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Favorite Rope Top's Knot

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Karada (Full Body) Karada (Full Body) A classic tie that is attractive and a great anchor for additional layers and ties.

Karada (Full Body)

Its diamond patterns and tight lacing is lovely and stimulating for both parties. Level: IntermediateType: TieTime: 15-20Length: 30'(10m)Style: JapaneseGoal: Attractive 1.This tie runs from the shoulders all the way to the ankles. It will pretty much "mermaid" or Mrs Adams" your partner. 2.This tie uses a touch over twice the amount of rope as the regular Karada. 3.The first layer is to tie the ankles together. 4.If you don't already know how to do this, jump out to the "Classic Two-Column Tie" instructions. 5.Place the center loop at the back of the neck. 6.Drape the prepared rope over shoulders as shown. 7.The gap we put between the two series of knots is going to be wrapped around the ankle tie. 8.Go under the ankle tie 9.And over the top.

Rope Collar. Rope Collar This is a special application of the Turk's Head knot.

Rope Collar

Before you attempt to make a collar, please go through the Turk's Head tutorial and practice it first. This weave takes time, perhaps as long as 45-60 minutes, so don't start it unless you have sufficient time and patience.... If you cannot see the detail you need on the thumbnail, Click it for a larger version. WARNING: This is IMPORTANT: Placing things around the neck can be dangerous! Level: AdvancedType: KnotTime: 20+Length: 30'(10m)Goal: Attractive 1.To make a rope collar start with a thin cord, 1/8 inch or so. 2.You may want to die the cord to a fashion color : ) Also, you may elect to weave a D-Ring onto it, but this isn't really needed (see the last few images below) 3.You will need a length of rope approximately 15 times the length needed to wrap around the target once 4.Start with three loops about 50% larger than the target. 5.Place the short end over the middle and under the long end as shown.

Hon Kikkou "Tortoise Shell" Hon Kikkou As I understand it, "Hon Kikkou" translates as "The Official Tortoise Shell".

Hon Kikkou "Tortoise Shell"

This is an attractive and rare tie that I ran across on the Angle Rope website years ago. I have not seen it anywhere since and thought I would add it to my site so that it is not lost to the community. Level: AdvancedType: TieTime: 15-20Length: 50'(17m)+Style: JapaneseGoal: AttractiveBodyType: Flexible 1.Start with a standard Lark's Head knot, wrapped around the waist, just below the rib cage 2.Wrap around once 3.Pull the trailing ends through the bight 4.Loop around and through the wrap you just completed 5.Pull the rope straight up and put an overhand knot by the breastbone 6.Lay one strand over each shoulder 7.Cross the strands behind 8.Cross the arms and wrap the rope ends underneath them 9.Bring the ends to the front and thread through rope near the neck. Karada (Rope Dress)

1.This model is about 5'4".

Karada (Rope Dress)

I used about 30-35' of rope for this tie. Start with a bight in the middle. 2.Make an overhand knot to hold the middle point. 3.Place the end of the loop in the middle of the shoulder blades 4.Drape the two sides of the rope on either side of the neck 6.The knot should be just below the clavical when the loop at the back is between the shoulder blades 8.Tie another overhand knot. 9.Add another knot at the same interval as was between the firs tand second 11.When you are at about hip level, you stop putting knots at regular intervals and add one more optional knot that is intended to be positioned on the clit to make the dress more interesting or the wearer.