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I ♡ Inbox Zero (Effective Time Management)

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Tal vez revisar el correo electrónico a primera hora sí sea lo mejor. 'Design thinking' para transformar el día a día en aprendizaje. Dado que ahora esperamos que aprender resulte tan sencillo e interesante como ver YouTube, cientos de proveedores de contenidos de vídeo y cursos en línea masivos abiertos (MOOC, por sus siglas en inglés) ofrecen pequeños contenidos gratuitos para que los consumamos desde nuestros móviles mientras estamos en una cafetería o vamos en el metro.

'Design thinking' para transformar el día a día en aprendizaje

Pero los sistemas de aprendizaje corporativo siguen siendo lentos, difíciles de utilizar y con un mantenimiento complicado. 40 of the Best To-Do Apps for Personal Task Management. What was once the simple choice between using a notebook, legal pad, or stack of Post-it notes to manage your personal to-do list is now a mind-numbing decision between dozens of to-do apps.

40 of the Best To-Do Apps for Personal Task Management

Flashy apps that offer more features than you could ever use. Free apps that are so bare you wonder how they'd be helpful at all. And paid apps that look just right, but you're not sure it's worth paying the price just to find out. Wonder no more. We've rounded up 40 of the most popular to-do apps, ranging from simple apps with just a list of tasks to advanced apps that let you organize your tasks, projects, notes and more. How it Works. Your Life, the Role Playing Game Habitica is a video game to help you improve real life habits.

How it Works

It "gamifies" your life by turning all your tasks (Habits, Dailies, and To Do's) into little monsters you have to conquer. The better you are at this, the more you progress in the game. If you slip up in life, your character starts backsliding in the game. 7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself At The End Of Each Day. Each day we have tons of inquiries — for our co-workers, our friends, our families.

7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself At The End Of Each Day

But do we ever ask ourselves any questions? If we don’t, we may be framing our own mindsets through someone else’s lens. Below are seven questions that will not only help you take a positive perspective on your day, but set up tomorrow for greater success. 20-mini-money-hacks-save-you-lot. Do you like to save money?


Dumb question, right – you work hard for your money, so you want to keep as much of it as possible. There are plenty of ways to save money without spending hours to do so. Here are 20 simple mini money saving hacks that can help you save a lot. Let’s get straight to the point and start saving… 1. Free Writing Tools: Email Samples, Formats, and Templates. Featured Training Program: Salient Grammar Our 1.5-day grammar workshop provides a thorough workout in all the most important issues in English fundamentals—everything employees need for a solid foundation in writing and editing today.

Free Writing Tools: Email Samples, Formats, and Templates

Salient Grammar throws out academic approaches to the subject and starts with a clean slate, addressing the rules and principles that people in business actually need to know. — An essential prerequisite for any kind of writing training. Cómo construir tu mapa estratégico personal paso a paso. Infografía - ¿Hacemos una buena gestión del tiempo de trabajo? No tengo tiempo.

Infografía - ¿Hacemos una buena gestión del tiempo de trabajo?

No llego a todo. Mi día necesita más de 24 horas. Los eBooks sobre productividad de WorkMeter. How to Clear Your Mind in 15 Minutes. Some days just get out of hand.

How to Clear Your Mind in 15 Minutes

The workload is heavy, and still the emails and calls flood in. The pace can seem frenetic, and the constant interruptions not only disrupt your actions but your thought process as well. You move so fast you feel unproductive and sloppy. By the end of the day, you feel stressed and edgy. Email marketing: cómo aumentar la conversión. La conversión.

Email marketing: cómo aumentar la conversión

Cómo redactar copys de Email Marketing orientados a la conversión. Tutorial de FacileThings: Recopilar - Documentos FacileThings. HightrackQuickGuideES.pdf. 3 Methods To Help You Overcome Procrastination (finally) “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt” — William Shakespeare There’s this Dutch survey that says 95% of people are chronic procrastinators.

3 Methods To Help You Overcome Procrastination (finally)

I think the other 5% are liars. EVERYONE procrastinates sometimes. Cómo construir tu mapa estratégico personal paso a paso. Productividad rompiendo esquemas. Inbox Zero: How to Become an Email Ninja. Inbox Zero. I take email very seriously. It's definitely the most influential form of communication right now and I think it's something that should be managed in a professional way. But it's overwhelming. Unlike phones (calls, text messages, etc.), everyone can get in contact with you. Getting an email address is super easy if you know particular cadences and it's generally pretty simple to find or ask for. Someone might think twice before shooting a text or calling, but emails know no boundaries. OmniFocus + Getting Things Done (GTD) GTD Básico: Cómo procesar tus cosas. The End of the Email Attachment? Managing information is about more than just building a better mousetrap.

Ricoh, as seen in the Official NBA All Star Game Program More than a year ago, one of’s original writers, Ryan Galloway, asked a seemingly innocuous question: Are We at the End of Email? With the very real problem of email overload and the universal desire to reach inbox zero, it was a sentiment that business professionals all understood (and may have secretly wished for). Today, that article has been looked at three quarters of a million times. In fact, it was so popular, it warranted a follow-up — and today, If We’re at the End of Email, What’s Next has been read nearly 400,000 times. The two stories have been seen more than a million times, and for good reason: email is one of those things that everybody uses, but nobody particularly enjoys. Looking for a Better Way After all, it’s 2015. Actually, let’s rephrase. What is Inbox Zero? - Definition from Inbox Zero is a rigorous approach to email management aimed at keeping the inbox empty -- or almost empty -- at all times.

Inbox Zero was developed by productivity expert Merlin Mann. According to Mann, the zero is not a reference to the number of messages in an inbox; it is "the amount of time an employee's brain is in his inbox. " Mann's point is that time and attention are finite and when an inbox is confused with a "to do" list, productivity suffers. Mann identifies five possible actions to take for each message: delete, delegate, respond, defer and do.

Seminarios y Workshops. Formación "in company" La clave de mi formación es reunirme con el equipo, escuchar sus problemas y retos, y ofrecer mis ideas y soluciones para mejorar su Productividad. Todos mis seminarios y talleres se hacen en las oficinas del cliente donde compartiremos las horas de formación. A vuestra medida Los cursos tienen un temario y duración de partida. Pero tras la primera toma de contacto con el cliente juntos diseñamos la formación según las necesidades y los objetivos que buscamos. Porque lo que persigo son los resultados de los participantes. Participativos y amenos Creo en la formación que va en las dos direcciones, en la participación y en pasar un buen rato mientras hallamos las claves para mejorar. Gary Keller y Jay Papasan. SaneBox - Email Management for Any Inbox. How to Manage Your Email for Inbox Zero - Gretchen Louise. 7 productivity hacks to achieve zero inbox or support requests every …

¿Eres búho o alondra? Cómo hallar tu tiempo más productivo. EMAIL-SAMPLE-2-Delivering-Information.pdf. EMAIL-SAMPLE-5-Handling-the-Signature.pdf. Free Writing Tools: Email Samples, Formats, and Templates. Writing & Managing Email. Writing & Organising English Emails. Resultado de imágenes de Google para. Resultado de imágenes de Google para.

Getting Things Done by David Allen. Inbox Zero. Scratches, pen test, teabag, Brown, and Althusser. Awesome name for a law firm, or handful of reasons I’m grateful my editor is so amazingly talented and patient? Exactly. Inbox Zero - A Short Synopsis of The Method. Getting things done is about being organised which can often start with your email inbox. Applying this method will truly enhance your performance at work. Start now in order to develop the habit of getting things done more effectively. Here are some notes on how to apply the Inbox Zero method to any email inbox you might have. System for Email – InboxZero Only way to succeed in dealing with a high volume of email involves a simple repeatable system and complete framework. 75 Simple Ways to Simplify.

How to Love Your Email Again: Inbox-Zero via GTD. 7 Things to do with emails. Writing & Organising English Emails. Ask an Expert: Is Inbox Zero the New Email Black? - Acompli. Written by , June 17, 2014 Welcome to the Acompli Ask an Expert series, in which we’ll highlight how different executives and thought leaders think about email, productivity and mobile. In this inaugural post, we tackle one of the most debated of all email work styles, Inbox Zero. Inbox Zero is an approach to email management, developed by productivity expert Merlin Mann, with the goal of keeping your email inbox empty, or nearly empty, at all times.

The classic system allows a person to take only one of five actions for each email that comes into an inbox: delete, delegate, respond, defer and do. To give us perspective is Acompli co-founder and VP of Engineering, Kevin Henrikson. Customize your workflow. Once you’ve added tasks and projects into Asana, the best way to customize your workflow or process is by using Sections. Sections allow you to divide tasks in a project into different stages, steps, and priorities. You can drag and drop tasks between Sections, or move them from the task pane via the drop down from anywhere in Asana. Asana is flexible, yet robust enough that you can view the world how you want and manage tasks to fit your work style. Adam Lawrence Director of Operations, Addepar 1. Stop wasting time: 4 steps to take back your day. Stop wasting time: 4 steps to take back your day.