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What Makes Us Human? - Scientific and Buddhist views by B. Alan Wallace : Vajrayana Institute. View on Buddhism: (Tibetan) Buddhist practice and philosophy. Bodhicitta. Dakini Yogini Central. Tibetan Buddhism Archives. Sacred-Texts Buddhism Tibetan Buddhism Archives Here, in no particular order, are miscellaneous articles about Tibetan Buddhism from various sources on the Internet, mostly predating the World Wide Web.

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Rev. Danny Fisher. Camera's For Cultures; The Tibetan Photo Project, Sazzy Varga, Joe Mickey. All images are Copyright 2000-2014, Joe Mickey, Sazzy Varga and the Tibetan Photo Project and may not be published without permission.

Camera's For Cultures; The Tibetan Photo Project, Sazzy Varga, Joe Mickey

While you may print the material on this site for easy reading or sharing with friends. For feature articles, publication or public use of any of the material or images contained on this site please contact Joe Mickey via e-mail at thetibetanphotoproject@gmail.com and please reference your e-mail to the Tibetan Photo Project. Thank You. **We have recently incorporated and are filing for Non Profit Status as: Camera's for Culture Inc. The Tibetan Photo Project will operate under this umbrella. Himalayan Art Resources. Lojong and Tonglen Community Site. Khandro Net. BayVajra.info - Bay Area Tibetan Buddhism. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Images & Pictures Gallery.

Dakini Yogini Central. Welcome to Nitartha International. Buddhadharma - Home. 'New Chinese law aimed at wiping out Tibetan identity' Nyingma Centers - QUIET MOUNTAIN TIBETAN RESOURCE GUIDE. Rangjung Yeshe Wiki - Dharma Dictionnary. The Berzin Archives – The Buddhist Archives of Dr. Alexander Berzin – Home Page. Bījākṣara Mantra - Seed Syllables. Seed syllables (Sanskrit bījākṣara) are the quintessence of mantra, and the ultimate condensation of the Dharma, containing infinite meaning in a single syllable.

Bījākṣara Mantra - Seed Syllables

Oṃ has held a special place in Indian religion since before Buddhism. Other seed syllables were elaborations of the first letter of a deity's name elaborated with the anusvāra and/or the visarga.