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Peter Bregman - Need to Find a Job? Stop Looking So Hard - Conversation Starter. Do you know anyone who tried for years to have a baby but couldn’t?

Need to Find a Job? Stop Looking So Hard - Conversation Starter

Then, after giving up, maybe after adopting, suddenly, surprisingly, got pregnant? Or someone who was dying to be in a relationship? Dated all the time, but never met the right person. Then, after accepting he would be alone, started focusing on other things and, lo and behold, met someone and got married? How about someone who lost her job? What is that? Or, perhaps, it’s a really great strategy. I just heard a story from a friend of mine. But probably no time soon.

The same applies to companies who have lost clients, whose revenues are down, who are scrambling for business. I was talking about this with a close friend of mine who holds a senior position at a large consulting firm. But I do think there’s another way to go through these times with less pain and more success. Give up. Not completely.

Write your resume quickly and efficiently. Here’s my recipe: Why does this work? Here’s the more subtle reason this works. How Not to Sabotage Your Own Best Interests - Conversation Start. The Interview Question You Should Always Ask - Conversation Star. By Peter Bregman | 9:36 AM January 27, 2009 Captain Greg Davis is an outstanding fishing guide.

The Interview Question You Should Always Ask - Conversation Star

I went out with him early one morning off the coast of Savannah, GA and came back a few hours later with several fish like the one in the picture. Most other guides came back that morning with nothing. What makes Greg such a remarkable guide? If you were hiring guides, could you predict he would be a star? Those of us who run businesses, departments, or teams are faced with this question all the time. On January 15th, 2009, Captain C.B. What do we know about Captain Sullenberger? Earlier in my career I spent four years working in a management consulting company creating models to use in hiring people. Here was our process: we interviewed both star and average performers in a client company and identified the characteristics that distinguished the stars from the rest. Sounds reasonable. As a boy, he built model aircraft carriers with tiny planes on them, careful to paint every last piece.

Why Doing Things Half Right Gives You the Best Results - Convers. There are times in life when I expect something to be perfect.

Why Doing Things Half Right Gives You the Best Results - Convers

When I open the box of my new Macbook Air, for example. Or when I take money out of the ATM. In most cases though, I expect imperfect. And in organizations, I think that’s a good thing – but not in the if-I-expect-imperfect-I-won’t-be-disappointed sense. I’m not suggesting you settle for imperfect. Several years ago, a large financial services company asked me to help them roll out a new performance management process for 2,000 people. “Why me? “We tried!” “Wait,” I interrupted her, “you’re going to pay managers extra to talk to their employees?” She looked a little embarrassed. “Give me six months,” I said. When I reviewed the materials I was impressed, even intimidated. They followed all the rules of traditional change management. Still, only half the managers were doing reviews. I quickly assembled my team: 50 people spread out across three continents.

Use Stress to Your Advantage - Peter Bregman - HarvardBusiness.o. By Peter Bregman | 12:15 PM March 4, 2009 A friend of mine sends me at least five articles each day about the economy.

Use Stress to Your Advantage - Peter Bregman - HarvardBusiness.o

Each with a slightly different viewpoint about how to successfully manage through the next few years. Each suggesting that the future is unpredictable before offering a prediction and some advice. One day I asked him what he was getting out of all this reading. His answer was immediate and clear. Great. But my friend keeps sending me article after article.

First, maybe, just maybe, the next article will provide some insight the others missed — the secret to emerging from this economic mess better off. Second, looking for that insight gives us a sense of comfort and control. It’s our Stress Reaction, what we do to manage ourselves through stressful periods of time. How do you respond to your stressful life? I recently cut my hair very short. A Stress Reaction can be a useful tool to maintain your focus and preserve your ability to move through times of uncertainty. Rule Of Five.