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Сюда я буду первоначально размещать твитты и ретвитты, которые автоматически отсылаются в Pearltrees. Затем через определенное время я буду рассортировать их по тематическим папкам.

George mastropavlos sur Twitter : "Ammended: The Founding Principles of the Eurpopean Union #ThisIsACoup... eBay user chops EVERYTHING he owns in two to sell after split with girlfriend. German eBay user took power tools to their most expensive possessionsOther destroyed items include his bicycle, laptop, bed and mailboxHe is said to have sent one half of the sabotaged items to his ex-girlfriendPut other half on eBay, with half his Opel car now available for less than £2 By Jack Crone for MailOnline Published: 08:06 GMT, 18 June 2015 | Updated: 08:29 GMT, 18 June 2015 It may sound like a half-baked plan - but a spurned boyfriend has cut everything he owns in two to spite his former partner. German eBay user 'der.juli' took power tools to his most expensive possessions, including a TV, an iPhone 5, an Apple laptop and even his car. He then sent his ex-girlfriend her share in the post, while he's listed his half of the goods for sale on eBay, with the broken car now available for less than £2.

Scroll down for video Other items cut in half include chairs, a bicycle, a teddy bear, an REM record, a sofa and even a mailbox, reports. Missing post? The Independent sur Twitter : "Russia calls investigation into whether US moon landings actually happened. Russia calls investigation into whether US moon landings happened - Europe - World - The Independent. In an op-ed published by Russian newspaper Izvestia, Vladimir Markin, a spokesman for the government's official Investigative Committee, argued that such an investigation could reveal new insights into the historical space journeys.

According to a translation by the Moscow Times, Markin would support an inquiry into the disappearance of original footage from the first moon landing in 1969 and the whereabouts of lunar rock, which was brought back to Earth during several missions. “We are not contending that they did not fly [to the moon], and simply made a film about it. But all of these scientific — or perhaps cultural — artifacts are part of the legacy of humanity, and their disappearance without a trace is our common loss. An investigation will reveal what happened,” Markin wrote, according to the Moscow Times translation.

Loading gallery Tensions between Russia and the Western world 1 of 8 The op-ed is unlikely to raise worries among Nasa officials. Copyright: Washington Post. Daily Mail Online sur Twitter : "Spurned boyfriend chops EVERYTHING he and his girlfriend owned in two after they split up. China and Russia to build moon base as counter to US and Japanese plans | China Daily Mail. A possible design for proposed Chinese-Russian moon base The following is based on a translation from Chinese media: Russia’s Moscow Times lists four top projects of cooperation between China and Russia to describe the increasingly closer ties between the two de factor allies.

However, the four projects, especially the establishment of a joint base on the moon do indicate the exceptional close ties between countries in the world. The main project for consideration is a space base on the moon. As Japan and USA are also planning this, it is reasonable to think that this project is aimed at countering those two countries. The other projects under consideration are: the joint development of the M-26 helicopter;the transaction of the S-400 missile system; and the joint development of a large airliner.

Source: “Russian media lists four top projects between China and Russia: Probable establishment of space base on the moon” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese) New Russia-China alliance latest diplomatic, strategic blow to Obama. From the moon to the Mediterranean to the heart of Moscow, China and ... Russia Invites China to Join in Creating Lunar Station. World (updated 16:15 01.05.2015) Get short URL HANGZHOU (Sputnik) — Russia and China are currently in talks on inviting the latter to become one of the main partners in creating a lunar station, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Tuesday. "The question is being discussed with Roscosmos on bringing China in as the main partner in creating a lunar scientific station.

We have told China of our plans on the possibility of creating a Russian national orbital station," Rogozin told journalists after a meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang in Eastern China. Rogozin added that both parties share "deep mutual understanding and mutual interests" in this area. In February, China's Vice Foreign Minister Cheng Guoping said that Beijing is planning to boost its cooperation with Russia in a number of spheres, including space. Exploration of the Moon and Mars is a priority for the Russian space program. Russia Is Building New Aircraft Carrier, Navy Chief Confirms.

Russia is building a new aircraft carrier its navy chief confirmed on Monday, according to reports in state-owned media outlets. On Monday Itar-Tass News Agency reported that Viktor Chirkov, Russia’s top naval commander, announced Russia is building a new aircraft carrier. "The Navy will have an aircraft carrier. The research companies are working on it, and strictly in compliance with the requirements from the Chief Commander," the reported quoted Chirkov as saying. Itar-Tass did not report any additional details except that Chirkov made the remarks while speaking to workers at the Kolomensky Zavod plant. The plant makes diesel electric engines for navy vessels. which makes diesel electric engines. Russia currently has one operational aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, which was launched by the Soviet Union in 1985.

The reports said that the carrier was still in the conceptual phase of planning. The reports last month were greeted with some skepticism abroad. Image: Wikimedia/Gaz Armes. Russia's Supersonic Tu-160 Bomber Is Back: Should America Worry? Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu announced recently that Russia is going to begin production of the Tu-160, a Soviet-era bomber known as the “Blackjack.” The Tu-160 is a nuclear platform, basically something like the Soviet version of an American B-1 bomber: a big, heavy, swing-wing bomber meant to deliver nuclear weapons at long distances.

The Soviets built about thirty-five of them in the 1980s, of which only fifteen remain in service. So what does this mean to the strategic balance between the United States and the Russian Federation in 2015? In reality, it means absolutely nothing in military terms. As a political signal, however, Shoigu’s announcement is just the latest in a series of provocations. No American response is required and none would matter. The Blackjack, assuming the Russians even manage to build any more of them, is a perfectly capable nuclear bomber that, in time of war, would fold back its swan-like wings and dart toward its targets at top speed.

Итоги 4 мая: Задержание убийц в Киеве и скандал с самолетом в Непале - Новости дня. Узнай о главных событиях прошедшего дня. В Киеве задержали убийц милиционеров Ночью 4 мая в Киеве в ходе преследования грабителей автозаправочной станции погибли двое милиционеров, еще трое получили ранения. Позже милиция задержала троих преступников, один из которых позже скончался от полученного ранения. Задержанные – 1991, 1995 и 1998 годов рождения. По данным милиции, эти же злоумышленники обстреляли в ночь на 2 мая пост ГАИ под Киевом. Один из задержанных по подозрению в убийстве милиционеров в Киеве злоумышленник заявил, что готовил теракт. Эвакуация из Непала В Катманду до сих пор остаются украинцы, которых должны эвакуировать на родину. На Ил-76 в Индию прилетели сотрудники ГСЧС, и.о. главы службы Зорян Шкиряк и пул журналистов.

А в СМИ появилась информация, что Зорян Шкиряк взял с собой в спасательную экспедицию в Непал подругу – Екатерину Храмову. За день террористы 17 раз нарушили режим прекращения огня По словам задержанных, им обещали заплатить по триста гривен. Кровавое ДТП в Херсонской области: маршрутка столкнулась с поездом. В воскресенье, 26 апреля, около 12:00 на железнодорожном переезде Чаплинского шоссе вблизи Каховки рейсовый автобус "ПАЗ" столкнулся с грузовым поездом.

Как сообщает издание "Каховские новости", автобус направлялся в село Коробки, в нем находилось около 30 человек. Сотрудники Каховской центральной районной больницы рассказали, что в результате ДТП одна пассажирка погибла по дороге в больницу, еще один — доставлен в реанимационное отделение. Кроме этого, еще три человека привезли в травматологическое отделение с переломами. Фото: "Каховские новости" К слову, в среду, 22 апреля, в селе Винокурня (Винницкая область) водитель грузовика "КамАЗ" наехал на повозку. В результате ДТП двое пассажиров повозки погибли. Если Вы обнаружили ошибку на этой странице, выделите ее и нажмите Ctrl+Enter. После мощного ливня в Краматорске "образовалось море" - Видео. После сильного ливня ряд улиц и площадей в старой части Краматорска, Донецкой области, затопило. Об этом пишет местное издание Краматорск.инфо. "В эту минуту дозвониться кому-то из "КП" Краматорска не удается. Можно предположить, что они заняты проблемой новообразовавшегося "моря" в Краматорске", — сообщает местное издание.

Как отмечают местные жители, этот участок всегда "славился" огромными лужами из-за плохого отвода воды. Если Вы обнаружили ошибку на этой странице, выделите ее и нажмите Ctrl+Enter. Третья мировая война начнется со взрывов в Чернобыле | Обозреватель. По факту мы сейчас имеем не АТО, а войну. Но Третья мировая война еще не началась. Она начнется со взрывов в Чернобыле.

И определенно это будут диверсии. Не будем разбирать, чье правительство или какие люди в этом участвовали, потому что на нашей территории, в том числе, и среди высокопоставленных политиков, не все поддерживают Украину, ее целостность и государственную политику. Могу сказать, что уже к утру ситуация немного изменится, а в течение двух-трех дней пожар удастся локализировать. Нам никто ничего не скажет об уровне радиации, но мы помним 1986 год, как это было, что было с теми, кто пошел на первомайскую демонстрацию – аллергия, волдыри, плохое состояние. В перспективе это отобразится на почве, на продуктах. И все прекрасно знают, что во время революции, отвлекающих маневров на Майдане, свозились большие грузы с радиоактивными отходами. Теракты будут происходить в местах массового скопления народа. Возможно принятие военного положения в силу того, что закон уже принят. Укрэнерго предупредило о массовом отключении электричества. Уманская резня. Пожар в зоне ЧАЭС: ветер пошел в сторону Киева | Обозреватель.

Вечером среды, 29 апреля, ветер с места масштабного пожара в лесных кварталах на территории специального комбината "Чернобыльская пуща" пошел на Киев. Об этом сообщает издание "Вести", журналисты которого побывали в зоне ЧП вместе со сталкером и прибором для измерения радиации. Выезжая из Киева, журналисты СМИ дважды замеряли уровень радиации на Лесном массиве и в центре (в районе ст. м. "Дворец спорта"). Прибор показал и там, и там 10 микрорентген.

"Это норма. Я периодически замеряю радиацию в Киеве, так что бывало и больше", — успокоил сталкер. На подъезде к зоне, в пгт Иванков Киевской области счетчик Гейгера показал уже 12 микрорентген при максимально допустимой до 30. "Очень много спасателей поехало в зону, надеемся все будет хорошо", — говорит продавец местного магазина "Продукты". В селе Новые Соколы, которое граничит с зоной отчуждения, будто все вымерло.

"Все молодые побежали помогать тушить еще вчера. Счетчик Гейгера показал в этом месте всего 12 микрорентген. Joint Pain, From the Gut. Doctors aren’t entirely sure what triggers rheumatoid arthritis, a disease in which the body turns on itself to attack the joints, but an emerging body of research is focusing on a potential culprit: the bacteria that live in our intestines. Several recent studies have found intriguing links between gut microbes, rheumatoid arthritis, and other diseases in which the body’s immune system goes awry and attacks its own tissue. A study published in 2013 by Jose Scher, a rheumatologist at New York University, found that people with rheumatoid arthritis were much more likely to have a bug called Prevotella copri in their intestines than people that did not have the disease.

In another study published in October, Scher found that patients with psoriatic arthritis, another kind of autoimmune joint disease, had significantly lower levels of other types of intestinal bacteria. “This is frontier stuff,” says Scher, the director of the NYU’s Microbiome Center for Rheumatology and Autoimmunity. RT sur Twitter : "Animal-sex tourism crackdown: Denmark bans bestiality. UberSocial—The world's most popular full-featured Twitter app. Images (JPEG Image, 275 × 183 pixels) SAKLAP FRIEND sur Twitter : "People change. Feelings fade. Lovers drift. Friends leave. Friends become enemies. Lovers become strangers. You'll be judged. Life Goes On." The Economist sur Twitter : "Hungary and Greece join Turkey in a new route for Russian gas. Fact sur Twitter : "Across the 24 James Bond films, there have been 75 Bond girls."... Fact sur Twitter : "11 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee Every Day... Sup bitches. Sup bitches. Sup bitches. Олег Сухов sur Twitter : "@FT Your a lying rag still reading?

AL sur Twitter : "Это проверка, просто проверка еще одна проверка, публикации в Твиттере. Интересно, а можно ли опубликовать длинные д… RT America sur Twitter : "VIRAL: #Syria air defenses bring down US surveillance drone – reports. Rt. 9GAG Gifs sur Twitter : "If it were only this easy. Am I right? -... Yannis Koutsomitis sur Twitter : "Mr & Mrs Varoufakis lifestyle photo op for @ParisMatch. White wine socialism under the Acropolis. China just subtly told Wall Street to mind its own business. Feng Li/Getty Images China’s President Xi Jinping The word has finally come down from inside the ever-so-restrained People’s Bank of China, as one member of the bank’s monetary policy team told Reuters that there would be no major intervention taken to pump more cash into the slowing Chinese economy unless inflation dips below 1%.

In January China’s headline consumer price inflation hit 0.8%, then it bounced back up to 1.4% in February. Board member and economics professor Qian Yingyi told Reuters that policy makers would be watching inflation figures in March and April to see if deflation was worsening. “If it’s stable between 1 and 2 percent, it’s very, very comfortable. But above 2 percent, there is a little bit of worry about inflation. But until then, all the Wall Street analysts warning of the deadly combination of debt and deflation, everyone calling for intervention with every bad data point — they can stop wasting their breath.

Barclays So the PBOC finally responded. AL sur Twitter : "@zerohedge Or maybe 6 more days for skiing in Sochi... Parasite Turns On Parasite: HFT Sues Other HFTs For "Egregious Manipulation" Of Treasury Securities. There was a time when those who dared to call out the massive Libor manipulation conspiracy (such as what Zero Hedge did with one of its first posts in 2009) for being a massive Libor manipulation conspiracy some 4 years before the "theory" became a fact, were branded as scaremongering, fringe voices, best to be ignored. Then, of course, once the "theory" became "fact" it suddenly was perfectly obvious to everyone in retrospect. But the bigger question, and what stumped the so-called experts, is how could something so vast, with so many moving pieces, remain a secret for as long as it did.

Which brings us to High-Frequency Trading: another vast "conspiracy", this time involving market rigging and manipulation, which Zero Hedge also called out as early as April 2009, only to be mocked before it became a generally accepted fact that the "algos" manipulate and frontrun virtually any security that is traded on an exchange or over the counter. Who is HTG Capital? What does HTG allege? Here's What WanderingTrader Is All About - WanderingTrader: Travel Blog. Living Overseas. Day Trading.

Cute Looks sur Twitter : "RT if you agree! Sulawesi Attractions: The Magical North - WanderingTrader: Travel Blog. Living Overseas. Day Trading. Beautiful Pictures sur Twitter : "On the Chicago River. Photo by Brian Koprowski. RANsquawk sur Twitter : "He looks in good health to me?! #Putin...