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Pikachu's Easter Merchandise is Pastels-a-Plenty. Anime News Network's merchandise coverage sponsored by Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Pikachu's Easter Merchandise is Pastels-a-Plenty

Spring is in the air anime and games are coming 'round to celebrate Easter by embracing flower, egg, and rabbit motifs. This is especially true for Pokémon's one and only Pikachu who is adorning itself with a flower crown and posing with painted eggs for a line of merchandise. "Pikachu's Easter" goods will appear in Pokemon Center stores throughout Japan starting on March 18. The items range from sweets and dishware to fashion accessories, plushies, and stationary. The goods range in price from 210 yen for a clear file to 3,200 yen for a purse. Some of the items will also launch on the Amazon Japan store starting on March 18.

Players can also visit Pokémon Centers from March 18 to April 9 to receive an in-game Pokémon Egg gift. Starting on April 1, customers that buy five Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion packs will receive an additional card inside of egg-shaped packaging. Source: Famitsu. To LOVE Ru Momo Velia Deviluke Sexy Anime Body Pillow. Inside game ps4. Abzu ps4. Ingenious cosplayer shows us how to make sword blades nearly two meters long for a few bucks.

Sub-meter decorative swords just not cutting it for you?

Ingenious cosplayer shows us how to make sword blades nearly two meters long for a few bucks

Try this method for legendary blades of up to 1.82 meters (6 feet) that won’t slice into your budget too much. This technique comes to us through the tweets of cosplayer Maxi from Fukuoka, who’s never-ending search for low-cost cosplay solution had led him to the discovery. The secret to Maxi’s super-long cosplay swords are floor transitions, which are long and thin strips that run along different types of flooring such as between carpet and linoleum.

They come in a variety of materials and shapes but Maxi uses PVC because some cutting will be necessary. They also come a in a range of shapes among which Maxi chose one modeled after the Japanese character for “he” (へ). Image: Twitter/@Maxifactory His hardware store sold them at lengths of 1.82 meters (6 feet) for about 520 yen (US$5) each, but results may vary depending on the store. To give the sword tip a more realistic appearance he filled it out with some epoxy putty. The Indie Manga About a Girl and Her Moe Tentacle Monster You Need to Read. Recently, people have been sharing the indie series, The Crawling City, which debuted in September.

The Indie Manga About a Girl and Her Moe Tentacle Monster You Need to Read

The four panel series focuses on Aria Wintermint and her tentacle monster roommate Gug who live together in a dark future apocalypse. While the short series has plenty of "aww" moments, it contrasts with the comic's modern terrors like kidnappers, looming corporate influences, and knife wielding maniacs. The characters can only lean on each other for support in a world where everyone is selfish.

Check out a few of the comics by artist Parororo and Merryweather. Also you can read it online at Ensoku-Manga or Taptastic! You can read the rest of The Crawling City on Ensoku-Manga and Taptastic.

Cynthia.Sakura Art

[NSFW] Guro: The Erotic Horror Art of Japanese Rebellion. Toshio Saeki, Yarai, 1972 In the deranged world of ero guro nansensu, the stranger and grosser an illustration, the more prized it is.

[NSFW] Guro: The Erotic Horror Art of Japanese Rebellion

Common tropes of the 1930s-born Japanese artistic and literary movement include erotic asphyxiation (based on a real-life case at the time), a samurai slicing up a bondaged girl, snakes with human heads, or a contortionist sucking out the eyes of a young boy, rendered in traditional woodblock printing technique. And these are just milder examples of the surreal and macabre grotesqueries that continue to influence contemporary Japanese artists, including Toshio Saeki, Takato Yamamoto, and Suehiro Maruo.

Suehiro Maruo interpretation of the erotic asphyxiation theme Takato Yamamoto Toshio Saeki, Renrui, 1972 Shintaro Kago, for Flying Lotus’ "Never Catch Me" single One answer is that the hand-drawn or painted picture still tells a thousand words more than one rendered technologically. Katsushika Hokusai, The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife, 1814 Related: Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Takara Tomy Announces Zoids Field of Rebellion MOBA Game for Smartphones - News - Anime News Network. Eighting develops game featuring new characters with designs by HIRONOX Takara Tomy announced on Thursday that video game development company Eighting is developing a smartphone game for the Zoids franchise titled Zoids Field of Rebellion.

Takara Tomy Announces Zoids Field of Rebellion MOBA Game for Smartphones - News - Anime News Network

The game will arrive this winter, and will be free to play, with in-game items costing extra. The game's official website is taking pre-registration for both the iOS and Android versions of the game, and is recruiting 5,000 players to participate in a closed beta test. The beta test will start in early November. The game is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that will use the previously revealed "ZOIDS concept art" as a base for the worldview of the game in an original setting. Next Sword 3D Live Wallpaper. ICON PACK - Hatsune Miku(Free) Tokyo Fashion. Cosplanner. ANIME!!! Exclusive! Easy Methods of Drawing Eyes! - pixivision. Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator.