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Hon Kikkou

Hon Kikkou
Hon Kikkou Tortoise Shell Advanced Rope Lesson by Tatu (c) 2001, Revised 2007 Model - "yumi" Photos by Quietmstr (c) 2005 Tatu Publications This is probably one of the loveliest designs to learn. It is my favorite to tie. Notice the design between the breasts. All content & design © 1995-2020, TPPI and its affiliates and assigns and licensors, unless otherwise noted. "DsARts", "The Academy of DsARts", "Academy of D/s Arts, Japanese Rope ARt, and "The ARt of Geisha", "The Geisha Files", "The Way of Rope" are copyright titles, logos and signatures of TPPI. Unauthorized use is a willful infringement upon my rights under 17 U.S.C. All Models are at least 21 years old.

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style box-tie (takate-kote) I spent this afternoon photographing and documenting the 30 steps of my own box-tie this afternoon. It is the culmination of a series of experiments to come up with a version that doesn’t use conventional cinches, yet has sufficient stability and benefits from the comfort factor of an extra upper wrap. Why did I bother? Lewbari Hip Harness Permalink: Codes: Rope Suspension Models: Mick Luvbight This is Mick Luvbight's variant of Lew Rubens' Lewbari™ Hip Harness. Note that Lewbari is a trademark of Lew Rubens, and is used with permission. Hon Kikkou Hon Kikkou As I understand it, "Hon Kikkou" translates as "The Official Tortoise Shell". This is an attractive and rare tie that I ran across on the Angle Rope website years ago. I have not seen it anywhere since and thought I would add it to my site so that it is not lost to the community.

Karada Karada (Full Body) A classic tie that is attractive and a great anchor for additional layers and ties. Its diamond patterns and tight lacing is lovely and stimulating for both parties. Level: IntermediateType: TieTime: 15-20Length: 30'(10m)Style: JapaneseGoal: Attractive 1.This tie runs from the shoulders all the way to the ankles. It will pretty much "mermaid" or Mrs Adams" your partner. Nemuri shibari Nemuri shibari This is a variation I came up with while wanting a tie that could be done in bed without having to pass rope under the body while the person being tied is lying face down. I’ve called this nemui shibari because I happened to know that 眠い(nemui) is the Japanese for sleepy. This may btw. be a terrible name for this but it’s what I made up off the top of my head because the tie was thought up while tying someone who was sleepy. My sincere thanks to Hajime Kinoko san for correcting my Japanese in the naming of this tie.

Bondage Project - Tips and Tricks Bondage How To / Tips and Tricks / About a good Ambient Here you find a link to Esinems Tutorial about Safty and Bondage 1. Diamond Chest Harness Permalink: Codes: Rope Suspension The Diamond Chest Harness Mick developed the Diamond Chest Harness as an alternative to the standard horizontally wrapped harness. It seems that Dee's sternum is shorter than average, so the bottom wrap on a standard harness can make breathing uncomfortable for her. By cross the rope bands between the breasts, the center of support is moved upwards onto her sternum, making this more comfortable (other women besides Dee had found this helpful in suspension, also).

Diamond Foot Cuff Permalink: Codes: Feet Rope The Diamond Foot Cuff Mick developed the Diamond Foot Cuff in 2004, based on a tie seen in one of our earliest galleries, Rope Bondage: Ankle Binding (Dec. 2003). Crash Restraint When attaching support lines to a harness for suspension, I use a novel method that people frequently ask me about, and I've been meaning to document for a long time. Serendipitously, I ran into Kali from Kink Academy a few months ago at Wicked Grounds, and she asked me to film some instructional videos for them on suspension -- so I managed to slip this in there, and they've graciously agreed to allow me to use screenshots from those videos to illustrate a blog post here. This method was inspired by the Tatu hitch , during a Fetlife discussion whose details are now murky in my memory -- in any case credit is due both Tatu and Jack Elfrink for making me aware of that knot, upon which this is based. Things needing names, and this technique using the first half of a Tatu hitch, I suppose we could call it the half-Tatu hitch. Thanks also to Mecha-Kate for modeling for these.

How to Tie a Star-Shaped Harness This fun and unusual rope harness is quite lovely to look at. It's also surprisingly easy to make, and works well on both men and women. Like other body harnesses, it doesnot restrict movement by itself, but it can be used to attach other ropes to if you want tokeep your partner from moving around too much. Kinbaku / Shibari Terms by Tatu Return to Home | Tutorials Glossary Terms Related to Japanese Shibari / Kinbaku / Bondage Compiled by Tatu (c) 1999 / 2005 Please Note: I began compiling this glossary in August 1999 in an effort to first gain understanding of the Shibari / Kinbaku world for myself and also share what I have learned to the west. At the time as far as I know beyond a handful of terms defined in a few other websites, this was the first attempt to provide a major glossary of Japanese Shibari / Kinbaku terms in the west. It has undergone several major revisions.

Bondage 101: Tie a Shinju Breast Harness In this tutorial, we'll learn how to tie a simple breast harness. In Japanese bondage (or "shibari"), this type of harness is called a "shinju." A shinju can be applied to just about any woman, though most shinju harnesses don't work well on men. Making a Simple Shinju The style of shinju shown here is very simple, and easy to learn.

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