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'Trump will be president' Meet the prof with 30 year record of predicting winners - Home. Monday September 26, 2016 Forget the debates.

'Trump will be president' Meet the prof with 30 year record of predicting winners - Home

Forget the final weeks of the campaign. Allan Lichtman can tell you right now who's going to be President of the United States. The American University professor says for the past 30 years he has a perfect track record for predicting presidential election outcomes. History Tells Us What Will Happen Next With Brexit And Trump. Note: this essay contains a lot of links out, which are underlined.

History Tells Us What Will Happen Next With Brexit And Trump

Consider them further reading or me backing up my opinions. It seems we’re entering another of those stupid seasons humans impose on themselves at fairly regular intervals. My background is archaeology, so also history and anthropology. It leads me to look at big historical patterns. Letter from Africa: Why Nigerians need to learn their history. Image copyright AFP In our series of letters from African journalists, Sola Odunfa looks at why it is a good idea for Nigeria to reintroduce history as a school subject - a move recently backed by the country's senate.

Letter from Africa: Why Nigerians need to learn their history

The Inevitable, Intergalactic Awkwardness of Time Capsules. The Golden Record is affixed to the Voyager 1 spacecraft, 29 July 1979.

The Inevitable, Intergalactic Awkwardness of Time Capsules

(Photo: NASA/Public Domain) The year is… let's say it's 42026. You're cruising along your regular orbit, minding your own business, when suddenly, your craft's detection system registers a mysterious interloper. Are There TWO Nikola Teslas? World History Lessons. Lesson: Nat. of Sci. mini-lesson: Checks Lab. Before Doing this lab, consider doing the NEW High-Tech Version: The E-Mail Lab.

Lesson: Nat. of Sci. mini-lesson: Checks Lab

(Details below under EXTENSIONS AND VARIATIONS. TEACHER PREPARATIONS: 1. Because this lesson provides an excellent opportunity to understand important elements of the Nature of Science , be sure to read our General Background Information, with our Rationale and our Approach, and tips for Presenting the lessons for maximum effect and Dispelling some of the popular myths about science. 2. What the Spanish civil war can reveal about Syria. As the battle for Aleppo continues unabated, this intense episode in the Syrian civil war harkens back to a vicious battle for another Mediterranean city, Barcelona, during the Spanish civil war.

What the Spanish civil war can reveal about Syria

July 2016 marked the 80-year anniversary of the outbreak of the conflict in Spain, lasting from 1936 to 1939. In July 1936, General Francisco Franco led a rebellion among the Spanish military and his allies, collectively referred to as the Nationalists, against the recently elected left leaning Republican Government. The Republican government rallied its military forces to its defence, in addition to anarchist and communist militia, and a civil war ensued. I refrain from invoking the cliched phrase, "history repeats itself". Rather, this piece, part of a series of articles comparing the Spanish past and Syrian present, will elucidate similar dynamics in civil wars, and illustrate how they end or why they continue to endure.

World War One: 10 interpretations of who started WW1. Image copyright Alamy As nations gear up to mark 100 years since the start of World War One, academic argument still rages over which country was to blame for the conflict.

World War One: 10 interpretations of who started WW1

Education Secretary for England Michael Gove's recent criticism of how the causes and consequences of the war are taught in schools has only stoked the debate further. Here 10 leading historians give their opinion. Sir Max Hastings - military historian Germany No one nation deserves all responsibility for the outbreak of war, but Germany seems to me to deserve most. Which Rock Star Will Historians of the Future Remember? Classifying anyone as the “most successful” at anything tends to reflect more on the source than the subject.

Which Rock Star Will Historians of the Future Remember?

So keep that in mind when I make the following statement: John Philip Sousa is the most successful American musician of all time. Marching music is a maddeningly durable genre, recognizable to pretty much everyone who has lived in the United States for any period. In new Egyptian textbooks, ‘it’s like the revolution didn’t happen’ CAIRO — The omission on Page 5 is glaring.

In new Egyptian textbooks, ‘it’s like the revolution didn’t happen’

In a fifth-grade government textbook, a name has been purged from a list of Egyptian Nobel laureates: Mohamed ElBaradei, who was awarded the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize along with the International Atomic Energy Agency, which he led. Three years ago, the former diplomat stepped down as the country’s vice president to protest a violent crackdown by security forces on Islamists. Supporters of President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi considered the resignation an act of betrayal. It seems they have yet to forgive him. “They are rewriting history again,” said Sami Nassar, an education professor at Cairo University and former dean of its graduate school of education. The Problem With History Classes. Before the release of Selma, I wonder how many people ever reflected on President Lyndon B.

The Problem With History Classes

Johnson’s attitude toward the 1965 marches in Selma. I wonder if anybody thought that conventional wisdom afforded him either too much or too little credit for the Voting Rights Act. What if historians started taking the ‘what if’ seri... What if Adolf Hitler’s paintings had been acclaimed, rather than met with faint praise, and he had gone into art instead of politics? Have you ever wondered whether John F Kennedy would have such a shining reputation if he had survived his assassination and been elected to a second term? Or how the United States might have fared under Japanese occupation? Or what the world would be like if nobody had invented the airplane? If you enjoy speculating about history in these counterfactual terms, there are many books and movies to satisfy you. The counterfactual is a friend to science-fiction writers and chatting partygoers alike. The Ethics of Killing Baby Hitler. The New York Times Magazine conducted a poll that asked whether its readers could kill an infant Adolf Hitler.

On Friday afternoon, the publication tweeted its results to the world. My personal answer is no. The Power of Memory in the Civil-Rights Movement. ASPEN, Colo. —What makes John Lewis such an important link to the crucial period of the civil-rights period isn’t just that he was there. It’s that he can conjure dates, faces, and details from those experiences with such impressive command. The longtime Georgia Democratic member of Congress demonstrated a little of that Wednesday at the Aspen Ideas Festival, which is hosted by The Atlantic and the Aspen Institute.

He spoke about the powerful feeling he got the first time he met Martin Luther King, when Lewis was still a teenager: “To be in his presence, to be able to talk with him, just made me feel stronger and more daring.” What Japanese history lessons leave out. Japanese people often fail to understand why neighbouring countries harbour a grudge over events that happened in the 1930s and 40s. The reason, in many cases, is that they barely learned any 20th Century history. I myself only got a full picture when I left Japan and went to school in Australia. From Homo erectus to the present day - more than a million years of history in just one year of lessons. The Historical Imagination: Collingwood in the Classroom. CANADIAN SOCIAL STUDIES VOLUME 38 NUMBER 2, WINTER 2004 Lynn Speer Lemisko University of Saskatchewan Return to Articles Abstract. Is Erdogan rewriting history? Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has recently come under fire for statements he made on the role of Muslims in history that have been widely construed as blatant - even clumsy - revisionism.

On November 15, at a conference with Latin American politicians and scholars, Erdogan claimed that "Muslim seafarers" had discovered the Americas three centuries before Italian explorer Christopher Columbus had done. The New History Wars. The Counterfactual History Review. Timothy Ryback’s recent opinion piece in The New York Times, “History Without Hitler?”

Bello: Memory is not history. Declinism: is the world actually getting worse? Let’s face it, 2015 hasn’t been the most positive of years so far.