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Missouri Digital Heritage

Missouri Digital Heritage
Explore our Collective Past More than 9 million records can be accessed through Missouri Digital Heritage, including the collections of the Missouri State Archives, the Missouri State Library and other institutions from across the state. We’re always working to help local organizations digitize their collections and share them online. If you have ideas or suggestions, please send them to Videos and Featured Content Missouri Death Certificates 1910 - 1961 Listen to the audio tour from our Civil War exhibit, or watch a video preview. This video explores the history of Lincoln University and its Civil War connection. View more <h3><! Moments in Missouri: Missouri's Political Milestones Explore the History of the Civil War Missouri State Archives: Presentation Videos

Ozarks Genealogy Gloria Bogart CarterOzarks Genealogy February 10, 2014, queries Editor's note: This is the final installment of our genealogy column. Query: FIELDS-ELLIOTT: Carolyn Fields Snider. I need information on Lindsey W. An item was in the Cabool Weekly Record, but a fire destroyed all their records prior to 1911. Does anyone have this item? Reply: California Death Index, 1940-1997 shows this information: Lindsey W. Census records show: 1860 Osage Township, Crawford County, Missouri he "L.W'. is with his parents. 1870 Wood and Richland Townships, Texas County, Missouri with his parents. 1880 Middleton Township, Lafayette County, Missouri he is with his brother John. 1900 Clinton Township, Douglas County, Missouri. 1910 McKinley Township, Douglas County, Missouri. 1930 Okemah Township, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma. George McClellan Fields, male, Birth: July 08, 1862 in Osage County, Missouri. Query: WALTERS-P'POOL: Keith J. My relative is Anderson Walters, married to Rebecca Caroline P'Pool. B.D. - Shangrala's CyberHome ... Original Poet Home The Red Neck Poetry Shelf~~Sitemap~~ BillyJoe Bob sat leaning, Against an old stump, Watching Carolyn working, Just lazily sitting on his rump. Thinks he is so privileged, Just lazing all about, In one ear and out the others, When the kids shout. Don't lift a single finger, Nope, he sits and looks on, While poor ole wife is toiling, Working her fingers to the bone. Chewing on a piece of fried squirrel, Fresh ice tea to drink, Hey! he's the man of the house, He is only supposed to think. Mama can do the work, That is what women are fer, Men are a special breed, Don't all you females concur? What you mean you would not stand, And let this stuff go on, Is your man a mouse, Or the ruler of his home? Now don't y'all go talking to Carolyn, Giving her ideas in her head, She might decide there is a better life, And boot me outta our bed. I am happy as can be, I have a happy home, Now folks keep your thoughts to yourself, And leave me and mine alone.

Obtaining Certified Copies of Vital Records | Vital Records | Health & Senior Services Many Missouri residents can obtain their birth, marriage and divorce records locally. To request a birth or death certificate from a local health department, you may download the application and submit it in person or by mail to the nearest local health department. To request a certified copy of a marriage license contact the Recorder of Deeds in the county where the license was obtained. To request a certified copy of a divorce decree contact the Circuit Clerk in the county where the decree was granted. If necessary you can request these documents from the Department of Health and Senior Services in Jefferson City. Step 1 – Download and complete the appropriate form. Application for copy of Birth or Death Certification Application for copy of Statement Relating to Marriage or Divorce Step 2 – Determine search fee for record: Birth and Fetal Death Records Death Records $15 per record $15 for each additional copy $13 per record $10 for each additional copy Allow two to four weeks for delivery.

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