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Blogs: Free ESL

Blogs: Free ESL

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Bloggin' Time Summer is round the corner! All of us enjoy summer but sometimes we relax so much that we tend to forget our English. It is really important to keep in touch with English and there are lots of different ways we can do it. Remember that it is essential to listen and read to keep our English up to date. The following links are just but a few recommendations for you to keep your English alive. British Council Elementary Podcasts (not always so “elementary”): There are 3 series of podcasts with an average length of 20 minutes. Dave's ESL Cafe's Web Guide!: Lesson Plans Skip to Content Home > Lesson Plans Lesson Plans (Subscribe) Links

bloggEOIng » SPEAKING bloggEOIng You should use the opportunity to speak to your teachers and other students in class. Try to say as much as possible and don’t worry so much about your mistakes. Just speak! There is a saying that goes: “The person who never made a mistake never made anything.” Think of them as something positive and useful. English Grammar Resource Guide English language grammar includes an ever-unfolding set of rules. As a subject of study, it’s more deep than broad: students in the early grades learn a basic overview of the parts of speech and sentence types, and as they advance in grade level, older concepts are broken into more complex systems. In that way, English grammar is like the branches of a tree, with new rules and concepts extending outward from previously learned principles. Source: This resource guide provides an overview of the grammar rules and concepts by grade level, highlighting the new concepts learned at each level: Grades 1-2Grades 3-5Grades 6-8Grades 9-12

Jonathan's English: Language learning and Mind Mapping Can mind maps help you to learn a language? This article will explain why mind maps are useful to anyone wishing to learn a new language and will also show you how to use mind maps in language learning. What are mind maps? Quite simply, mind maps are a visual form of note-taking. Instead of writing in the traditional, linear way, a mind map starts in the middle of the page with a central idea with branches radiating outwards in all directions. The branches and sub-branches should contain related thoughts and ideas, hence making it easier to find and remember the information that has been recorded on the mind map. Articles for Teachers - Schools in Hungary by: Vadász György Children in Hungary start school at the age of six and everybody must go to school until the age of sixteen. The first type of school is primary school, where children may stay until they are.. Educational Toys by: Ameet Arurkar An educational toy is a product which is used to teach children important skills while simultaneously entertaining them. Toy blocks have traditionally been used to teach children important skills..

in S.E.Asia (The Education Project Asia) : The ESL Department One-stop Shambles EAL / ESL Page : The ESL Department (a feedback form is in the top left menu) EAL / ESL areas on "Shambles" : | ESL Curriculum | ESL Policies & Administration | ESL & ICT | ESL & Assessment | Bilingualism | | ESL sites by Teachers | ESL sites 4 Teachers | ESL sites 4 Students | ESL sites by Students | | ESL Online Journals | ESL Podcasts | ESL Teacher/Student Courses | ESL Teacher CPD | | ESL Games Online | ESL general | ESL Books | ESL Jobs | ESL Lesson Plans |

Mindmaps Having fun with adjectives! Have a look at this mindmap. It will help you to see the different types of adjectives.In grammar, an adjective is a word whose main function is to modify a noun or pronoun, giving more information about the noun or pronoun's referent.Not all languages have adjectives, but most, including English, do. Listening is a free website where learners can practice and improve their English reading skills. There are over 250 free reading lessons on a wide variety of topics and skill levels. The site has five different kinds of content to suit the various goals of learners: 1. The “Easy English” section is geared towards beginner learners and tests basic sentence-level reading comprehension.

Breaking News English ESL Over 13,000 conversation questions, hundreds of Word and PDF handouts. Controversial and everyday discussion topics. For speaking practice in and out of class. Listen A One-minute listenings with downloadable, printable exercises, online quizzes and Flash activities. Famous People ESL / EFL lessons using biographies and profiles of over 150 famous people from sports, politics, popular culture, movies and more.

My English class: culture Chocolate eggs are undoubtedly the most popular Easter food in Britain, but by no means the only one. Hot cross buns, roast lamb, Easter biscuits in the shape of bunnies and Simnel cake are not to be sniffed at. Today, we are going to have a look at some of these traditional recipes.