsoft Azure Preview Portal.

XML JSON YAML formatos para intercambiar información. Video Quality Report. Upload Files on Microsoft Azure Storage Container from Windows Store App - Microsoft Pakistan Community Blog. Bing Health & Fitness update enables SensorCore step counter on Lumia 630. Thanko - Automatic coin counting machine. Transform WordPress into a WYSIWYG with MotoPress. TagTime: Stochastic Time Tracking for Space Cadets. Ding: The Web’s Most Beautiful Time Tracker? Meet Daniel Reeves from Beeminder. On the goodness of Beeminder. 14 Awesome Hacks Shared By A Startup CEO That Will Super Boost Your Productivity.

TechEd North America Highlights for App Developers. Chronicles: 2004 - 2014. Cheque en blanco para emprendedores: Canadá pagará hasta el 80% de sus salarios. Tres herramientas para crear el almacenamiento de tu empresa en la nube. Incorpora la regla de la excepción. Caliburn.Micro · Xaml made easy. New Windows app development training resources now available. The Relationship Between Testability and Good Design. Making Generic Classes Useful with Constraints. MVC Unit Testing Unleashed. Kendo UI and Beyond: What We Learned from AngularJS. Windows maintenance, done dirt-cheap. Cómo copiar el éxito de inversionistas ganadores con un simple Click.

Using Kendo UI AutoComplete. WeatherView - a universal Windows app sample written in C# - John's Blog. From Scrum to Kanban. Scaling Agile? Think Out, Not Up. APIs.Json, and API Discovery on the Web. Tiled Background for Windows Store Applications. Windows Phone 8.1, “Do Not Launch, But Debug My Code When It Starts” Code reuse: Shared project, PCL, WinRT component or linked files? » Iris Classon.

Scott Hanselman. Forms - Build native UIs from a single, shared C# codebase. John’s Background Switcher. Gregsdennis / Manatee.Trello. XAMLFinance – A Cross-platform WPF, Silverlight & WP7 Application. Pedro Hernández. MultiShare y UniShare reciben una actualización. List. Spendee - See where your money goes.

Este time-lapse hace que Singapur parezca una ciudad del futuro. Aviation Institute of Maintenance. Windows Phone y Windows 8 en Español - Noticias y Aplicaciones. Online created by cra273 based on blank-website. [Universal Apps] Navegación entre páginas, paso de parámetros y gestión de la tecla volver. Free Tool Reduces The File Size of Your JPEG, PNG, GIF or SVG by up to 90 Percent. Free ebook: Introducing Microsoft Azure HDInsight - Microsoft Press. Debugging AngularJS Data Binding. 3 Ideas para dejar de procrastinar al instante. Alfacamp - Programa de aceleración para startups. 7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture at Work. Customize Your Trello Boards With Beautify. A personal kanban to beat procrastination.

Can Time Warrior Principles Help You Get More Done? - Psychowith6.